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HeisenDurden | 07-28-14, 9:18 AM
It's like all of those guys in that Madoka thread have nothing better to do than nitpicking and baiting.
Pretty sad if you ask me.

Stark700 | 07-27-14, 11:55 AM
Lol :p

Stark700 | 07-27-14, 10:58 AM
Hey ssjokg. Just wondering but have you played Heaven's Feel route before? I'm trying to find some info on this from other sites and since it's getting movie adaptations instead, I'm pretty curious.

Botato | 07-27-14, 9:46 AM
Implying what was posted isn't extremely stupid.
Patience my friend...

Botato | 07-27-14, 9:33 AM
I guess it was just a matter of time <_<
Incoming long and pointless rants repeating the exact same thing 5 times.

Botato | 07-27-14, 8:42 AM
Hmm I see. That does sound like something he'd get butthurt about (especially considering how he always antagonizes you).


I'm actually thinking we'll be too busy with uh.. certain user(s) to derail anything. I bet we'll see the anti-Aniplex crusader baiting TM fans starting from episode 1 discussions.

Botato | 07-27-14, 7:58 AM
How would lists break the rules? Maybe things you wrote in the tags/more info?
Ugh.. I hate his rants. I've been seeing them more and more recently especially in Aldnoah.Zero's threads. I hope he stays away from Hanamonogatari threads.

There might be a time limit to how long you can have those warnings before they are removed. But who knows <_<
I'm trying to avoid warnings as much as possible because when UBW airs I'll probably need all the chances the mods are willing to give me lol.

TheAshmanCometh | 07-27-14, 7:56 AM
Yeah, I hope so. The KnK movies also had a lot of detail, so I don't think UFOtable will let us down.

TheAshmanCometh | 07-27-14, 7:48 AM
I'd heard that UFOtable was doing an original route, but nope, UBW and possibly a Heaven's Feel movie. I don't know about you, but that's a bit disappointing to me, mostly because I was curious to see a new route and Heaven's Feel is my favorite hands down. Maybe they didn't want to risk doing a Heaven's Feel tv series because of possible censoring.

Botato | 07-27-14, 7:40 AM
Wait you can get notified from mods because of your list? o.o
I think that it depends on how lenient the mod is then. Some mod gave me a warning for baiting once, another one never did anything no matter how many times they had to deal with my shitposts.

Also how many warnings/caution/notifications before a ban?

Botato | 07-27-14, 6:38 AM
I think mods just ignored it, if he reported anything in the first place.

Botato | 07-27-14, 4:38 AM
No he just kept PMing me saying he'll report us if we don't stop claiming that he's baiting (which he definitely did since a mod cleaned the thread).

Stark700 | 07-27-14, 1:10 AM
Less than an hour to go. Going to check the server soon to see if it's ready.

Botato | 07-26-14, 4:11 PM
Oh... Damn.
He PMed you saying he reported you or something I guess? Lol. Typical.

Botato | 07-26-14, 9:25 AM
Huh..? Why is that? o.o

I will do my best.

Stark700 | 07-25-14, 12:23 PM
Most likely yes but it will definitely be raw since no fansub group will bother to sub this type of stuff. You'll find the info probably on ANN a few hours after if they post it (without the full video of course).

I can post you the link if I can find it.

From what I'm guessing, the director will talk so maybe they will announce the route. They will definitely show more character designs, most likely a new PV, and maybe some other stuff. All the major voice casts will be there to answer questions.

Stark700 | 07-23-14, 1:35 PM
Oh you don't need premium. It's free but I think you might get ADs displayed which is a pain sometimes.

I think their time is right actually since CR uses a weird time system. I'll check again later but it is over this weekends.

Stark700 | 07-23-14, 11:48 AM
Hey ssjokg, if you plan to watch the FSN Remake presentation on Sunday, this is the place to do so:
Idk if I can stay up that late for the premiere though but yes, you do need an account I believe. It said worldwide though so I think it won't be blocked in your country. In the past when I watched Nico stuff, an account is required.

Time is 18:00 (Japan) on the 27th. That's basically 10 hours ahead at the time I made this post. It could be interesting though if they make some announcements, perhaps even the route.

Okay, it said: "Jul/26/2014 (SAT) Opens: 25:50 Starts: 26:00" on there but I think it's going by the standard Japanese time zone so I think it's still the same.

7thVoid | 07-20-14, 9:11 AM
The angel fall arc was one that struck me odd actually. There were many things in it that didn't appeal to me very well. The Kazakiri arc had it's moments but lacked a few details that would've given me a better idea of the direction it was going in.

I'm sure you could guess but the sister arc is one of my favs with one reason being Accelerator. The overall feel of it also did a good job of making me fall into it's story. A few others I liked were the festival and invasion arcs.

I've re-watched both series a number of times but it's been a while so my memory is somewhat fuzzy, so you'll have to excuse me on that.

7thVoid | 07-19-14, 5:42 PM
Wow is it that much of a surprise? lol. I really enjoyed both series. I'd say that Index had some minor flaws in character development but that's to be expected with the time the studio had. The overall flow for me as an anime only viewer is that they did a rather good job in how they produced the plot. Railgun was in a word astounding. It actually makes up for indexes lack of character depth. I re-watched every season after watching railgun because it gave me more of a sense of direction for the characters that weren't normally shown.

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