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LowKey | 04-11-14, 7:50 PM

You stopped playing tho? Whyy?

Ohhhhhh. I know what to avoid now, ain't gonna read the novels eithe rbecause i dont think i'd enjoy it too much.

Have you got started on oda nobuna?

Why? I thought BT had most of it translated

Ohh, what do you do? Nah work out its healthy, and you'll get more girls like that be buff! I don't have hopes in F/SN remake. I don't know but I don't trust it. What games you're gonna get.

I just chill, i go to school fail at school calculus makes me cry

Yup | 04-10-14, 6:04 AM

Shikiller | 04-08-14, 12:46 PM
Man... A mix of Mikiya and Waver? That sounds kinda weird, though I get it... sorta xD.

Such COOOOOOOL names, haha. Agamemnon? Well, at first I thought it to be some Death Metal band, but he was in fact a hero from the Iliad (after a little researching on Wikipedia). Guess I'll have to educate myself a little more.

Btw, have heard of Grisaia no Kajitsu? It's a great VN, try to play it when you have some time.

LowKey | 04-07-14, 1:30 PM
heh. I've been lazy, but yeah, i'm gonna catch of on toaru, i'm still wondering who's the 6th level 5 epser, do they ever tell you?

I like New Testament more, because i feel it's more entertaining of a read, and all the characters get together.

Did you give up, i feel you caught up already, it's been a while since i logged on.

Lmfao, i can't read shit like that, I like action dawg, orgy of kisses don't sound too entertaining to me. Damn, is the adaptation that bad for Campione!?

LMFAO, I do not trust in Kinuhata's taste, have you got into HEAVY OBJECT? Let me know if it's worth the pick up.

God damn, I aint even know, I started reading volume one, and I'm lost because I forget who all the characters are and know jack shit about Japanese History.

It's just a preference, So, i'm gonna stick to this one, and this guy is still on Volume 6, I feel that he's gonna be still on volume 6 3 years from now.

Other than that what's new with you?

LitzSabr | 04-07-14, 9:24 AM
Actually, the fuwanovel one, which is te PS2 Realta Nua version, just worked for me. I downloaded it from here
This one says that it doesn't require non-unicode to set to japanese, so there was no problem there. There is a guest comment below(It wasn't there before U_U), that was the problem for me, which is now solved. :D
Though, thanks for the help man.

LitzSabr | 04-06-14, 7:33 AM
Thanks. Yeah I was looking for realta nua, the PS2 remake which have the new ending too, since I wanted to complete the whole thing. Also downloaded it's english version from fuwanovel but it didn't work for me.
Thanks for the links, I will get it from there now.

LitzSabr | 04-05-14, 5:40 AM
You have read F/SN realta nua right? How? I can't find a working eng version anywhere .-.

ABHISHEKV | 04-02-14, 8:26 PM
You're Welcome :D

Shikiller | 04-02-14, 7:50 PM
BTW, I checked your Facebook since you had it on your profile here. Seriously man, how is possible someone can have such a cool name as Odysseas? I envy you, sir.

Shikiller | 04-02-14, 7:29 PM
That you were a... colder person? xD I dunno, I thought of you more like a Kiritsugu or something (though that would make some sense, since Kerry was indeed a kind person).

Yeah, I haven't read MB yet too, neither /Extra (I was playing it, but seriously, it's not just the gameplay itself, but the whole story follows the same scheme over and over again).

Yeah, guys at Doki said that they'll improve the TL but nothing has happened, at least yet. I was ("am" is more accurate) kinda reluctant to play for the "routes' order" thing. Still, would you recommend me to play it before to watch the anime? 'Cuz from what you said, if I actually watch the series I'll never finish the VN.

Well, hope your nation can surpass that obstacles, and good for you for having a stable life. Rather than "just out of curiosity", it was my attempt to came with some conversation's topic xD. It came to my mind when I was thinking about the actual situation of my nation. I think we don't have economical problems, it's just we had an earthquake in the north of the country yesterday. I didn't feel it, but I happen to live near to the sea and there was a "tsunami alert" here xD.

Shikiller | 04-02-14, 2:15 PM
Hmmm, now that I see you talking in the comments I have to say you seem different to the picture I had of you in the forum. Not sure if I explained it well, but whatever. xD

I haven't read VNs since, like, a month or two and I was planning to read Kagetsu Tohya. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, shame on me for not read it before. Anyway, any advice before begin to "play" it? Kinda, "you should read this or that"?

I was also interested in KEY's works and I thought of starting with either Clannad or Little Busters!, though I just saw you dropped Clannad. Mind you tell me why? It's just out of curiosity. Or should I stick just with the anime?

I saw in your profile that you're from Greece. Maybe I'm being a bit intrusive, but how is everything there? Last thing I knew from Greece was that the country was fucked up economically wise, though if I remember well that was several years ago. I'm not really sure, I'm a bit ignorant in these kind of topics.

kyomi-san245 | 04-02-14, 4:59 AM
Hi I read your profile and I pretty much have the same views on anime as you. I also really like your favorites list. Also Happy Late Birthday! :D

Shikiller | 04-01-14, 4:34 PM
Hey! I haven't watched too many series but we still have quite a compatibility. And I'm a TM Fanboy too, so.

BTW, Happy Birthday!

Stark700 | 03-31-14, 11:40 PM
Happy Birthday

ABHISHEKV | 03-31-14, 9:58 AM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D

Stark700 | 03-24-14, 12:42 PM
Yeah, hope we get to see a high quality version video soon. Can't wait to hear the OST from the season.

Stark700 | 03-24-14, 12:42 AM
So, what's your thoughts so far on the FSN PV? (remake)

radle | 03-23-14, 5:45 AM
Oh Toaru that Crossover? Well, you can read it but I suggest you read it after you finish volume 7 or you can just wait till you read all of the novel and read the crossover. You'll understand what I mean when you read the crossover. I don't want to give any hints if I understood what you meant.

Thanks for the answer. I use to just get just 8 favorites and it would say Only 8 is allowed but now I tested it and seems I can get 9 and possibly 10. How odd. Peace.

radle | 03-21-14, 7:10 AM
Sorry for very late reply to Oreimo. Didn't see I had anybody write something till now.
To answer your first question if you start to read volume 6 you'll be at the start of season two first episode so the choice is yours there. As for what you said on translation I really do not have any idea since I haven't read it in the English translation so I cannot answer you on that nor it's typos. I only linked it for the English reader so they can find out the real Kirino that the anime doesn't show instead of bashing her.

I don't know what you mean after volume 5 containing spoilers? Anyways, if you want you can read the volume 6 until you reach the final chapter of volume 6 and then watch the episodes because the episode you watch will end at that point too and begin next episode. You'll know what I mean by that when you get to volume 6 chap 4 and what episode to stop at and begin reading the rest if you decide on that. Then go to volume 7 and watch season two and repeat.

What you need to know is there's some changes the studio did in what went first so like I said the choice is yours where you want to begin but I suggest you read the novel first then watch season two at a certain point of the novel. There's 1 episode that isn't from the novel but from the drama cd but it's worth to watch. Hope I answered what I could.

A question I wanna ask you is how come you get to pick 10 favorite characters while I can chose only 8? Is there something I need to do? Peace.

olha2 | 03-20-14, 2:15 PM

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