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SUNTEARS | 09-14-14, 10:31 AM
Thanks, right back at you man!

Woaa woaa

Anime compatibility with live2win is:
Very High (80.2%)

Manga compatibility with live2win is:
Amazingly High (90.4%)

bonadea | 08-26-14, 10:53 PM
It sure has been a while, hasn't it? Drop by any time, nothing to apologize for! :)

Whichever it is, it's pretty effective! I'm definitely curious now. And I notice it's by the same mangaka who does Kuragehime, which is another one I've been meaning to get around to reading as well. On the planning to read list it goes...

katjan | 05-01-14, 11:58 PM
Hi. What's your profile pic from? It looks interesting.

afaquemusthafa | 03-24-14, 9:02 AM
Also read Asano inio's work sekaiichi hatsukoi

afaquemusthafa | 03-24-14, 8:57 AM
I want You to Read homunculus(manga)

Stark700 | 03-20-14, 9:22 AM
I see. And yeah, I've read that before a few months ago. What do you think of her work?

Stark700 | 03-19-14, 5:44 PM
Hi, I noticed you read a lot of Mitsurou's works. Just wondering but have you also read Tokkyuu!! before? I only read 3 of her other works so far including Again

Kannei | 02-28-14, 10:01 PM

hbers | 02-28-14, 9:48 PM
Oh, okay.Maybe I should just read some chapters and decide to read it or not.Thanks.

hbers | 02-28-14, 5:48 PM
Hey what's up ? I was planning to read Sundome but you rated it 4.Why is that ? You and I have similiar tastes that's why I'm asking.Should I read?

Kannei | 02-27-14, 3:47 AM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

-Tien- | 02-24-14, 7:38 PM
Thanks for the recommendation. I definitely plan to watch it at some point. I hear it has great characters.

Tasuku_ | 02-24-14, 12:10 PM
Thanks for the recommendation in the Moribito thread.
I'm going to check Juuni Kokuki soon.

Zhou | 02-20-14, 12:57 PM
Just read Himizu's ending. Depressing as hell. Wow.

battosai-01 | 02-13-14, 10:51 PM
Finished Yonensei and Kurosawa. Great stuff! For 6 chapters Yonensei provided more insight into relationships and adult life than most seinen manga could hope for. Ofcourse it was very dialogue heavy, but it worked for this kind of thing and it wrapped things up nicely at the end too. I'm curious about Gonensei now, hopefully there are some subs of it coming out soon.

I was pretty sceptical of Kurosawa, but it was by the creator of Kaiji which I loved and the last Kurosawa manga I read (Onanie master Kurosawa) turned out to be pretty awesome. So yeah I just finished this and I was surprised how much I got attached to the character by the end. I also laughed a ton at a lot of the dark comedy especially ch. 49 XD. I'm not ashamed to admit, some manly tears were shed during the reading of this manga lol. I thought it ended well, but apparently theres a sequel and it hasn't been translated yet. For now I think I'm just gonna pretend it ends there though.

Starting Himizu after this, been waiting for it to finish being translated for awhile. I was gonna start Kingdom, but the chapter count was pretty daunting and the fact that its still publishing doesn't help either. Any other good reccs though? Maybe something violent. Just read C.A.T recently thought it was pretty great, I see you've already finished it though.

battosai-01 | 02-08-14, 9:44 PM
Great taste! Any good reccs for seinen manga?

sayami | 01-28-14, 6:19 PM
It's nothing :)
The picture's theme is Juuni Kokuki. The girl is actually Shushou, the queen of Kyou. The pictures on her sleeves represent her journey in the Yellow Sea. :)

I see you like the anime. I recommend the books as well, they are wonderful :)

AllenHawk | 01-25-14, 5:53 PM
Thanks for add. So, how are you?

AironicallyHuman | 01-11-14, 5:45 PM
Sorry for the DELAYED response: right after your recommendation, I kinda hit a brick wall with my interest in anime/manga.

What I recall wanting to tell you back then, as a sorta reverse rec/thank you for your Yonesei rec, is to read Azumi. You know how you stumbled on my Shingeki forum post and came to like it?

I 'read' v1-6 of the manga RAW; using the movie for reference. Azumi is about an assassin that kills, loves and struggles with life. The series opens with a 'WTF, BRUTAL' note and gets better from there. I don't know about in Chinese but I do know at least a few vols have been translated into Eng now. And there's also the movie: (worth watching for one of the most OTT evil/insane villains of all-time; only a minor character in the manga)

As far as romance goes, not much point in my suggesting anything when you've read the likes of Asatte Dance and my #1 manga is there to see.

I didn't have any interest in Drakengard 3 until an e-friend mentioned it had the same composer as Nier. Alongside Laura Bailey's voice, that and sheep slaughter were Nier's best/only great aspects. Are you familiar with the Drakengard series as a whole? I never played the first two and it worries me whether I need to. Iirc, the PS2 games were like... Dynasty Warriors? (About the Nier D ending: pretty sure I only managed that because I didn't have to replay the WHOLE game over and over.)

Does Again! pick-up in later chapters, or just it continue it's... awkward love trinagling? As you could no doubt tell by my list tag, I lost interest somewhere along the way. Not sure if it's worth continuing. Doubt there's been any new Moteki or OreShura(?) chapters since we last typed...

PS: I thought your avatar was really cool... until I realised it's an uncharacteristically drawn face of that idiot girl from Again. Still nice art, mind...

Seasonreaper | 12-17-13, 2:39 PM
Oh my, that trailer is fantastic. Looks pretty sweet, plus that music oh god that music. Keiichi Okabe you are one lovely son of a bitch.

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