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Raito | 06-03-14, 11:58 PM
I'm so sorry I'm 4 hours late
BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY... for yesterday!
I wish you the best year filled with happiness, joy, and brazilian booty shaking.
Take care of yourself and I wish you all the best.

Niyawa | 05-15-14, 9:03 AM
Ahh estou na mesma situação, atualizando coisa bem rápida e voltando ao *hrum* HEAVY LABOR *hrum*. É mulher, queria comprar um novo mas nao sei, o dinheiro que gasto consertando ele é mais fácil de repor do que o que gastaria com um novo.

Hmn, esse ano nada de incrivel aconteceu, agora sou um mod e vivo em uma situação de escravidão a kineta. Isso é algo. Ahn, apesar disso eu não consigo lembrar de nada... geez, my life is so bland.

Pelo que vejo voce pelo menos ainda ta atualizada com as temporadas. Só estou me concentrando em manga desde o mês passado.

Enfim, lembro que me disse que nao tinha obrigação de responder aos comentários dos outros por isso estou feliz em saber que acha que os meus vale alguma coisa.

Niyawa | 05-05-14, 1:43 PM

Minhas desculpas, parece que perdi meu senso de demora e te deixei sem uma resposta por tanto tempo. Você não é a única por isso tenho muito por que desculpar, argh. Não, nenhuma desculpa pode tirar meus pecados, ooh o que posso fazer?

Sim, meu laptop deu problema mas já consertei (apesar do teclado ainda não ta completamente bom pra ser chamado de consertado). Simplesmente muitas coisas aconteceram e acabei esquecendo dos comentários que ficaram nas páginas anteriores...

Enfim, tem alguma pergunta pra fazer? Algum insulto? Irei aceitar qualquer coisa que mandar, eu mereço.

afaquemusthafa | 05-01-14, 2:41 AM
it is a depressing psychological drama. And if you like I would like to give you some more manga recommendations. What are the genres you love?

zktn | 04-07-14, 5:25 AM
wow Manga compatibility of 86.1 % D:

hurlyburlyparty | 04-04-14, 10:04 PM
hi Liinah! :)

Just sending a reminder to people abut the MS Paint Club which was revived recently. I think a lot of members have long forgotten about it, but we'd love to boost member participation! If you're interested, we've got a competition running now. You don't have to be a master artist to join in, it's all fun and games!

AndrewSmith | 04-03-14, 11:02 PM
Hi, what's your name?

CourSN | 03-29-14, 11:46 PM
I know who is the girl of your "About Liinah" .. is Hikami-san ?
OMG! I have seen many things.

Hi! Great list :D

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 6:35 PM
sorry! I'm taking while to reply trying to finish this stupid homework since it s getting so late in here almost 1 am ugh I hate this timezone, HAAHHAHAHAHA I can't believe you actually recorded that, awwwwww can you stop being so cute xD I m trying to imagine you doing that, you are holding the chicken in one arm and squeezing it while recording with the one pfffft, your cat must of being soooo worried about you, she must of having a wtf face and wondering what the helll are you doing!!!

I LL BE SPAMMING YOU FROM NOW ON!!!! YOU BETTER GET READY I MISS TALKING TO YOU YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! gaah so sorry i m going to sleep for now, hope I can catch you up tomorrow, take care Linyaaaan ~ good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs biteee and prolly watch out from the chicken too! just saying :3

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 4:05 PM
here's an idea, record the voice it makes while squeezing it and then make it as your ringtone to wake you up at the morning, trust me it will make the difference, now while your phone rings in the morning you sqquuuezze the chicken with your feeet gaaah this sounds soo wrong, I really wonder what your neighbors thinks you are doing LINYAN!!! what are you doingggg, stop the chicken violence!!

