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Wimwinkle | 08-15-14, 9:38 AM

toridoshi | 12-30-12, 6:27 PM

The Slice of Life Club is having a banner making contest. The grand prize winner will get their own special card SE of choice.
For more information on the contest, click the banner above.

The Slice of Life Club is in a desperate need of card makers. Apply [here]

Our official member cards and badges are now open.
Visit the club to get yours!

_gRim_ | 09-30-12, 5:43 AM

If you want to subscribe, and receive future newsletters from
Dragon Ball Club, sign up HERE!

Asilva | 02-06-12, 8:51 AM

February 2012 Edition

Asilva | 01-06-12, 1:59 PM

January 2012 Edition

Majeh-Sama | 09-24-11, 9:47 PM

isibeal | 05-07-11, 8:09 AM


the voting for the next special theme has ended, and the winner is kimono/katanas.
remember, that special editions are for members too, so you can make the cards with the winner theme. also, you're earning points for each special edition cards that you made, if you have an opened
bank account.

you're new in making cards? have a graphic-related questions, searching for any special font/pattern/texture or images? you can ask anything like this, just check
this topic.

also, we're still searching for new helpers, so if you want to help us by making a limited edition cards, delivering the cards or inviting members, you can apply for it

and lastly, since May is an month of exams, the club creator, mc, is going on a hiatus, so all her cards should be delivered after the school ends. if you have any questions about club, ask co-creator, ladyAre.

have a good day
and see you again in the club;


AkatsukigirlTy | 12-20-10, 6:42 AM

namiepants | 12-03-10, 4:45 AM

yuucchi | 11-29-10, 6:01 AM

some news from Member Cards Love ♥ club~

voting for the female and male characters of the month is
open here. please vote until 30th november, we will make a limited editions with the winner characters.

also there's still time to make cards for winter special edition. if you want to make cards for it, you can put them
in this topic. remember - for one card made, you will get 10 points for your bank account.
we will open the topic with an edition on 1st december.

we are still searching for limited edition card makers, claim banner makers, card deliverers and members inviters. you can apply for it

have a good day
and see you again in the club;


asukai_kun | 10-14-10, 10:41 AM

Join Us :)

Saint_ | 10-08-10, 4:12 PM
Here are your Limited Edition Strike Witches Fanclub Cards:

Ankkuli | 07-02-10, 12:08 PM
Here's your Tsundere Club card.

KholdStare88 | 05-18-10, 4:13 PM
Here you go~ Please download and host your own card so it won't mysteriously disappear in the future and comment back if there is an issue.

MadConfusionx | 04-29-10, 9:07 AM
Your Welcome =]
Hope You Liked It =)

MadConfusionx | 04-28-10, 4:34 AM
Here Is your Card

please don’t forget to save and rehost

Aurao | 04-27-10, 4:59 AM
Member Card delivery ~

Don't forget to save and re-host!

Aurao | 04-23-10, 5:10 AM
Member Card delivery ~

Don't forget to save and re-host!

thegoldenrose333 | 03-28-10, 12:50 PM

thegoldenrose333 | 03-27-10, 8:38 PM

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