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Siion | 09-12-14, 8:24 AM
Ah i see *Nods* Women have some scary fetishes indeed •_•

Yeah but people in movies are super perfect, the rest of the world should give up imitating such people *Nods* and of course you would wear high heels in law enforcement, you gotta look good ya know? Its not all about chasing criminals, you have to sacrifice things like that to look hot... but yeah women are scary (that is this messages theme)
Isn't that the same word just spelt differently?
Wow so she actually went out of her way to become a stereotype, in some weird way i can respect that *Nods*

It could be an oven that you use specifically to cook wolves? I think you do more then cuddle with a harem 0_o
I dunno Hisagi, its rude to judge things by their looks ya know o_o

Its SUPER a problem ya know, society will kill me ya know?! but i do have a cat and i can throw things *Thinks*
I hate the feel of pencils, i dunno why its just the feeling when you write with them.
Are you judging me in a good way because i fight crime? =o

Siion | 09-03-14, 6:24 AM
I'm a kid who wants to read it, put it in spoiler tags or send it in a private message *Nods* you wuss *Points at you* =P
I never got high heels, women don't really look attractive to me wearing them, they are like clomping goats learning how to walk. I'm sure knee highs would work though, i am sure i have 100's of pairs somewhere *Nods*
I like it when people wear them for fun, i mean its useful to have more then one look going for you and if your attractive i am sure a cute girl could look good in glasses.
Ah Munich, yeah i have heard of such a place. So your sisters going to the city to learn how to be a huge stereotype?

...the hell is a wolf oven?! I dunno if that is how nature works and i see your already planning out your wolf harem.
I bet those ones are actually super nice, like they swim past each other saying "morning" over there giant claw teeth and none of them eat each other and are all super polite, looks can be deceiving.

Its somewhat less acceptable for me to punch a women in the face then it is for you. I dunno i think shes gonna buy me pug pencils one day, its the only explanation is that shes setting up for the long joke. Who uses a Pencil in this day and age? A Pencil is a crappy pen... Hahahahaha silly Hisagi, i don't wear underwear *Shakes head*

Sylinchen | 08-25-14, 1:34 PM
kannst du versuchen, abre ich glaub das liegt generell an MAL, ersagt ja schon beim versuch was zu ändern einen fehler an

Siion | 08-25-14, 12:54 PM
Urban always has TO MANY answers, its like there is 50 fetishes for every 1 word. You tell me, educate me on such matters.
Nah, i don't look very good in high heel's but i could pull off the male equivalent of the sexy teacher look o_o and i dunno, girls obviously look better in glasses to me because well... i like girls *Shy* tee hee ^_^
I think you should glue them to her face if shes going to operate the thing that could orphan a 1000 children. As long as she docent drive said trains then its okay, which city?

You would be a terrible wolf, you can't run on all fours to start with and i doubt you could eat an animal fresh *Shakes head* ... There's always an alpha wolf and alpha female in packs where the other males and females get dominated by said pair and so pretty much all animals are assholes because they are purer forms of what we already have, sure its nice when they are loyal but its cruel when they aren't. Like dolphins, dolphins LOVE rape and monkeys love to attack genitals (Animals are scary)

You think that's bad? My sister keeps buying me stuff with Pug pictures on them, she's brought me a pug pillow, a pug mug, a pug pencil case, i don't even use a pencil case! I DONT EVEN OWN PENCILS! ...and if i did they would probably have pug pictures on because my sister would buy them for me.

Sylinchen | 08-25-14, 12:26 PM
ich kann dein schönes dp nicht updaten shuu T_T scheiß MAL!

Siion | 08-25-14, 12:24 PM
*Jumping hug* Thank you for remembering ^_^

Okay *Googles* Google has nothing, did you make this up? o_o
Screw my health, i would wear them to have a different look and to look intelligent and cool while reading, i don't read in public at the moment but if i can look super intelligent i would find excuses *Determined* and your sister only needs them to operate the giant metal death machine?

I agree, Meerkats are stupid *Nods* there existence is therefor banned, next order of business...
You can't own a wild animal and if you reared one from birth then it would just be a dog o_o
Sometimes those group decisions involve pushing the weaker wolves out of the pack to die ¬_¬

You love it, you love super wolf. You love his tiny little eyes that barely fit in his head, you love it.

Siion | 08-22-14, 5:47 AM
I dunno i think you've gotten 10x worse, i mean i don't even know what "fluff" is, you've hit fetishes even i haven't heard of. Yeah i couldn't wear them full time, if i had to i would get contacts anyway but my eyes just aren't that bad, would probably need them for computer work or reading though if even at all.

I learned allot about Meerkats, you would be surprised how much attention channels give to Meerkats... Dogs do all that stuff you just said and its way more likely a wolf would attack you then a dog but the reason you see more dogs biting is because NO ONE OWNS WOLVES!

Siion | 08-21-14, 6:06 AM
I dunno Hisagi has always been to pure and innocent for such thoughts, you've always just stayed with your innocent hard core Yaoi *Nods* nothing indecent about that *Shakes head* which makes your recent transformation very surprising.
I mean i wouldn't wear them all the time because my eye sight isn't all that bad but because i am working out allot more now its harder to pretend i am smart but when i need to then BAM! I just put them on and fool everyone ^_^

Hey! I went through a 2 year period in my childhood where all i watched was Animal Planet *Points at you* you watch those shows long enough and you realize almost every animal is an asshole... Then you need to train the small dog o_o
Dogs are the evolved version! THEY ARE SUPER WOLVES! *Points at Teacup Chiwawa* SUPER WOLF!

