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Princess510 | 11-18-10, 11:08 AM
yep XD

DenDenSan | 11-16-10, 1:13 PM

Princess510 | 11-16-10, 2:43 AM
heyy erkennst du mich ;D
ich bins die von chatango

YuukoSenpai | 08-30-10, 1:43 PM

Karppaky | 07-25-10, 9:03 AM
It can be pretty disturbing! The second season is great as well since it clears up everything what's going on in Higurashi.

Started watching Highschool of the Dead btw. It's pretty awesome action wise and stuff, zombiesss!! But I must say the fanservice is pretty silly. Omg a zombie attacks and the camera zooms to panties!

Karppaky | 07-23-10, 3:00 PM
heh :3 You watching Higurashi for the first time? That's one of my favorites, and first anime I watched

Karppaky | 07-22-10, 10:24 AM
Spank :3

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