mizugazipan's Comments

paleserenity | 12-14-08, 7:23 AM

ExquisiteDefect | 08-07-08, 12:16 PM
Hello. :)

perfidiouspal | 06-17-08, 8:01 PM
random comment!
I looked at some of your icons on LJ, and they are *so* cute. You're really good at making them pretty!

revanche | 05-12-08, 10:23 PM
Thanks! It amuses me that we have medium compatibility with anime, but unknown with manga? Okay, I think it confuses me more than amuses me. o___O

ALSO. Darn. I could have totally answered that one meme of yours on your journal just by looking at this profile. :x

revanche | 05-12-08, 8:33 AM
Hello! :3

lil_bunnyrabbit | 02-20-08, 8:54 PM

spiffyish | 02-05-08, 5:41 AM
MIZU! I challenge you (and myself) to both have produced something for FFG by Monday (the 11th)! you accept my challenge? 8D;;;;;;

Melfra | 01-22-08, 1:52 PM
Good morning, I see you~ Whaddya mean it's not morning? Come o~~~n~

spiffyish | 01-11-08, 8:33 AM

yamakasi | 01-01-08, 12:41 AM
haha, thanks! XD same to you.

Shiroth | 12-31-07, 12:16 PM
Thanks a lot for the Valkyrie Profile crew invite.

Itsuki | 12-22-07, 3:53 PM
Yes, he's a really wonderful chara designer.
Girls he created are soo cute <3
But unfortunately i just have the Magna Carta's games, not War of Genesis.
It's hard to find this game.

yamakasi | 12-17-07, 9:39 PM
:333 yayyy.

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