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nil- | 01-07-14, 1:36 AM
Awesome Tezuka reviews, if only you expanded upon them a bit more. I must say I had a kick out of reading your comment wall conversations by the way.

Maz-Maz | 04-22-13, 4:04 AM
Ignoring your insults on Tezuka's work, I started to read Black Jack: my reasoning was "FujiFruit must be exaggerating, Black Jack's a 'classic' it can't be all bad".

As a result, I've come back to confess my sins and agree with you wholeheartedly, it was so CRAP I couldn't finish an entire chapter. I had three main issues with it: the noses (they're so big they seem to float in mid-air), the style of art (which was crap by the way) and the lack of plausible plotlines (which had as much depth as Disney Playtime). It was horrible!

ridojiri | 04-12-13, 5:14 AM
I quite appreciate your reviews of Tezuka's works. It's amazing how over-rated he is despite all logic.

BatSurfer | 03-13-13, 9:41 PM
Then you should be a little more understanding. Instead of so much disdain.

BatSurfer | 03-11-13, 10:02 PM
You give Tezuka too much heat. Back then he had to work with what he knew and his style may not always have that serious tone, but that's because he was drawing the same style for decades before he even started his more serious works. Initially, he set THE 1st manga character design style. And it paralleled into other creators work both in animation and manga. Sea Prince and the Fire Child, Rose of Versailles, and They Were 11 are perfect examples of what were spectacular works even though they replicated Osamu's style. It was a generational thing. Not just Tezuka. We have that same pattern today long after Toriyama created Dragonball. It's just a generation of styles. Same for Miyazaki's God Warrior, Tomino's Gundam, and now the moe blob style.

VongolaXEspada | 01-21-13, 4:34 PM
I see you're not a very big fan of Osamu Tezuka, haha.

Talamasi | 01-20-13, 6:34 AM
Let's do it then!! Can u help me? :3

AmberFebruary | 10-12-12, 10:22 AM
like your P-P review. especially its POV.

rinri | 10-01-12, 4:25 AM
I'm already on the 18th volume.

There will be a lot of surprising events coming as you read it!

EuroSamurai | 09-20-12, 12:13 PM
Why are you reading Tezuka works if you think hes bad author?

rinri | 08-26-12, 7:32 AM
I did have lots of fun :)
Ate a lot :))

rinri | 08-21-12, 7:44 AM
I'm so sorry for the very late reply

Here are some pictures :)

↑This is a shaved ice dessert :)

↑This one is a creampuff :)

Maz-Maz | 08-16-12, 9:24 PM
Ah, well.
Haters gonna hate, you can't do much really to stop them.

Maz-Maz | 08-15-12, 11:34 AM
Good on you for reading Black Jack because I'd always thought it would be great but I keep putting it off.
It's nice to see someone who takes the bull by the 17 volumed horns.

rinri | 08-13-12, 6:09 AM
Pictures of the event?
Or the one just like my profile picture?

rinri | 08-10-12, 3:13 AM
Well, yeah. I do.

PoeticJustice | 08-08-12, 8:19 AM
I thought a deconstruction was supposed to be like a breakdown of elements in a literary work/film. IDK about it being dark, it is just that all the deconstructions I have seen were dark.

rinri | 08-07-12, 11:08 PM
Yes. My friend and I went to Ikebukuro. There's a shop called Namja Town there. We went there because they're having an event of " Kuroko no Basuke". It's not actually an event. It's just a collaboration with the shop. They sell Kuroko no Basuke-themed desserts and foods. Not only Kuroko, but also Accel World, Shirokuma Cafe and Naruto. Oh, we didn't wear costumes when we went there xD

rinri | 08-06-12, 11:43 PM
Ahaha. Thanks :)

rinri | 07-20-12, 10:04 PM
Hmmm. For me, it tastes good xD

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