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yuucchi | 11-29-10, 7:10 AM

some news from Member Cards Love ♥ club~

voting for the female and male characters of the month is
open here. please vote until 30th november, we will make a limited editions with the winner characters.

also there's still time to make cards for winter special edition. if you want to make cards for it, you can put them
in this topic. remember - for one card made, you will get 10 points for your bank account.
we will open the topic with an edition on 1st december.

we are still searching for limited edition card makers, claim banner makers, card deliverers and members inviters. you can apply for it

have a good day
and see you again in the club;


darklumina08 | 11-28-10, 7:56 AM

Please join! ^^
This is the new club made by Musician_Soul98 (liana) and Water_Lily (lilian) sister of Bluething (mira) and BVP club will become a comemorative club for bluething.

If you got any questions ask me ^^ thnx~

darklumina08 | 11-06-10, 1:20 AM

sorry to spam ur page but we got a bad news..
Bluething-sama died.. at nov. 5 this year
as a member of the club that our creator made, we want u to write also..
click the image.. thnx :)

FairyDemon | 10-28-10, 10:30 PM

C.C.L. Newsletter

Hello Members of C.C.L~! This is an update telling you that the Official Member Cards thread is now open! Be sure to come and request ;)

On another order of business, the final round of voting for Club Picture Contest will be up and running soon so keep an eye out!

Lastly, be sure to check back often for LE's, events, games and more ^_^

~Thanks for Reading~

h1Me | 10-19-10, 9:36 AM

yuucchi | 10-17-10, 1:41 AM

hello everyone~

at first, sorry about this spam message. science Mass Messages are fail, we have to inform you this way.

if you haven't requested your Official Member Cards, you can still do it in
this thread. just post in it~
also, we have Official Badge made by -panda-. you can request it
and also you can request special Birthday Card. it will be delivered to you about your birthday.
do you want to be an admin/officer and help us with various things? you can, just apply

we have two on-going contests.
first: contest for new club's layout. you decide who will win!
vote, please.
second: nominations for Character of the Month in October 2010.
thread will be closed today, so nominate fast!

and one request to you, dear member - please, invite your friends to DG!
we are close to reach 400 members.

and for today this is all.
have a nice day~

admin of Designers Graphics club.

CarLoZ | 10-12-10, 4:32 PM
Congrats pala for being an officer!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!!..

sir got photoshop CS5 na ddl? nawawala akin eee haha

CarLoZ | 10-12-10, 4:25 PM
woooooooot there we go..... naka login dn hahaha nabuksan DN!!

darklumina08 | 10-11-10, 5:55 AM

-Risa- | 10-10-10, 12:27 PM

Please click to picture above to go get your Tsuna cards <3

isibeal | 10-10-10, 3:52 AM

thank you for joining the Member Cards Love ♥ club~
we hope you'll be visiting the club often, so you don't miss any of our limited editions.

if you still don't request your official member cards, you can do this
you can also request a special birthday card, just check
this topic.

we have a bank accounts opened now, so you can open your own
here. when you open an account, you can earn points by playing games participating in a contest or special edition and for having your birthday. the points can be exchanged for a past released cards that you missed.
past limited edition can be found in
card vault.

also we will have our first special edition soon. if you want to make cards for it, you can. for one card made, you will get 10 points for your bank account. the theme of edition is 'HALLOWEEN', and your finished cards shoul be put
in this topic. you can make cards till 30th october.
we will open the topic with an edition on halloween, 31th october.

and if you want to help us by making a limited edition cards, delivering the cards or inviting members, you can apply for it

have a good day
and see you again in the club;


Chris-chan01 | 10-09-10, 5:59 AM
Heyhey. New infos from MiTSU club. An picture contest starting tomorrow. As a cost, there is a unique limited edition member card. So take a look or be part of the contest by enter it ^^

Carlos-kun | 10-08-10, 8:15 PM
Yo.. i'm back hahahahaha matagal tagal dn O_O

new account ahaha

naayos dn pc ko ahahaha

miharo | 10-08-10, 7:49 PM

xochandaox | 10-05-10, 11:46 PM

MusicalWonders | 10-05-10, 3:01 PM
I don't know that Anime. Sorry..

FairyDemon | 10-04-10, 9:19 PM

systemERROR4467 | 10-04-10, 9:51 AM
Thanks for invite! I did join! ^_^

LemonKush | 10-03-10, 11:57 AM
Me LemonKush Coolest guy ever,

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