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Julietlizzy | 10-24-12, 11:38 AM
Hey!!! ^.^ how are you?

Unrated_Toxicity | 01-13-12, 5:45 PM
The weather is unpredictable here; first its cold, later hot and then just right.

I live in the land of the elements and the most haunted state in the U.S.A <.< Louisiana.

Unrated_Toxicity | 01-01-12, 11:54 PM
XD LMAO, Yeah I'm in the ''short on cash'' moment as well ,'X/

XD It's a Family guy thing...

Unrated_Toxicity | 01-01-12, 2:51 PM
My dream..Hmmm.... to see all of the world <.< as much as I can that is, other than that the other part of my dream remains a secret ;P

DX Oh God no.... I'm Queer 'O sexual... X/ disgusting

battleknight45 | 12-31-11, 7:20 AM

Unrated_Toxicity | 12-30-11, 3:22 PM
Yes, they were dreadful allows trying to find ways to humiliate me :P I found their attempts amusing... Yeah, I'm not looking for a ''companion'' just yet, my success is my important <.< then I can find somebody to love..

XD Wait, your going to search for a college when your in college?

Unrated_Toxicity | 12-28-11, 5:40 PM
XD I graduated early as well, enjoyed the awesomeness of leaving those douche classmates behind... Well, I'm sure the color looks rad on you.. :P

College is smooth XD everyone's old and depressing in appearance... but overall it's alright.. No girlfriend for me they cost to much, Just kidding but there's no one appealing enough here <.< no one with uniqueness is around the territory.

Unrated_Toxicity | 12-27-11, 7:45 PM
That's good to hear o.0) your just graduating from high school? I thought you were out of high school some years ago XD Why change your hair from black to brown?

I'm excellent, pretty much gliding through college....XD

Unrated_Toxicity | 12-26-11, 9:45 PM
Wow...Long time indeed.. How are you :O

battleknight45 | 12-24-11, 7:36 AM

Hakurei | 03-17-11, 10:42 AM
:x Late happy birthday. Remember me? :3

Unrated_Toxicity | 07-31-10, 11:39 AM
Why... thank you ;p

Unrated_Toxicity | 07-14-10, 12:18 PM
That's good to hear Xd

I'm great dX

Unrated_Toxicity | 06-20-10, 3:14 PM
Your Welcome Xd

How are you ?

Unrated_Toxicity | 05-26-10, 8:01 PM
Happy be-lated birthday 8D

( Is ultra late to say happy birthday >.> )

SheepRaider | 05-20-10, 6:39 AM
Hello there !

YamiLoire | 03-18-10, 5:08 PM
Thank you very much :D

Risa-tan | 03-18-10, 5:06 PM
anoo~ I was wondering if you'd like to affiliate your Hideyoshi club with mine ^^"

Zaku-ofthe-Sound | 03-14-10, 8:51 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! long time no talk ^_^

zvuc | 03-14-10, 7:35 AM
생일축하한다잉 ^^

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