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ku5h | 04-10-14, 11:29 AM
That's a widely shared view, I'm a few eps into it now.

ku5h | 04-08-14, 3:36 AM
fairy tail is pretty good so far, erza is a boss as usual etc. halfway done, hopefully I finish by summer so I can get started on the sequel

ku5h | 02-26-14, 12:22 AM
forsure my man, just got home from work so its time to have a date with the good old bong. :)

any cool shows lately?

ku5h | 02-24-14, 11:50 PM
whats up my brutha, its been a while.

hieuphan005 | 12-31-13, 2:31 AM
I don't really like reading manga online. I prefer having a hard copy >.>

JellyButter | 12-11-13, 9:05 PM
Pshh if say so

JellyButter | 12-03-13, 8:26 AM
Okay sir

Gone__Forever__ | 12-02-13, 9:40 AM
Not to worry though, it isn't an obsession like some girls have. ^^; I only read/watch BL things from time to time.

JellyButter | 11-23-13, 7:36 PM
i masturbate
you masturbate
he she it we masturbate

JellyButter | 11-22-13, 1:37 PM
molester man? do I even?

JellyButter | 11-16-13, 7:44 PM
im working on it, dammit

JellyButter | 10-29-13, 4:14 PM
thats still a lot.
im just trying to get to 100

JellyButter | 10-26-13, 7:02 PM've completed almost 400 anime

MakoSOLDIER | 10-07-13, 5:16 AM
hmm. Well I really can't do "bland" anime or anime where everything is just way to normal. There has to be some sort of twist. Same reason I didn't like Clannad. There wasn't really anything going on.

The stuff I did like was like: Angel Beats, Haruhi, etc, where there were supernatural elements of some sort involved.

MakoSOLDIER | 10-04-13, 8:20 PM
Tried a bunch of the anime that aired today (start of the Fall 2013 anime season). Only one's I could stick to are:
IS: Infinte Stratos 2 (More IS!)

Coppelion (Not sure where its going but it could be interesting)

Kill la Kill (OMG that first ep was awesome! Its so nonsensical its awesome!)-Try this!

MakoSOLDIER | 09-19-13, 8:26 AM
ehh, I dunno. Really not enjoying all the harem in it. Too many episodes without any action too. Got anything else?

MakoSOLDIER | 09-17-13, 12:16 PM
I tried that recently actually and dropped it at ep 4. First ep was promising then the next 3 was just him doing chores....and way to many women.

MakoSOLDIER | 09-16-13, 6:27 AM
Hey its been awhile! Any anime u'd reccomend to me. I'm mostly an action anime type guy but if u've got something with INCREDIBLE story I'll take that as well.

Recently watched Legend of the Legendary Heroes and was hoping for something along those lines.

Looking for an anime with a:

-Male Lead who is a total badass/overpowered right from the get go or he becomes that way pretty early on.

-There can be a female "side partner" if u will or tints of romance but it should be action focused

-Can be in a school setting

-At least has a Decent plot

-It can have Ecchi and Harem but it has to be very minimal. Not like High School of the Dead in other words. It disturbed me.

Isn't one of the anime I've watched:

Some Notes: I'm a sucker for ocular powers and contracts as well

hieuphan005 | 08-31-13, 5:40 PM
yea yea w/e lol i just use it to keep track of the anime i watch

lollyyo3 | 08-21-13, 1:02 AM
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