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magentaanbu | 06-14-12, 9:38 PM
Michael... I know you will never answer a message here but... man I just hope you are ok. I really hope you are happy and you are well. I hope your life turned out ok, I hope your job is fulfilling. I hope you are surrounded by great people. And I hope I will talk to you again someday.

magentaanbu | 12-31-09, 1:29 PM

jennyxia5637 | 12-31-09, 3:33 AM
Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Years, Induce!
Hope you will be back on MAL. at least once in a while...

Mystic_Spirit | 12-26-09, 12:20 PM

thanks alot for the card! i hope you're having a great holiday and will be having a great new year eve as well ^_^
Hey!!! ARE you BACK? :O

kahoko | 12-26-09, 2:39 AM
Awesome Santa!! XD
Thanks a lot my dear!!!! Hope u have great holidays too :D
And good to see you back on MAL.

Sweet_Touch | 12-25-09, 4:01 PM
hahahahahha awesome xDDD

magentaanbu | 12-25-09, 3:19 PM

Merry Xmas Michael ;D

jet2r0cks | 12-24-09, 11:39 PM
Merry Christmas!

Josh001 | 12-24-09, 3:27 PM

Sayuri | 12-24-09, 3:43 AM

FiiFO | 12-23-09, 2:48 PM
Hope you are well ^_^ thank you for the card and also wish you a..

jennyxia5637 | 07-08-09, 11:54 PM
Sorry I have been absent for such a long time. I have been studying for the SATs. It is a tough ride...
Have you quit MAL? Gosh, I should have came on earlier.
Please send me your new email if you do see this comment.

Merleawe | 04-25-09, 12:17 PM
nee chan?

isikaru | 03-18-09, 4:13 PM
Hmm yes, bring him on! Mwahaha!

Sceleris | 03-18-09, 11:33 AM
omg! :O Tack! :D

-Angel- | 03-18-09, 5:33 AM
i see..but mine are just like reading glasses.. D: so hopefully i wont have to wear them always

-Angel- | 03-18-09, 5:10 AM
yeah... ;__; sigh..i do hope and pray that it will be awesome once i get the a nice pair too..but i was warned by my dad that it will take some time to adjust to them..hope it wont be too hard..

-Angel- | 03-18-09, 5:03 AM
I see no wonder! Youre loaded with work.. ;___; Hope it all goes well.

Well..I'm getting my first pair due to eyestrain..i only recovered like the last weekend. :\

-Angel- | 03-18-09, 4:53 AM
Well i got the essentials running again..that's about it so far... O: And I can work properly too..just waiting for my glasses to arrive on friday.

How come you progress is slower? O_o

isikaru | 03-17-09, 5:34 PM
Pow. =P

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