Siion | 08-20-14, 7:53 AM
Hisagi-chan has somehow become a worse pervert then even me ^_^ i am both proud and terrified.
I am sure that's what they said as well, before they became weird. I feel like i may need glasses soon, my eye sight isn't really bad but it used to be allot better, probably due to the work i have been doing. On one side i am looking forward to it little because then i can have a different look *Nods* i can change style to take advantage of women =D

Wolves are horrible, they abandon and bully each other in the pack, dogs are loyal and if they are loud then you've trained your dog wrong. Dogs beat wolves always o_o

wassay | 08-18-14, 4:53 PM
Gonna have to figure out how to balance work and school that's if I get a job though. xD
I don't think I follow you :o ~
I just couldn't remember, I was pretty sure you had one but couldn't remember. xD

Siion | 08-18-14, 7:27 AM
I don't? I feel like i make more random sexual advances now towards random people then i used to *Nods* perhaps i am a "late bloomer" in being a dirt bag *Nods* well i gotta make up for lost time, come sit on my lap Hisagi-chan ^_^
I think you can have to many great grandma's *Thinks* i think 3 is to many? Docent that mean your going to be annoying as well? Docent that pass down to you?

...but dogs are descended from wolves right? *Tilts head* except you can actually touch these ones without loosing an arm and i mean you don't have to take them out, i mean you can put them in a cage or down a well if you wanted *Shrugs*
I think if you knew your stuff you wouldn't be doing it in the first place 0_o

Siion | 08-17-14, 2:57 PM
Ah, of course you did, how else was you going to write? 0_o

Your body is a he? Hmmmmm i dunno how many sexual jokes i have made towards you in the last couple of years if any but *Bows* please disregard 90% of them, the remaining 10% somehow probably still apply.
I dunno, i have downsized my family to save on resources, currently i am not hiring new staff *Shakes head* but i dunno what great grandma's do, i guess there job is to be annoying? If so she is an amazing great grandma.
Yeah but you'll give up eventually, some things you just can't change no matter how much you think or worry about them.

You know we have wolves that you can pet, they are called dogs... When you are finally arrested please come up with a better excuse then "its fun" *Nods*

suniii | 08-17-14, 10:34 AM
vielen lieben dank für die glückwünsche :>

aber wieso kehrt mir nyanko den rücken zu?XD wurde er zu doll geknuddelt?XD oder eher nach dem motto: auch ein rücken kann entzücken?:D

_Ghost_ | 08-17-14, 8:10 AM
Hehe sieht chic aus, vielen Dank :)

wassay | 08-17-14, 12:14 AM
I sorta don't even want to go back to school, just wantta stay home and waste my time. ^_^ But fuck that shit, it's boring. As long as my classes aren't gonna be full I'm happy.
Yeah I did, I've missed so much shit; like SNK and all that jazz. SNK was pretty darn good. :o
I don't remember you had/have a pet correct?

Hinoenma | 08-15-14, 6:56 PM
Oh I must try it sometime, even if 3b And season 4 might not be good.

Glad you're doing better hun~ Hope you get a job soon.

Yeah the lazy feels lol. You just had to add the yet huh? :P

wassay | 08-14-14, 7:15 PM
THAT'S GOOD! I've been looking for a job too, but as it is summer I'm just tryna relax and shit gonan start looking for one again after summer.
I'm doing good myself, started watching anime again. :o Yeah.

Siion | 08-14-14, 1:45 PM
I dunno, you failed to follow your own ban in the latter paragraphs, its like your not even putting in the effort Hisagi *Shakes head*

Your super tired for other reasons, like i said you can operate great on less then that. Sleep often depends on diet and health and why is sleep a "he"? =P ... Exactly! Good old grandma and her classic wisdom *Nods* shes doing a good job at grandma, we will promote her to great grandma in the coming months *Notes down* basically stop worrying about it wuss *Flicks you in the head* if you stop worrying about it you'll most likely sleep longer, its all in your head... Your crazy crazy head o_o

I dunno i think that kinda environment brings out the worse in people, they are all acting professional during times they don't and its expected of them and they all find it stupid but they all do it and shout at each other when the other one docent. Like you said they also think everything is harder then it really is when they are all doing easy to learn simple tasks but people work themselves up because they are being all professional and using pointless jargon and so normal stupid tasks sound more complicated and common sense then flies out the window and got a bunch of idiots who can't do anything unless they are specifically trained or won't even attempt to do things they don't know.

Hisagi-chan you can't just no respect things you can't sexually harass, its a bad habit that we need to get you out of. I can't have you going around petting things all the time and you SUPER can't pet a Wolf.

Siion | 08-11-14, 3:51 PM
What am i gonna do? Not have dots? Come on Hisagi, your being a bit unreasonable o_o

It won't work like that, your body has adapted to 6 hours, at a push your gonna get 8-9 and if you was out of work for like a year then maybe you might get back to like 12 if your feeling super lazy. 6 can be enough, i can feel okay on 2 when i am working but if i get 2 at home when i have time to relax all of a sudden its not enough, its more of state of mind. Your telling yourself 6 isn't enough and it docent help that you've begun to worry about it, all your gonna do is stress yourself out and if your still getting 6 then don't do sleeping pills. Your body will wake up when its had enough to go and sleep when it needs to. I used to worry about sleep allot but it does you no good so i just go with what i get, just go with the flow ^_^

Yeah but there are just a-holes everywhere, i find office work is maybe the worst for that. I found at least on physical work or work considered more menial you tend to have better company or at least less stuck up company, i sometimes work on request of an office and i fit in fine but the people are just kinda silly tbh. Its like a bunch of adults playing work instead of adults working.

You can't pet a normal Bunny, might be some sort of illness off it and don't look down on wildlife, respect the Bunny.

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