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Buru-Hokori | 08-20-14, 4:59 PM

I supposed Deen didn't sell at all speaking of Umi, it really is a strange anime which ends in an even more strange way... and for readers, it's sure not as good as an adaptation, so... thanks for the info ^^

Wouu, I really dislike the idea of reading through different theories which were made by other people time ago for several reasons... because of this, I didn't know there were people who could deny even entire EPs... that's in fact unbelievable in a bad way...

That the anime would give extra hints is something I guess I made by myself after reading an interview which contains this:

But even though the autor supervised it carefully, there are some differences between the original and the anime (I am not talking about the rush or similars but in key facts), he was very careful with Umi and he should have known Umi's fans would see the adaptation as well (at least some of them), so, why the incongruences?? I don't know, but maybe we can see them like extra-hints than incoungruences, because if Ryukishi himself we're talking about!! Mmm, I don't know... I do believe it but is really uncertain I guess.

Now, about the game/novels...

I don't trust that much in the wiki, but I do trust Ryukishi. I am not among those people who think he screwed up the story, not in the slightest; because of that I am trying to find out the truth behind Umineko even if I can't support anymore the Shkanon theory (I have not reached it yet even by far...). Ryukishi claimed he gave the hints to the reader, but also he said he misleaded them too because he wanted more than anything the reader himself made his way to reach the truth. So I think giving so much hints about the Shkanon theory was not revealing the truth, indeed he helped us even more with that making us think even more hard.

I asked you about Featherine because I do believe she represents the author somehow, and so, the same way she did not allow the truth in Eva'diary to be known out of the blue, Ryukishi neither want to give us the truth like a present.

All of these are only my personal thoughts.
Even so, you seem in fact much more experienced in Umineko (I only read the novels month ago or so and I am reading it again, so I am a begginer xD), because of this I am really interested in your theories too. You said the other day you believed in a Shkanon theory but not the culprit, how is that in fact?? I am very interested, perhaps your vision could help me ^^

Buru-Hokori | 08-18-14, 2:01 PM
That's it, Umi made you think magic exists, but, what kind of magic?? Do you really think the witches, demons and others are real or another thing??
I mean, Ryukishi himself claimed he wrote two different stories and then resembled it together as one. So, if you search for it, can you really find an only mystery story in Umineko?? I wonder.

The anime was rushed like hell in fact. First time watching it, I needed a guide to remember all the characters, their names and relationships xD However, even so there is lack of details, I think the anime was made somehow to give "extra-hints" to the VN readers, because there are differences with the VN and I don't believe Ryukishi who supervised it didn't notice at all...

Do you know why Deen did not make a second season??

I do think magic exists in Umineko, somehow...

And I didn't know what you say about there're people who claims Ryukishi is a liar... Why!?
I mean, yep, Ryukishi deceive us, players, along the story, he himself said it, because whitout all the deception is impossible to conceive Umineko. For a simple example, when you see the Siestas/Chiesters killing someone, you then realize the truth is the culprit fire on that someone. But really, calling Ryukishi a liar is not fair... so, why there are people who claims that??

Do you think Featherine/Ikuko represents Ryukishi somehow??

Buru-Hokori | 08-17-14, 10:59 AM
Thanks for answering, it was quick. Of course there is no problem, we can talk this way.
So, about the topic,

As you can see, my English is really bad, so excuse me ^^;

Botato | 08-14-14, 7:40 AM
Yeah I saw that yesterday and was tempted to reply. I think he surpassed some of his previous posts this time, he even managed to squeeze in a subtle NGNL bash there. That's not the first time he did this in SAO II actually, in episode 2 he bashed Kajiura for being repetitive and un-creative with the OST because apparently "it's just a Madoka OST rehash."

Oh I know because I've been seeing him all over the place lately. Probably something like it's the fans having shitty taste for not acknowledging how great these things are.

-Riptide- | 08-12-14, 1:09 AM
Yes, yes it wasn't. Although I guess I should have just reported the thread. Ah at least it was fun derailing it. And I actually got to do something productive when I was banned.

-Riptide- | 08-11-14, 4:37 AM
At least the thread was locked. That was what I was after so I guess I succeeded.

-Riptide- | 08-11-14, 3:44 AM
Seriously? I can understand how me and Botato were banned because of that thread. But you? You weren't even derailing that thread.

Botato | 08-10-14, 2:05 PM
Oh wow, so I guess everyone from that thread was banned as well? I mean, Riptide was apparently xD

Well I got to read the rules again at least for the second time since I joined, they added more stuff after I read them the first time. In short warnings/ban levels get lowered by 1 for every 6 months we don't break the rules. Sooooo now the whole successive bans makes sense.

rainwalk | 08-10-14, 1:54 PM
Oh well D:
You are still a big fan of fate and nasu so the rest doesn't even matter B-)

rainwalk | 08-10-14, 1:25 PM
lol why did you got banned?

Botato | 08-10-14, 12:53 PM
Man how nice it feels to finally not be banned.

Were you banned too? xD

midnightblade | 08-05-14, 11:36 AM
What was wrong with fate/extra??

midnightblade | 08-05-14, 6:53 AM
I love your fate diagrams haha

How much of the type moon content did you go through, and what were your opinions on them?

HeisenDurden | 07-28-14, 9:18 AM
It's like all of those guys in that Madoka thread have nothing better to do than nitpicking and baiting.
Pretty sad if you ask me.

Stark700 | 07-27-14, 11:55 AM
Lol :p

Stark700 | 07-27-14, 10:58 AM
Hey ssjokg. Just wondering but have you played Heaven's Feel route before? I'm trying to find some info on this from other sites and since it's getting movie adaptations instead, I'm pretty curious.

Botato | 07-27-14, 9:46 AM
Implying what was posted isn't extremely stupid.
Patience my friend...

Botato | 07-27-14, 9:33 AM
I guess it was just a matter of time <_<
Incoming long and pointless rants repeating the exact same thing 5 times.

Botato | 07-27-14, 8:42 AM
Hmm I see. That does sound like something he'd get butthurt about (especially considering how he always antagonizes you).


I'm actually thinking we'll be too busy with uh.. certain user(s) to derail anything. I bet we'll see the anti-Aniplex crusader baiting TM fans starting from episode 1 discussions.

Botato | 07-27-14, 7:58 AM
How would lists break the rules? Maybe things you wrote in the tags/more info?
Ugh.. I hate his rants. I've been seeing them more and more recently especially in Aldnoah.Zero's threads. I hope he stays away from Hanamonogatari threads.

There might be a time limit to how long you can have those warnings before they are removed. But who knows <_<
I'm trying to avoid warnings as much as possible because when UBW airs I'll probably need all the chances the mods are willing to give me lol.

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