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Saiyokuro | 04-25-13, 6:55 PM
it's nothing i really disliked nii-nii, anyways i always care about what you say ya know ^^

haha well i think nii-nii is so cute that he makes every girl look like nothings! *cough cough* except Shana *cough cough* :3

yes i LOVE CUDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!
*cuddles like there is no tomorrows!*

aww, i'm sorry to hear that but no matter what you still have me ya know *hugs* and just give it time

and sorry for the late reply, was in the hospital >.<

Lunaer | 04-15-13, 10:25 AM
Sometimes I click on people profiles and start interesting conversations with them. Mostly because that I like talking with people ;D

*laughs* same here! Do you have favorite anime?

I used to be like you, but when I started working I don't have as much free time as I used, so I prefer watching couple of episodes from different anime each day. I like variety in anime, because I easily get bored if I watch one and the same anime for all the time. I like darker anime side, violence and bloody scenes. As far as I can remember I always liked watching horror movies, so when I got interested in anime (2 years ago) I started watching anime with dark and heavy atmosphere!

The only anime I've ever marathoned is One Piece ;D

Mostly I'm watching airing anime and from completed ones would be FMAB and Saraiya Goyou ;D

Saiyokuro | 04-14-13, 6:26 PM
well you can say as much as you want. i won't just shove it aside you know. but things are getting too crazy for me with all this to be honest...

haha go ahead and deny it but i know you're a sexy nii-nii trap! :3

your welcomes *cuddles* aww nii-nii is so soft!

but how can onii-chan be so lonely?!?!?! because onii-chan is the cutest onii-chan that could ever exist!!

haha well my replies usually aren't late though you know

Lunaer | 04-14-13, 3:19 AM
Hello ^_^

I just randomly clicked on your profile and decided to leave comment. Maybe we could talk about anime? I like meeting new people ;)

Watching something from new season?

Saiyokuro | 04-11-13, 5:03 PM
yups you're right on the money there. and actually the chances are best with my ex, cause the girl in my class...i don't have a shot with her really, i mean she's REALLY cute and everything but still...nii-nii i could never have a shot with her i'm just getting back with my ex cause she's also gorgeous and she really does love me and she lives REALLY close to me. and if we can't get back together then i might just stay single for a while ya know. and you're fine with it, you know you can say anything ^^
but still thanks

w-well your kawaiiness could make you a big trap >.> >;3

yes i did and i would totally do XD

your welcomes and it's true though you really could ;3

and sorry my reply is a bit late, really busy and a ton of comments on my page and once and...yeah sorry *bows deeply* TT_TT

Saiyokuro | 04-06-13, 5:14 PM
well it's not really what happened so much as what's just all around. cause i have a gf right now and i love her but my ex i still love and more than my current gf but my ex lives in NY right now and my gf lives in India. and my ex was the only one to make me feel truly happy and complete. but also there is a gf who lives in my town and is even in 1 of my classes and i've had a crush on her since school started for me which would me before i even met my ex. but i just don't know what i should do anymore no matter how much help, thought, or anything i get on this TT_TT

well in that case i'll say it a lot! nii-nii-chan is the cutest ever! no one could ever match him in cuteness (except Shana)!!! >;3

/(0o0)\ that was SOOOO CUTE!!! and i would totally do that to my nii-nii :3

hehe well you can get any girl you set your sights on nii-nii!

aww, i'm glad to hear that nii-nii

Saiyokuro | 04-04-13, 3:04 PM
yeah i know. although nii-nii, speaking of love i've been really confused on a lot of things lately TT_TT

hehe nii-nii is mega cute when he does that! ;3

of course it is! cause we all know you could rule everything just so effortlessly!

yay! then i'm really happy to be able to talk to nii-nii more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saiyokuro | 04-03-13, 2:04 PM
i see, well then thats a good thing there then

oh? enough rope and a long time in a soundproof room and they will though i can garentee ya that ;3
aww, that sounds so cute coming from you nii-nii!

pssh thats all your imagination >.>

hehe sounds good, but you know i don't care either way cause it means i get to talk to my nii-nii! *cuddles* nii-nii is the best no matter what anyone says! >.<

Saiyokuro | 03-23-13, 9:07 PM
i see, so just 1 sena is enough?

which is why you make sure they only stay with you.

i'll be fine, everything is just super crazy right now for me is all as of late...

pssh i never overestimate! :3

it's fine, you know i'm not picky or anything about you replying late.

ny4n | 03-23-13, 4:53 PM
but i dont have the key...

hows it going?

