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HaXXspetten | 09-10-14, 10:37 AM
You are so deliciously ero-kawaii it just makes me want to nimu nimu your cheeks and snuggle every nook and cranny of your body <3

Hunter345 | 09-05-14, 3:56 PM
I'm sorry I mistook what you wrote and I offer it my humblest apologizes

IHIIDIHI | 08-26-14, 2:25 PM
You are welcome!

IHIIDIHI | 08-26-14, 11:50 AM
Yes, I had the same problem. I just copied the code from the import source and it was a mess afterwards... But then I got the idea to write the code for the background again. Like this

I think you just need to write the code for the"background-image" again, but I just copy the whole "body" code and it works! ^^

IHIIDIHI | 08-24-14, 2:52 AM
Hey sensei~
I found a list layout in Shishio's club and immediately got the idea that you may love it! Here a preview:
You just need to set the settings like this
and copy this code

Alfyan | 08-20-14, 3:23 PM
I'm still crying listening to Aerith's Theme ;_;

HaXXspetten | 08-14-14, 10:31 PM
C-can you say that again? >///<

HibiChika | 08-13-14, 3:10 AM

IHIIDIHI | 08-11-14, 3:23 PM
Alright thank you! Sounds promising ^^

IHIIDIHI | 08-11-14, 2:52 PM
Hi sensei~
I'm just downloading Kamidori Alchemy Meister which you have recommended me and during the waiting I wondered, if you could recommend me more VNs I could like (based on the things I like) :)
I haven't completed anything yet and I'm just playing Grisaia no Kajitsu (Are most VNs so freaking long? xD). I don't mind H-scenes, I rather appreciate it (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Manjuu | 08-08-14, 7:54 PM
I noticed that, although I already got the original copy by digging through VNPC. Thanks all the same!

Incidentally, I find the existence of a Flandre library to be heavenly :^)

Manjuu | 08-08-14, 7:32 PM
Oh nice, that's really helpful. Thank you very much!

Himikoi | 08-08-14, 4:15 PM
Love your about me ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

natsuzora | 07-27-14, 5:55 PM
Would a new CPU work on this socket?
I read not all the pins are used, so I'm thinking it might.

imperlast | 05-14-14, 9:54 AM
it is quite amazing what being 2 h 42 min south of Toronto can do for the weather

Kryomatics | 04-22-14, 6:20 AM
Did you know Dear?
If you actually do homework assigned in class, you understand the chapter?


-Koyuki- | 04-13-14, 2:41 AM
Thanks. I love the show already. It fills up what Kinmosa left me. I usually save action shows for marathoning cuz of cliffhangers, but I'll see.

ao_no_exo | 03-29-14, 5:15 PM
Hehe :P. *goes to the corner and waves while giving a candy*

ao_no_exo | 03-29-14, 4:11 PM

JnMegami | 02-24-14, 9:15 PM
oops >_> i had you as an author instead of admin. you should be able to change it now

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