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hieuphan005 | 11-29-14, 3:11 PM
working on my manga list while i want for fall seasons anime to finish airing

hieuphan005 | 11-29-14, 3:10 PM
no! i already know the ending i rather not go through that

hieuphan005 | 10-26-14, 4:49 PM
Michael give me some good romance manga recommendations thats completed

-neto | 08-28-14, 7:41 AM
I think he gets just as much blame, hes a straight up a douche but that was a pretty pathetic display by the girls around him

-neto | 08-25-14, 2:14 AM
it'd make much more sense too since she's a yandere.

lets have a toast to that sly mf makoto, play on playa

-neto | 08-24-14, 9:20 PM
lol youre actually playing that? go get that failboat ending bruh!

-neto | 08-12-14, 5:47 PM
Aha ya I remember that a few years ago.

Hey man, argument can already made that we are (UN, NATO, etc.)

-neto | 08-06-14, 10:49 PM
say word, now I have to watch that. its definitely going to happen eventually, canada and mexico will eventually get integrated into the US and we'll all be Uncle Sam's slaves soon enough

-neto | 08-05-14, 7:50 AM
ya, you twats in cali using up too much water, eh? Canada just so happens to own 20 percent of the world's fresh water so I can definitely see that happening.

-neto | 08-04-14, 9:06 PM
we too nice, bruh. dont even hate :P

-neto | 07-31-14, 9:15 AM
haha not true, we're plenty violent! its just, we're not strapped and can't cap each other like our brothers down south

-neto | 07-29-14, 3:31 PM
ya man, and happy belated dude.

its 21 in the states eh? you can get turnt on some liqs here when you're 19 haha.

-neto | 07-28-14, 11:23 PM
its ya boy, goosey. how ya been?

Geolga9 | 07-28-14, 10:57 AM
Sorry to hear that, but one is better than none, right?

If it makes you feel better, only one person on here remembered mine as well.

-neto | 07-27-14, 7:41 PM
What's up bro, any idea who this is? :p

Geolga9 | 07-25-14, 1:35 PM
Happy Birthday!

hieuphan005 | 07-20-14, 10:41 PM
Idk man i get turned off by the cross dressing

hieuphan005 | 07-08-14, 10:24 PM
I just don't like reading manga online

ku5h | 04-10-14, 11:29 AM
That's a widely shared view, I'm a few eps into it now.

ku5h | 04-08-14, 3:36 AM
fairy tail is pretty good so far, erza is a boss as usual etc. halfway done, hopefully I finish by summer so I can get started on the sequel

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