Creator_Izanagi | 03-16-13, 7:01 PM
The 3DS.. You can switch off 3D mode and that even makes the battery life last longer.. Well, I don't play with 3D mode on as that it causes my eyes to feel weird.. When the depth of 3D is set at max, I feel uncomfortable seeing it..

Employer? You own a company? I am guessing it is a typo and you mean employee.. lol

So, you like music? What type of music you usually listen to? I listen to Japanese music, some Cantopop, and Super Eurobeat..

Saiyokuro | 03-16-13, 5:47 PM
because >.>
think about it would you rather have 1 sena or many? i know i would rather be serviced by 20 than just 1 ;3

pssh no need to my aching cheese nips! i'm doing it! :3

yeah i'm...more ok now ^^
things are just really crazy and everything ya know.
ah so thats your master plan then. hmm...i like it lets do this! XD

yeah right!!! you're the strongest one i know nii-nii!

Saiyokuro | 03-11-13, 4:10 PM
wait...dangit *grabs shana and clones her* yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

but i want to go to a far extent!

yeah true, i've had a lot as of late going on and even collapsed yesterday in the middle of the day TT_TT
oh i see, what project oh wise one? :3

haha i'll do my best to, i wanna face my brother too and see just how strong he is :3

Luna_ | 03-11-13, 1:49 AM
Sure, I have locked it :)

Creator_Izanagi | 03-09-13, 8:16 PM
Very recently, I bought a new 3DS XL and an used copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked and is currently focusing on that one game.. I will continue playing the visual novels after it..

Well.. The new copy of the game doesn't come with a Club Nintendo pin and 3DS cartridges are very long-lasting, so no point in getting the game new.. Its not like the 3DS cartridge can get scratches on it, lol..

So, do you work aside from gaming and watching animes? What's your occupation?

Saiyokuro | 03-06-13, 1:47 PM
yeah erza has the read hair and lucy is the blonde. and dangit that means you're gonna go for erza...well too late she's already mine! *grabs her and runs off with her* >:3

oh i see...*creates a shrine for you* now we just need a statue to commemorate your awesomeness :3

also i'm so so so so so sorry this was a bit late! things have been SO busy for me lately irl and i've been so piled up on everything and i just couldn't keep up with everything...i feel so very bad...

also i got a new psp and have been playing dissidia again

Creator_Izanagi | 03-03-13, 6:58 AM
Yes, I play the visual novels in their original language.. Although my language skills are not so great but I somehow manage it.. Well, there are no visual novels in English except Hakuoki and that is an otome game, a game for gay men and ladies.. Most guys would never play it and I am no exception..

As for PC translated visual novels, most of those contain hentai CGs which are usually abnormal stuff.. Sick! Of course, there are visual novels, PC ones that do not contain hentai CGs but normal sex.. There is nothing wrong with those obviously.. One way to check is vndb.. Generally, anything abnormal including lolis are to be avoided.. For that matter, it is best to stick to console and portable gaming, visual novels in their original language rated 12+ to 17+..

Personally, I like busty and pretty Japanese women aged 22-39 and in 2D, I prefer more mature-looking busty characters like Sylvia van Hossen or Takamura Yui.. Well, I already have Princess Lover! Eternal Love for My Lady for the PS2 and will be buying MuvLuv Alternative: Total Eclipse this May in Hong Kong..

Thatxxchick | 03-02-13, 5:53 AM
im glad :)) its weird i havent got the flu this winter O.O

yeah hope you dont mind late replies

that why i love " maybe" ,,, the person will always take it from it the answer they wanted and expected :P

Saiyokuro | 02-25-13, 3:11 PM
haha, thats my nii-nii :3
but you know erza is mine, you can have the rest. well...i want virgo, mirajane, and 1 other girl >:3

so then you're saying otouto-kun isn't very awesome or anything? TT_TT

Creator_Izanagi | 02-25-13, 6:44 AM
Well.. PS3 titles that I am looking forward to buy this spring are MuvLuv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Shinken de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! R, and White Album 2.. Well, there are no English ones for PSP, PS2, or PS3.. Well.. Okay, there is one.. Amagami but it is only the first day that got translated and it is a fan translation.. I never used it so I don't know the details..

Well.. Shin Megami Tensei is a series that's rather dark and gloomy.. Happy endings don't really exist in those stories.. Sometimes, I don't like it..

Currently, I intend on watching a few more animes to increase my number of completed animes.. I just finished Blood-C and it is disappointing.. The anime is violent which I hate but I had to continue to the end as that I thought it was about vampires like a remake of Blood+.. Turns out I am wrong.. The delinquent guy isn't the male lead either unlike Blood+.. In fact, there is no male lead.. I hope the movie sequel will be better..

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