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 3:59 PM
I'm downloading Nagi no asdsjghsdkg;laskf as we speak, a pirate life for me arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr torrreeeeeeeeeeeeenttt where are my torreeeeeeeeeeeent gotta start the torreentttsssssssss I ll tell you what I think about it, prolly will spam you after each episode, get ready for a Nagi noasjhfgsjkdghklasjf spam

and this is how im going to fail my exams...worth it

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 3:56 PM
I haven't watched Angel beats, I don't watch anything I edit rarely I do that buuuu usually when I get attached to an anime it's mainly because of the animation, I'm such a sucker for pretty animated scenes..... I know it's a very bad reason, and the hardcore anime fans must of hate me because of this, but who cares 8D

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 3:48 PM
pffft my teacher won't give me good grades because I refused to do stuff with's a complicated situation, I guess if I buy her a chicken that would cheer her up a little and make her a bit happy...

OOOOOH THAT PICTURE!!! squishy seks packs, gaaah I need to go back to gym like seriously, I stopped the past month it was so clod and I got sick but I m good now, thanks to linyan I FEEEL GOOOD!! it feeels gooood! gaaah

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 3:37 PM
hhahahah what the hell why I'm laughing like an idiot whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going, and the chicken face doesn't help the situation god why this is too funny xD you must be so bored to do this linyan and I'm worried ( I guess I should be more worried about myself for making this pffft )

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 3:14 PM

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 3:13 PM
Bom apetite!!! yeah be jelly at my portuguese skills....I like to see you struggling, it s so squuuuuueezish!!!man I came up with a new word again, what did happen to our language we ve been using before, we come to agreement that we will release it no? what happenedddd!!?! about Nagi no Asukara I heard about it, uuh honestly you are the one who got me to know this anime before, you used it in your skype profile picture I guess and I was like woaah who s that, and that was 2 months ago? xDD god time flies...I'll check it then, and I m not lazzyyyy when I watch anime I watch it in a one go, I like to marathon an entire anime in weekends but it s beeen a while since I ve done that, guess I m getting old.... and that's why I prefer to watch anime only after they are done airing...I hate to wait buuu

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 3:05 PM
why I can't post pictures any more here what the heck i s happening to this website, and about my cute little LINA is no longer here ;-; I'm so sad I had to take her back to the vet since she got sick, like really sick, the vet told me it's better for her to stay here since she got really weak and I had to agree on that even tho it was hard to let her go just like that :( i got really attached to her that i felt really sad about it, but I still visit her from time to time, she grown up and I m so proud of her, I don't know why I m not lucky with cats.. seriously whyyy

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 2:56 PM
and I'm still waiting for my animu, you'd better move your lazy butt and give me a name already, and you don't have to bother about what genre of anime I like hahah wow that 's cut eof you Linayaan! I m open to everything, as long as it is well drawn and you knowww it makes me open my after effect pffffft

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 2:54 PM
I'm tryyyying to get my sh*t together, life is like soooo fast right now and got sh*t load f exams this month and because of that I don't get online as much as I used to, but I ll manage to find some time we can spam eachother like the old days :3 until you ll get sick of me pffffft spodermaaaan!!! which picture you are talking about pfft I have so many seksy pictures 8D but too bad they are all saved in your old laptop which I won't give it to you anytime soon, sorry!! gotta remove all of your hisasi because I m just jelly like that -SPANKS-

_Gorz_ | 03-25-14, 2:48 PM
-SQUEEEEEEEEZES- pffffffffffft your comments are always super duper cute, makes me remember how much I missed talking to you, I MISSED TALKING TO YOU! OKAY? asdfghjkl you are like my only reason on getting to this website ;-; I don't even know from where to begin seriously too many shiz i d like to talk about, but much importantly the chicken!! what's more important than talking about our saviour chicken who got a squeezer on its back pfftt no seriously what the heck LINYAN!!!! why would you buy a chicken to your cat, who does that!!? I wanted to make a gif like I did for you few months ago about you running from pirates, still remember? xD gaaah I can't find it anywhere whyyy, I d so replace the pirates with cocks!! that would be priceless, I'll be screwing your sleep schedule sooon promise

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