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Taiyo-chan | 06-12-08, 4:50 PM
XD me call 2nite k?

broly294 | 05-30-08, 8:13 AM
ya i do and nothing

broly294 | 05-29-08, 8:54 AM
ya why?

broly294 | 05-28-08, 1:44 PM
so what you up to

broly294 | 05-28-08, 10:42 AM
yes it is :)

broly294 | 05-23-08, 11:02 AM

broly294 | 05-23-08, 10:05 AM
good what you up to

broly294 | 05-22-08, 8:10 AM
how are you

broly294 | 05-21-08, 2:48 PM
the fifth yyyaaa nnnooo hay whant to be friends

Taiyo-chan | 05-13-08, 4:51 PM
well actully he hair is aburn
itachi has dark hair

Taiyo-chan | 05-13-08, 12:31 PM
lol i said look up adam evans, i ment ALEX evans.
he's hot X3
even if he's emo
though i thought u liked dark haired guys, so who knows!
is pein concidered dark haired?

Taiyo-chan | 05-10-08, 9:03 PM
im sorry i didnt get to talk to you! T-T
ill call sunday i swear! 8Hug* I MISS YOU!
^-^ i hoped you would have fun
>////< this hot guy in my english class said i looked nice.
look p adam evans when u get a chance plz dont ask just do it!

Taiyo-chan | 05-09-08, 10:55 AM
and ur a bitch too XP
so whats up? lol im contuing 2nd genration
DUDE! im ACTULLY wearing a dress! >////<

Taiyo-chan | 04-30-08, 5:53 PM
confession cant help you now bitch!
hm...DX what if he looked like gai or orochimaru? EEEKKK!!!

Taiyo-chan | 04-30-08, 5:40 PM
go to...wait u r XD
and FYI MANY girl think deidara is hot...and sasori...OMFG! what if he looked like hidan?!?! EEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taiyo-chan | 04-30-08, 5:30 PM
to me it would be heaven *drool*

Taiyo-chan | 04-30-08, 10:48 AM
fine but if he looks like sasori he mine!

Taiyo-chan | 04-30-08, 5:08 AM
u better bitch XD
hey i LIKE blonde guys thank u!
or bad boys *drool* which he is BOTH
and the devil is a bad boy type i bet, or at least sadistc
a hot sadistic guy? aw hell ya!

Taiyo-chan | 04-29-08, 5:34 PM
soo addie-chan likes brunnette huh?
XD like itachi! OH!
and deidara is tan, blonde and has abs thanks u!

Taiyo-chan | 04-29-08, 5:12 PM
eeww!! NO!
besides that boy has a 6-pack >>
anyways fine!
i hope the devil looks like sasori!!! *drool*

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