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ChickenSama | 11-19-13, 2:50 PM
Loved your Cleavage review.

*proceeds to run away*
*whispers* we must only speak of hentai in a very shush shush manner

RediceRyan | 05-28-13, 10:36 PM
Nice to see Kaiba and Ergo Proxy on your top 5

Monkeyto | 07-12-11, 5:49 AM
Finished! It was great, Half way though Maria Holic now, really nice stuff.

leimrod | 01-05-09, 2:43 AM
Yeah I'm going to watch Gurren Lagann next. I'm currently just finishing off Ergo Proxy atm.

Cruzle | 12-20-08, 12:44 PM
Hei man just had to say that I found your review of "Cleavage" to be extremely funny ;). There I was, looking for some new anime to watch and just stumbled on your review. Laughed my ass off. Thanks bro. :)

minz | 11-06-08, 7:49 AM
some of Ergo Proxy episodes are confusing but i like it.. Real Mayar = hot :P

Cashern Sin got this awesome design e.g. colour, shame there only few fighting and more talking.. hope next episode got more actions

minz | 10-28-08, 7:38 AM
lol yeh no uni :P im currently looking for job XD

minz | 10-26-08, 9:09 AM
haha yeh, it totally fucked up :P and hell yes Rena hot :P

Phail-Cliche | 10-21-08, 3:21 PM
Hi. ;D

llxwarbirdxll | 01-29-08, 10:16 PM
Izuna fan?

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