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freedoleen | 08-29-10, 3:59 AM
Did I already share "our" song with you?

"If there was one word I could use to describe you and me..."

kuroshiroi | 08-27-10, 11:32 AM
Thank you :)

I suppose I should say the same to you, with your month long MAL vacation eclipsing mine :P

gregory003 | 08-21-10, 8:48 PM
Lulz I know I'm not suppose to double post. Not new to forums at all. Just wanted to bump it. :D. Which I am not sure we are aloud to do at this site but guessing not.

Loxaris | 08-17-10, 3:31 PM
True, didn't think about it. I'll do that if I'll happen to see something next time, thanks. =)

Loxaris | 08-17-10, 3:26 PM
I'm replying here because I can't send any PMs due to the number of messages I've got in my inbox.
About that club - of course there is nothing wrong with having a club about that. I just happened to open one of the threads and it showed me some pics that I thought were not very PG-13ish. But then again, if I misunderstood the concept of "PG-13" and everything's all right then all the better. And surely I didn't want you guys to delete it! Maybe only making it secret, as Kineta did with some other clubs, or just tell the people there to put links to more gorish pictures instead of directly show the images.

Admiral_AnimE | 08-16-10, 9:53 PM
Hey :)
I just saw your PM... i have 6000+ messages and cant send...
Ill change my sig today :) Also, if there is anything u can do about my inbox ill appreciate it cuz fix inbox doesnt work for me :/

Vudis | 08-11-10, 4:53 AM
oh my them baccano songs
really awesome

Dizzmaux | 08-10-10, 5:16 PM
!reg Boursk.

aero | 08-04-10, 6:35 AM
Where are you.... D:

Naruleach | 07-18-10, 9:43 PM
Where did Boursk go? :<

freedoleen | 07-17-10, 2:21 AM
Man, I can't even send you a pm.

itainteazy | 07-11-10, 3:36 PM
coming back to MAL is easy like sunday.....afternoon :x

Shiki-san | 07-08-10, 4:07 AM
freakin' boursk get back to #mal

Aarana | 07-06-10, 8:55 PM
I had a wonderful birthday ;) Thanks

Niriru | 06-26-10, 6:49 AM
I got your message. If it's acceptable now then there's no problem for me...

If I tried to report all the big siggies I guess I would have to report at least %60 of people so I guess I just can't bother the others' signature size. Forum moderators should get bothered about that -and you do- and you should be glad to the guys who spends their time reporting others...

but still I see there's lack of moderators then -because altough there're 'reporting' people but still there are big siggies-...

if you cant reach all the people who break the rules, then you can try get a few more moderators to be able to control it. I have never behaved offensive to you personally, so I guess you can take these sentences as a recommend and try to tell that to your superiors.

or why dont you try to get softer about these siggies and let people have bigger ones, for example 450x200 or like that -well, I guess I just said it as an example; of course it can be more proper sizes-

thanks for getting yourself trouble to write a response for me btw, you're a good moderator one I guess.

Niriru | 06-26-10, 3:19 AM
hey boursk,
I made my siggie smaller but I have to say that my first siggie wasnt much big at all. there were so many users that have a bigger signature than me but I cant just understand why are you so obsessed about my siggies.

anyway, I got it smaller. I hope this time you won't erase it because it's already this small:

if you want people not to put a sig then tell it properly...
and you should look more carefully who has real big signatures.


kiur4646 | 06-21-10, 12:15 AM
Damn you!! (no offence) Dont remove my signature, just first pm whats wrong.. im not that good at english... and my sigs were very small and spoilers are alloud too.. theres nohitng said about spoiler sizes... Now gotta write all over again........ dont remove before u dont tell me.............

PRESSit | 06-12-10, 8:35 PM
Hey boursk, i sent my mal rewrite application via pm several weeks ago but there hasn't been a reply. Could i know if its being processed, or is there another mal error?

Shiki-san | 05-29-10, 12:43 PM
damn you boursk! fix your channel i cant write anything in #mal

Master_of_MAL | 05-26-10, 7:58 PM
yo can you please get back to me on that pm, I mean ffs if you want this account's login information so i can prove to you first hand i'm not bullshitting you and that the ban was unjust then just say so

otherwise ill just attempt to go to xinil with it, this isnt fair, i got banned because the site doesn't work properly

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