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Sylent | 09-06-12, 4:22 PM

Falls du diese Nachricht in deinen Profilkommentaren nicht mehr erhalten möchtest, schreib mir doch einfach eine PM oder hinterlasse einen Kommentar in meinem Profil.

Hyunckel | 08-27-12, 4:29 PM
"It's funny. People have different tastes. Deal with it." Such a insightful comment (taken from my thread on the Gintama board), really. I'll remember you!

spinecollect | 08-12-12, 3:53 AM
I know,the ending was so beautiful T.T

spinecollect | 08-12-12, 1:41 AM
So how did you find Sundome? :D It's pretty rare to find someone who's read it.

Yorozuya-no-Yume | 08-02-12, 5:43 AM
Would you like to join us :3

Verdale | 07-24-12, 2:21 PM
Your post.

Thank you. I always appreciate my work being enjoyed.

Xivd | 06-05-12, 2:33 PM

Ebenso kann man den Charakter des Monats: August (Charakter mit der drastischsten Charakterveränderung) nominieren.

Nachdem der erste Anime Marathon so erfolgreich war, startet auch gleich die nächste Runde, dieses Mal könnt ihr euch zwischen Anime und Manga entscheiden, oder auch einfach beides nehmen :)

Anime & Manga Marathon

Falls du diese Nachricht in deinen Profilkommentaren nicht mehr erhalten möchtest, schreib mir doch einfach eine PM oder hinterlasse einen Kommentar in meinem Profil.

Vudis | 05-03-12, 12:24 AM
You asked where we read the claymore chapter beforehand in the thread.
Well I just google the newest Claymore chapter and sometimes you can find spoiler threads beforehand.
The chapters are in Japanese letters though and sometimes with google translations (which are not very good actually^^).
So if you can read Japanese letters you could read the chapter some days before the translation.^^

WeShootBurglars | 05-01-12, 3:56 AM
grandy_UiD said:
This is so dumb...

Summed up the whole forum.

Slowpoke_ | 02-20-12, 1:30 PM
I see unknown for everyone. You are the first person lol.
But yeah, random comments :D

Slowpoke_ | 02-20-12, 12:00 PM
Your the first person that shows the anime compatible thingy. lol. Before its always unknown.

But hi

merurin | 02-19-12, 4:24 AM
Since we have quite similar ratings, with few exceptions, I'd recommend you to stay far, far away from Shugo Chara! Not even mahou shoujo costumes can save that bitch.

spinecollect | 01-11-12, 6:44 PM
Awwwwh okay :3

spinecollect | 01-11-12, 6:22 AM
Read Octave and Gokujou Drops quickly! I love those manga. XD If you want more mangas to read,you can just check out my manga list :) Anything above 6 is worth reading.

laesion | 01-03-12, 6:36 AM
mindestens 611 xD

laesion | 01-03-12, 5:38 AM
huhu :D wieder nen deutschen gefunden xD

lisnoire | 01-02-12, 9:59 AM
Just for fun . . .
I live in UTC-8, the same as Los Angeles.

I live about 3 to 4 hours south of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and about an hour south of Seattle, Washington, USA near the state capitol, Olympia. If I drive an hour to the east, I'm in the Cascade Mountain Range. If I drive a couple hours to the west, I'm looking at the Pacific Ocean.



Washington coast

My brother lives about four hours down the coast in a place called Florence, Oregon.

If those won't click link, just copy paste them into your browser.

lisnoire | 12-31-11, 3:11 PM
Happy New Year. Wish I could be in Germany in Feb for Fasching!

lisnoire | 12-30-11, 2:20 PM
Yet. That is an operative and positive term. Actually, If I were toing to live anywhere other than the Pacific northwest of the USA, I'd pick the pacific southwest of Canada or Southern Germany.

lisnoire | 12-30-11, 2:04 PM
I was stationed there for about a year. Actually lived next door to Wagners Festspiele Haus for two months. There was a gate connecting the gardens. Used to walk there and around the opera house.

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