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Kisato | 01-19-14, 11:28 AM
Oh jeez, 'sorry! I thought I replied x_x 'what you think of Zenkoku-hen's first episode?

Underwater's late with episode 2. T_T

KyuuAL | 01-17-14, 12:29 PM
My mahjong? I keep plugging on it - doing what I can to get better - only to get beat back down. I still find my ways to have fun with it though.

KyuuAL | 01-13-14, 1:49 PM
Hmm. Now with moar Saki, how's your mahjong these days?

Kisato | 12-11-13, 8:48 PM
Oh yeah, love'n them! xD can't wait to see Hiroe <3 and Himematsu (best school xD)

'the manga for Saki seems to be moving... 'really slow, lately. x_x I do plan to give Shinohayu a read, though. 'prob pick it up soon. How is it so far?

-Sorry for the late reply

Shangetsu | 12-06-13, 6:12 AM
Lol, told you :P.

UQ Holder is decent but so far it still live in the shadow of Negima :/

Shangetsu | 12-05-13, 6:35 PM
Yes, can't wait for 5th Jan.

Kisato | 12-04-13, 11:07 PM
Are you hyped for Zenkoku-hen come January!? xD 'been a-while, haha-

Shangetsu | 12-04-13, 11:15 AM
Yes, do catch with Magi.
Watamote is pretty boring though, I wouldn't recommend it.

Shangetsu | 12-03-13, 4:39 PM
I'm not sure, it's been a while since I read it lol.

Shangetsu | 12-03-13, 7:38 AM
I see.

I can't believe anyone is worst than Ritz lol.

I never read the manga of Kuroshitsuji but I hate how the anime was a total fangirl bait. They really over-focused yaoi tone that I heard weren't in the manga only for the sake of selling more.

Do you still not have a skype or anything more handy to chat o:?

Shangetsu | 12-02-13, 8:21 PM
I haven't checked what will be airing this winter lol.
I should do that sometime soon, when I'll stop being lazy xD.

Yes I'll definitively read it someday, the question is when?
When Saki will air again I'll probably feel like reading more mahjong.

Shangetsu | 12-02-13, 3:54 AM
Nop I didn't read it but I'll probably do it someday anyway xD.

I'm not that much interested in seiyuu because I consider that most of them do a pretty good job.

I never gave a chance to HxH, it always looked like an overly bland generic shounen from what I've seen :/.

Bleach has been going steadily on a good way lately, that is if you forget all those mad guys that says it suck but can barely back up their statement.

Shangetsu | 11-30-13, 6:53 PM
Almost 2 months later lol. Seems like you were busy.

I haven't read anything new since I have shitload of stuff to do for school, I can barely manage to watch everything I'm watching this season ._.

Can't wait for Saki 2 in January.

Shangetsu | 10-09-13, 7:50 PM
Hey there, what will you be watching this season :p?

dratlam | 10-01-13, 12:54 AM
I hope I'm not being too kind on Futari. I think a 6 is just about where it should be.

Shangetsu | 09-22-13, 8:10 AM
Hum, nop.
I'm already flooded with episode, I won't add up half a series worth of episode to that X).

dratlam | 09-20-13, 9:15 PM
Futari isn't the best of the series but I don't mind Kokoro that much.

Understandably it isn't the same Milky though.

dratlam | 09-18-13, 12:27 AM
Elly is love, Elly is life.

But so is Sharo :P

Shangetsu | 09-15-13, 4:48 PM
Nop, the Tower is what Negi aim to build in the end of Negima as a solution to save the magic world. It wasn't build in the manga but since it's years later, yeah it's done now.

Shangetsu | 09-14-13, 6:40 PM
Since a lot of thing were not resolved in Negima, we'll probably hit some of these point somewhere in the story.
As for now, it seems like it'll go with participating in this tournament that was mentioned in chapter 3. Hopefully we'll get something at the level of the Mahora festival arc.

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