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Queen | 02-26-09, 7:33 AM
Waaaah that Pino one is too cute X3
And you really made those covers? O_o (about GITS cd and CB dvd)

Queen | 02-23-09, 9:23 AM
Well, not literally dead, but.. yeah... :D
I'm doing fine (I guess) but a I have pretty hard times at school right now. You know, the grand exams O_O So today we had a history text exam =_=;; Yay how exciting...

Oh yes, please, show me :3

Queen | 02-23-09, 6:37 AM
How come I didn't notice that? TT_TT I thought you were dead or something!
So how you've been? :)

Queen | 02-23-09, 5:29 AM
Why thank you X3
But more importantly... Where have you been? O_o

1CLOUDSTRIFE | 02-14-09, 7:45 PM

Laikra | 01-25-09, 12:20 PM
*pokes you in the butt*

Queen | 12-25-08, 12:48 PM
A bit late, but Merry Christmas dear! *hugs* Let's hope Santa is generous this year X3

BigBagODicks | 12-25-08, 2:53 AM
Merry Christmas!

1CLOUDSTRIFE | 12-22-08, 5:41 PM
happy holidays to u and ur family

Laikra | 12-15-08, 4:56 PM
Last Order = Just a short from what you see in the game with an anime twist. I liked it.

Spirits Within = Has nothing to do with any of the Final Fantasy games whatsoever. Medicore I guess. *shrugs*

Advent Children = A movie sequel to the game, Final Fantasy 7. I own it on dvd. Good Stuff.

I wish I had a playstation. I wanna play my FF7 badly ;-;

Queen | 12-09-08, 1:15 PM
So what have you been doing? :)

Queen | 12-05-08, 11:40 AM
Not cool >_>

Hey, how come you still haven't started watching Junjo Romantica? Try it!

Queen | 11-28-08, 9:52 AM
Ugh >.< No good, no good.

Hey did you know that D. Gray-man manga is on hiatus right now? And when I was about to catch up.. >_>

Laikra | 11-25-08, 7:08 PM
I don't know ;-;

Queen | 11-25-08, 12:53 PM
Beats me xD They all jumped in front of a moving train so I guess that girl had a soft landing, lol.

Where have you been? O_o

Queen | 11-14-08, 3:30 PM
To make it short:
High school girls perform a group suicide. One survives. Mindf*cking stuff. The new suicide group being organized. The friend to the rescue. More mindf*cking stuff.
But I liked it :D

Queen | 11-11-08, 4:36 AM
True, but girls don't look so weird as guys >_>

Why am I so lazy to read anything? Try some horror manga. Something like Jisatsu Circle. That was pretty disturbing sh*t. O_o

Laikra | 11-10-08, 2:55 PM

gypsywoman72 | 11-10-08, 11:22 AM
thanks!! :)

Queen | 11-09-08, 1:53 PM
I'm telling you. A 100% fish! An overall he looks like an anorexic. I like men with more "meat" xD

It is. Yeah, I know it was broken for a long time. You should check news about MAL sometimes :D

Really? I still haven't read it. *gets shot*

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