animebrainyanic's Comments

Kage15 | 05-31-14, 4:30 AM
Found you =_=

Y36 | 06-23-12, 1:33 PM

katzie | 12-24-09, 8:40 PM
Hiya! X3

gooble | 11-22-09, 12:09 AM
hey ummmmm.........just wanted 2 say hey randomly so hi.........
and also that im bored and ur the only one on ummmmm..........hi

scytheboy13 | 09-19-09, 5:17 PM
Thats a cool, pic

Moonfrost | 08-04-09, 12:05 PM
Hello, my fellow Anime buddy.

ukonkivi | 08-04-09, 6:07 AM
Btw, I notice Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu in your recent entries as plan to watch.

I think you'll really like it. At least I did. I think it's an exception anime with a slightly Ghibli type theme and world, and a very crisp and quality animation type style. Lots of things go on in most frames and it doesn't look like they recycled a lot of scenes or anything like that at all.

ukonkivi | 08-04-09, 6:05 AM
Oh hi, I seem to have found your Dance in the Vampire Bund article in google.

Quite the completed list you have there.
Anyway, thanks for helping give Dance in the Vampire Bund publicity. Every little bit helps!

CuteAnimeCreator | 06-21-09, 8:49 AM
I Love your picture <3
please accept friend request

daveid9001 | 05-30-09, 6:23 AM
Great, nice to meet you here!

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