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ZinnKid | 02-17-14, 10:53 PM
Thanks :-D

sakura_r0se | 01-05-14, 9:51 PM

Yes, thank you! Never actually stopped watching anime/reading manga but I did watch/read less. I'm watching/reading more now so I really need this site to keep track of things again, LOL.

hbghnm | 06-13-13, 9:06 AM
Of course!

Antalk | 05-19-13, 2:58 PM
I am doing fine ( there are days I can feel my bones begin to fossilize ). Our daughter just graduated from the local community college and will be transferring to a four year college in the fall. Job sucks but then again, you're not supposed to love your job. If you did, then it would be fun and you are not allowed to have fun at work. Weather has been good, actually, excellent. Where in PA is Lock Haven?

Antalk | 05-19-13, 1:03 PM
Yeah, it's early...Happy Birthday old man

Antalk | 01-01-13, 8:20 AM
Happy New Year :)

Dark-Evolution | 12-25-12, 2:38 AM

ZuLuKN1T3 | 07-06-12, 10:10 PM

ZuLuKN1T3 | 07-05-12, 8:05 PM
I'm a carrier nuke.

wicked_liz | 04-20-12, 6:00 AM
Lovecraft <3

Antalk | 12-28-11, 1:32 PM
Over at the vet club, I was apparently scaring you. How so?

Antalk | 12-27-11, 10:17 AM
What's up bro?

wilcruz2 | 12-26-11, 11:55 AM
carrier sir

Dark-Evolution | 12-25-11, 6:12 AM

Antalk | 12-24-11, 8:34 PM
I sent you your invite, welcome aboard!

Antalk | 12-24-11, 7:47 AM
You need to disable your club invite ban, I think, cause I can't add you.

Antalk | 12-24-11, 7:24 AM
HELL YES! When I sent your invite last week, I have been waiting to see your name pop up on the confirm list. I feel like crap now.

CMB17, I would like to personally invite you to join the Active Military, Prior Service and Veteran's Anime Club. If I am not mistaken, you were in the Gator Navy, you are of a different kind of class of squid. And this club is different from the others in that we have a common bond that unites us and it isn't just anime. It is a private club and there is only one way to join: You had to have sacrificed your life, the life of your family for our nation or the nation where you live. There is a section with links if you need assistance (and it will grow) and a Final Roll Call to honor our fallen. And there is that anime thing. We want you to be apart of our family and if you are into cards, we will have one this week.
CMB17, please forgive my oversight and have a very Merry Christmas!

Antalk | 12-20-11, 12:56 PM
How are you doing? I would like to invite you to join the Active Military, Prior Service and Veteran's Anime Club seeing as how you are a vet. We are trying to get it off the ground and your input would be welcome.
Thanks for the consideration.

ryuichi | 11-09-11, 3:04 PM
Green lantern and some others that I can't recall right now... Lol what 'bout u?

sakura_r0se | 11-03-11, 5:54 PM
Sorry for the late reply (been stressed out lately).

I haven't watched the Usagi Drop anime yet but I've been enjoying the manga. I'm currently watching Hunter x Hunter (2011).

I currently have tons of manga purchases on-hold since there is just too much that I want to buy but not enough money at the moment (plus the holidays are getting closer now that it's November).

I am going to at least try and get Sailor V 2 and Sailor Moon 2 for my manga purchases this month (big Sailor Moon fan here). I've been interested in Tezuka's Princess Knight as well but right now I really need to watch my money :(

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