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PinkTaco | 05-03-10, 7:04 PM
NU. I will not let you abort our baby!!!!!!!!
I gives you ze chocolate from our baby's diaper. :3c

WingedLover | 05-03-10, 6:59 PM
yes i did could get a laser mouse its easier to use ..
i like to do odd thing like picture's and stuff but i bet you could to..

WingedLover | 05-03-10, 6:45 PM

WingedLover | 05-03-10, 6:38 PM
i'm really good i would put some up but i dont have a camera and my
phone is flashed so i cant put picture's on the internet..but if you
want to see how good i draw on the computer i drew this on
the computer go to my blog's and i did an awsome sasuke
if you wunna check it out..

PinkTaco | 05-03-10, 4:48 PM
GE GE GE GE baby baby baby ge ge ge ge baby, your baby will look like that. you still want sum chocolate?

PinkTaco | 05-03-10, 4:34 PM

WingedLover | 05-03-10, 4:12 PM
i gotta go talk to you latter..

WingedLover | 05-03-10, 3:53 PM
all kinds of anime and i can draw cats i create my own characters
and i like to draw clothes to..and lots of other stuff
some times i get creative..

WingedLover | 05-03-10, 3:36 PM
yeah..i'd like to do that i wunna do alot of things i wunna make
a book desine clothes make a game work at a book store
i'm only 16 going on 17 hopefuly i can do some of though's things
oh and i like to draw..

WingedLover | 05-03-10, 3:24 PM
realy cool i hope you do well :)

WingedLover | 05-03-10, 2:19 PM
realy fabric shopping may i ask watcha doin with it?

WingedLover | 05-02-10, 4:57 PM
Hello..i'm good what about your self how are you doing?
i've bin busy and still busy helping my mom out this

WingedLover | 05-01-10, 10:45 PM
Hello thanks for requesting me..^__^
wow!we have alot in commen of anime..

Kunio13 | 04-29-10, 2:05 PM
But at least we could read manga whenever we want)))
I could look at the picture for very long-long-long time, it's a big pleasure for me^___^

Kunio13 | 04-29-10, 1:45 PM
yup, I want to see anime version!!!
Why they didn't make it???
Higuri Yuu's one of the best mangaka, I like her style, because it's rather gothic and characters are so unusual)))

Kunio13 | 04-28-10, 8:46 PM
wow, one more Seimaden fan :)))
It's one of the best manga I've ever read)))

Castellana | 04-28-10, 8:51 AM
Right now it's very hot n' sunny, about 30 degrees))

Sweat Punch:
and Kigeki(Comedy) in particular:
3. Kigeki (Comedy)
Set during the Irish War of Independence, a five-year old girl goes out in search of the mysterious Demon’s Castle - home of the Black Knight whose services she hopes to recruit. The Black Knight is a dark, young, skilled swordsman who will only accept a particular genre of books as advance payment.

I haven't read that much manga, that's why everything seems original to me.
I agree with you that Seimaden art is very beautiful and waaay better that the modern one. That's why I'm reading/watching kinda outdated stuff sometimes

If you like Johnny Depp, have you seen this video: ?

Thanks for the pictures:)))

Castellana | 04-27-10, 9:55 AM

Yes, pls email them, chicamalaguena at,

I'm from Spain, there are many anime fans here too, but most of them are watching Bleach or even Pokemons, anyway, so I'm having a hard time((((

Seimaden is the first manga I've read, but Laures is ever awesome no matter how many more anime guys I see, I liked the story as well,especially cause it's about love, reincarnation and demons, and Hilda is not some general manga/anime heroine type.

The thing I've liked most about Mononoke is the drawing style, and the story is so unique

I think this website is great:))

Btw, I think that you've misunderstood me, I got curious and clicked the link that u have in your profile as your website ( this one: http://http// ), and this one is the one that isn't working

Oh, and you like D as well? He is cool, isn't he?

I accidentally run into the DVD of Bloodlust few years ago and didn't realy know what it was going to be about,and that was a historical discovery, indeed))))

Have you seen Sweat Punch - Comedy? It's very short, but worth seeing

Sorry for possible mistakes, I've been actively practicing my English lately thanks to English subs to anime:)))), but it's not the same as writing smth


Castellana | 04-26-10, 11:08 AM
Oh my, you're Kusuriuri's fan(where did you get that fantastic userpic, anyway???), and what a lovely pic of Laures you have here...
We absolutely are soulmates!

My friend Aonisai also likes Kusuriuri very much, I think you could add her to your friends list too, she'll be happy to chat about Mononoke at any time;))

The link to your website is broken
Where are you from?

PinkTaco | 02-26-10, 12:12 PM
WOULD YOULOOK AT THAT THAR. 82.4% anime compatibility! dats done the highest i ever seen with ANYONE on this site.

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