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NorthPole | 12-16-10, 11:25 AM

Invierno | 05-12-10, 7:28 AM
how hav u been?

Letuchaia | 04-09-10, 3:09 AM
ey you speak dutch :o? or you know only the word ( verliefd ) xD

Invierno | 03-27-10, 2:23 PM
happy birthday! how's work and school treating u?

Invierno | 01-12-10, 4:20 PM
how hav u been? its been a while.

Invierno | 11-18-09, 10:10 PM
well i guess the perfect answer to that would be to talk whenever we can! DEAL!... ^_^

Invierno | 11-17-09, 7:50 PM
alright... when u do u hav a day off? let me know so we can talk. if thats ok with u.

Invierno | 11-17-09, 2:52 PM
Hey hav u tried sending friends request yet? u should try! but anyway we never talked before really. so wat do u do for fun?.......................( I KNOW ITS A DUM QUESTION...) er yeah........

Invierno | 08-10-09, 7:33 PM
hey thanks for the add!

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