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John-Boy_Walton | 05-17-13, 5:09 PM
So you liked Chuunibyou.

Saiyokuro | 05-17-13, 3:01 PM
yeah i mean his past and how he is, you just have to love him you know!

yes i do know now ^^

i hopes cause i hate waiting haha

also anything new going on for my nii-nii? you doing alright? eat any cookies lately? X3

Saiyokuro | 05-16-13, 7:11 PM
alright, glad it's ok

ah, i love natsu cause he's awesomes. and same cause erza is sexy and really epic! i love her <3 and loki would have to be my favorite character out of all of them. i always hated him when i first started watching the series cause he felt like a womanizing ichigo. but as it progressed i learned about him and actually started to love how his character is and he became my number 1 fav in the series ^^

m-maybe >.> :3

yups, i'm almost there to full recovery. just got 3 more months and it should be fully healed ^^

Saiyokuro | 05-14-13, 4:46 PM
but i wanna cause i gotta >.<

/(0o0)\ you finally started fairy tail?! how is it?! do you love it?!?! isn't natsu kinda ho...i mean erza has a great rack X3

a-am i an important peoples nii-nii? *makes super cute face*

thanks and i just got told by my surgeon yesterday that i can do most things again ^^

Saiyokuro | 05-11-13, 2:49 PM
dangit i though i replied back TT_TT i'm really really sorry nii-nii please forgive me TT_TT

well is to me >.> :3

you need to watch it! and keep you eyes from wandering she's mine X3

you better not forget nii-nii cause if you forget about me i'll never forgive you, but i do want you to be really happy you know

not really, it's just my school isn't "equipped" for my kind of injury...and it's alright, missed a lot of things this year though that i don't have a chance to re-do now though TT_TT

yups really, and of course i do you're my nii-nii ^^

Manganiaque | 05-08-13, 9:24 PM
Întrucât m-au lăsat un timp fără curent, iar bateria laptop-ului meu e niţel cam terminată, nu am apucat să-ţi răspund... T_T

Saiyokuro | 05-08-13, 12:03 PM
yays! i've been congratulated :3

hehe we'll just see about that one nii-nii :3

and? maybe i want them to think that! >.<
means i'll get my nii-nii all to myself >;3

you're welcomes nii-nii ^^ and you better be happy *cuddles* :3

thanks and i'm all good now, but i can't go back to school this year so i'm missing all of my friends a lot TT_TT

bah your fine, i already figured you went to the countryside bro ^^
thanks and the same to you *hugs* ^^

Manganiaque | 05-04-13, 9:35 PM
Sărbători fericite !

Saiyokuro | 04-28-13, 4:24 PM
pssh she's past being my waifu...she's my everything! <3 ;3

oh? how so nii-nii?

quite fine or not though i'll do anything i can/have to for ya nii-nii. you mean too much to me anyways ^^

i'm fine, just had a fractured skull and still have no idea on what happened for me to have gotten it.

Saiyokuro | 04-25-13, 6:55 PM
it's nothing i really disliked nii-nii, anyways i always care about what you say ya know ^^

haha well i think nii-nii is so cute that he makes every girl look like nothings! *cough cough* except Shana *cough cough* :3

yes i LOVE CUDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!
*cuddles like there is no tomorrows!*

aww, i'm sorry to hear that but no matter what you still have me ya know *hugs* and just give it time

and sorry for the late reply, was in the hospital >.<

Saiyokuro | 04-14-13, 6:26 PM
well you can say as much as you want. i won't just shove it aside you know. but things are getting too crazy for me with all this to be honest...

haha go ahead and deny it but i know you're a sexy nii-nii trap! :3

your welcomes *cuddles* aww nii-nii is so soft!

but how can onii-chan be so lonely?!?!?! because onii-chan is the cutest onii-chan that could ever exist!!

