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domo022 | 07-21-13, 8:14 PM
i am still looking for admin of coffee shop(this is the coffeeshop link

if you like to be admin pls me here

NightDreamer17 | 04-07-13, 10:18 AM
Long time no talk

SwanElizabeth | 07-02-12, 6:10 PM

Paladin65536 | 06-06-12, 4:49 PM

Alter_Entity | 03-18-12, 1:05 PM
yeah gotta agree with you, streaming anime sucks

_nagasa | 03-01-12, 3:36 PM

NightDreamer17 | 09-20-11, 4:22 PM
Looks like you're allllllll alone

domo022 | 09-20-11, 5:36 AM

Hello Sorry if I been inactive in the club because of my school works. I hopefully you may understand me. This is the few updates about the activities. They contest for layout contest 2011 will be close (Please vote your nominees here). Idea for Coffee Shop Theme Card 2011, you may suggest 2 anime and tell why you like it here.

domo022 | 08-07-11, 3:57 AM

Good day, everyone! Here’s our Newsletter on Coffee Shop~


LE Cards of L Lawliet Now Open
What can say about this news?

TOPIC: Crisis? What crisis? Japan to help fund Greece bailout

They have to rebuild the whole country, but are willing to financially help others as well. Japanese authorities announced Friday they support Europe’s deal to help Greece and will...
(Click the link above to see more.)

Thank you very much.

Deeamanga | 07-05-11, 3:12 PM

Samiyya_Namie | 06-17-11, 5:48 AM
it's been a long r ya?

AgatsumaSoubi | 06-13-11, 6:01 PM

EpIcBaKa | 06-13-11, 7:22 AM
nothing XD

TarnishedDream | 06-07-11, 7:12 PM
Haha, thanks! I'm good, how are you?
Sorry for the late reply! I forgot to check my comments, oops! :x

domo022 | 06-07-11, 7:00 PM

What's new in the restaurant. nom nom nom nom =^.^=

Join Here: if you are fan Infinite Stratos
Join Here: if you are Ao No Exorcist Fan
What's Your Favorite Summer 2011 Anime?
What can say about this video?

You can also suggest here. if you want to be our forum admin and LE, Member and SE maker or Newsletter Sender please talk to domo022

domo022 | 06-01-11, 10:27 PM
Coffee Shop Open Layout Contest 2011 (Open) and to earn a lot's a points you can join our ::Game:: COUNTDOWN ::Game:: . thanks ~ The 1st favorite Male Character is L Lawliet \m/ and more

-Fuko- | 05-31-11, 3:22 PM
Lol thanks?xD

domo022 | 05-30-11, 7:36 PM
People who already register in Coffee Shop

#1 to 20 for admin & officer
Status: Incomplete because we still looking for admin.

#21 to 59 Member
Status: Complete but some of member change there username that's why we can't not find them. if you change your username please tell me.

Note: Please Check your self ~ thanks.

PS: Sorry for the spam ~ i just like to inform you. if still not yet register please go here>>

Kagura89 | 05-29-11, 8:42 PM

Hello to everyone here is the latest news about our club, you can now Vote for Favorite Male Character for May and Banner Contest 2011 and here the some hotest anime What's Your Favorite Summer 2011 Anime? that you can share your thoughts. There's more, :: LE Card 50+ Member :: is still OPEN.

Participate in our club and you will earn a lots of points for the member card.
if you're not yet register Here>> your points will not be acknowledge of the admin. Note: if you like to be one of our admin forum, please talk first to our creator ~ domo022 for that she will fix your registaration for admin and officer for the club.

imperlast | 05-24-11, 7:03 PM

sorry for the spam

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