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iloveanime24 | 11-09-11, 5:53 PM

iloveanime24 | 11-06-11, 4:11 PM
one piece is soo sick i wanna wait for hunter x hunter (2011 ) though

iloveanime24 | 10-30-11, 5:35 PM
i took up hunter x hunter love it continuin one piece it got soooo sick got anything else

iloveanime24 | 10-19-11, 2:46 PM
koiiiii i m layin off the anime for a bit but ill talk to u later

iloveanime24 | 10-17-11, 5:29 PM
wahts a shounen anyway???

iloveanime24 | 10-15-11, 5:36 PM
one piece ao no exorcist *(the blue exorcist),naruto, and hack thats it

CanAPanda | 10-15-11, 5:26 PM
ah yeah, the cipher - saw that too. Birdy was definitely good but I still think Ah! My Goddess was just a tiny bit better =O

iloveanime24 | 10-14-11, 5:58 PM
koi but ill have to try em later im watching hack rite knoe

CanAPanda | 10-14-11, 5:19 PM
Ah, I watched Birdy back when I didn't really know too much about anime and watched it on Netflix which had "the complete series" so it never occured to me that they simply took season one and two and combined them in their listing instead of splitting them, so yes I've seen both seasons but not the OVA, is it any good/dubbed?

iloveanime24 | 10-13-11, 6:57 PM
ill try em im the type that wont try other anime and when he does hes hooked man

iloveanime24 | 10-11-11, 2:41 PM
yea i wanna stick to anime like one piece been obssesed with it lately ive pretty much dropped all other anime i was watching except for ao no excorcist naruto and one piece

CanAPanda | 10-11-11, 7:50 AM
No I didn't watch either, probably because I mostly watch dubbed versions of anime (sad I know), however I do watch a few subbed if I know they will be good for sure.

iloveanime24 | 10-04-11, 6:27 PM
one piece is meh fave now cant stop im on the last eps and cant wait theve matured so much and became sooo much stronger cant wait to see luffy in action

iloveanime24 | 08-26-11, 3:35 PM
hell yea got any more reccoms ??? like one piece im already like on eps 200

iloveanime24 | 08-08-11, 7:01 AM
thanks yo ill take a crack at air gear (is it ongoing?)and after a few eps i;ll take a shot at one piece really helped later

baboon | 08-07-11, 9:17 PM
Thanks for the rec, never even heard of Air Gear before.

iloveanime24 | 08-07-11, 12:52 PM
tahnks yo im already watchin fairy tail and one piece an toriko are they similar ........oh and i love manga

iloveanime24 | 08-06-11, 4:44 PM
hello im new i could use some recommendations i started watching anime again 3 months ago and im already done watching hitman reborn watching naruto and bleach i know thats not alot but if u could find soem recommendations like reborn i would appreciate it

wildr0y | 08-04-11, 6:00 AM
Alright, thank you I'll definitely check those out soon :)

wildr0y | 08-04-11, 3:29 AM
Alright I'll check it out. What are some sites for manga? I don't really know any.

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