haha well my replies usually aren't late though you know

Saiyokuro | 04-11-13, 5:03 PM
yups you're right on the money there. and actually the chances are best with my ex, cause the girl in my class...i don't have a shot with her really, i mean she's REALLY cute and everything but still...nii-nii i could never have a shot with her i'm just getting back with my ex cause she's also gorgeous and she really does love me and she lives REALLY close to me. and if we can't get back together then i might just stay single for a while ya know. and you're fine with it, you know you can say anything ^^
but still thanks

w-well your kawaiiness could make you a big trap >.> >;3

yes i did and i would totally do XD

your welcomes and it's true though you really could ;3

and sorry my reply is a bit late, really busy and a ton of comments on my page and once and...yeah sorry *bows deeply* TT_TT

Saiyokuro | 04-06-13, 5:14 PM
well it's not really what happened so much as what's just all around. cause i have a gf right now and i love her but my ex i still love and more than my current gf but my ex lives in NY right now and my gf lives in India. and my ex was the only one to make me feel truly happy and complete. but also there is a gf who lives in my town and is even in 1 of my classes and i've had a crush on her since school started for me which would me before i even met my ex. but i just don't know what i should do anymore no matter how much help, thought, or anything i get on this TT_TT

well in that case i'll say it a lot! nii-nii-chan is the cutest ever! no one could ever match him in cuteness (except Shana)!!! >;3

/(0o0)\ that was SOOOO CUTE!!! and i would totally do that to my nii-nii :3

hehe well you can get any girl you set your sights on nii-nii!

aww, i'm glad to hear that nii-nii

Saiyokuro | 04-04-13, 3:04 PM
yeah i know. although nii-nii, speaking of love i've been really confused on a lot of things lately TT_TT

hehe nii-nii is mega cute when he does that! ;3

of course it is! cause we all know you could rule everything just so effortlessly!

yay! then i'm really happy to be able to talk to nii-nii more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saiyokuro | 04-03-13, 2:04 PM
i see, well then thats a good thing there then

oh? enough rope and a long time in a soundproof room and they will though i can garentee ya that ;3
aww, that sounds so cute coming from you nii-nii!

pssh thats all your imagination >.>

hehe sounds good, but you know i don't care either way cause it means i get to talk to my nii-nii! *cuddles* nii-nii is the best no matter what anyone says! >.<

Saiyokuro | 03-23-13, 9:07 PM
i see, so just 1 sena is enough?

which is why you make sure they only stay with you.

i'll be fine, everything is just super crazy right now for me is all as of late...

pssh i never overestimate! :3

it's fine, you know i'm not picky or anything about you replying late.

ny4n | 03-23-13, 4:53 PM
but i dont have the key...

hows it going?

Creator_Izanagi | 03-16-13, 7:01 PM
The 3DS.. You can switch off 3D mode and that even makes the battery life last longer.. Well, I don't play with 3D mode on as that it causes my eyes to feel weird.. When the depth of 3D is set at max, I feel uncomfortable seeing it..

Employer? You own a company? I am guessing it is a typo and you mean employee.. lol

So, you like music? What type of music you usually listen to? I listen to Japanese music, some Cantopop, and Super Eurobeat..

Saiyokuro | 03-16-13, 5:47 PM
because >.>
think about it would you rather have 1 sena or many? i know i would rather be serviced by 20 than just 1 ;3

pssh no need to my aching cheese nips! i'm doing it! :3

yeah i'm...more ok now ^^
things are just really crazy and everything ya know.
ah so thats your master plan then. hmm...i like it lets do this! XD

yeah right!!! you're the strongest one i know nii-nii!

Saiyokuro | 03-11-13, 4:10 PM
wait...dangit *grabs shana and clones her* yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

but i want to go to a far extent!

yeah true, i've had a lot as of late going on and even collapsed yesterday in the middle of the day TT_TT
oh i see, what project oh wise one? :3

haha i'll do my best to, i wanna face my brother too and see just how strong he is :3

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