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pennyiscute | 02-04-12, 9:01 PM
ok thanks for replying :)

pennyiscute | 02-04-12, 12:33 AM

i've created a new club for West Aussies. I would love for you to come and join :3

Kenchiin | 10-03-11, 5:31 PM
I did the same! I watched Tegami Bachi's anime before reading the manga =P, but well, who knows, maybe I knew that was a filler and didn't enjoy it as I should have because of that.
Anyway, there were some "original anime" stories that I liked, so, we might agree more than I think :P

Thanks to you for answering! :3

Kenchiin | 09-29-11, 9:35 PM
I'm suprised that someone who liked Tegami Bachi's manga, enjoyed the anime version of the thing o_o
I really haaaaaaated the fillers, they made me sick xD.

Anyway, just saying hi, nice likes =)

AAAtierTripfag | 09-12-11, 4:45 AM
I'm not sure what it means to be cool

AAAtierTripfag | 09-12-11, 3:45 AM
Oh right lol.

How can someone be a genius when he writes such shitty LNs?

AAAtierTripfag | 09-11-11, 8:52 AM
Who the fuck is Ryohgo?

AAAtierTripfag | 09-11-11, 8:47 AM
Durarara is fucking terrible

Vhaltz | 05-21-11, 6:00 AM
I just randomly ended up here, and after reading a few comments I figured I'd check out your reviews. You probably don't need me telling you, but you've got quite the taste and judgement in anime/manga, and the fact that you mention originality as something to look for in them is a nice thing to see nowadays.

I specially joy in seeing that somebody else was deeply moved by something as short and simple as Ojii-san no Lamp ^^

If I may recommend some stuffs, Hoshi no Samidare was great, so I suggest you read further into that, but I specially recommend Oyasumi Punpun and other works by Asano Inio such as Solanin and What a Wonderful World.

TreF | 02-15-11, 5:52 PM
I laughed hard at your picture in a thread for "Doggy Poo" anime. I think Imma watch that soon enough.

moreastian | 10-06-10, 11:11 AM
thank you!

moreastian | 10-06-10, 9:21 AM
The one with your recent anime and manga

moreastian | 10-06-10, 7:44 AM
can you tell me about the picture you used in Second Season of Kimi ni Todoke Confirmed i like it :]

Hideaki-senpai | 05-23-10, 7:21 AM
your welcome...

Hideaki-senpai | 05-22-10, 11:12 AM

fion | 04-01-10, 6:31 AM
''Girl meets boy, girl is stupid, boy is also stupid...'' :D I so enjoyed your review of Kimi ni Todoke. And have to say, that's the reason that I dropped watching it; I had the urge to kill somebody :P

shroomieB | 03-17-10, 12:12 AM
Hey, just wanted to drop by and say I agree with your Kimi Ni Todoke review.

I think people are so blinded by all the fluff that they don't see it for what it is. Completely unrealistic. I'd like to smack the lead characters around for a bit if I could. No one can be that ignorant.

jedimagician | 03-15-10, 3:38 AM
*lol'd irl*

jedimagician | 03-14-10, 1:14 AM
lol thanks. cool profile btw :D

Nayah | 03-10-10, 10:08 AM
Been using it on and off for almost half a year already and still not bored by it.

Your's isn't that bad, yourself. This reminds me to check out Hanamaru Youchien one of these days..

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