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Vensito | 09-20-11, 2:50 AM
Yooooooo~!! What's up!?

ShadowsHumanForm | 07-17-11, 10:07 PM
"I think the reason this anime got so many below average reviews is because of the reviewers' preconceptions of what the anime should have been. If you can manage to dispel any preconceived notions you have about this anime, then you're in for a very nice treat. Just enjoy it for what it is." You said these words on your Seiken no Blacksmith review. Wisest words said on this site in a long time.

kirsion | 06-11-11, 2:34 PM
nice channel! :)

chiba2142 | 12-27-10, 9:43 AM
yea, very tru, ending wasn't all there. Any other anime that you've seen lately that's been good?

chiba2142 | 12-26-10, 7:57 PM
finally updated the anime that I remembered. Watched Kampfer, that was interesting. Other things I just been watching is random finds - although Fairy Tail is pretty sweet. I enjoy it.

711 | 11-14-10, 5:01 PM
uff, what a relief! I just finished watching Sacred Blacksmith and decided to drop by and gather some comments on it... after a ton of unreasonable assholes speaking about their own misconceptions as if they were reasonable conclusions and spitting ignorant remarks I finally found a few level headed ones.

Surely, might not be the best thing ever and yes, the generic feel all throughout it doesn't help, the bland and uninspired moments also don't help much, and ok, some of the characters can get a bit too one dimensional from time to time, but the sum of the parts really got me stuck to my monitor for all the episodes and that says a lot about the overall quality!

The animation is a great highlight as well, nicely staged and gorgeously animated. The fact that it had an open end of sorts made me sure that the studio was trying to create a long winded show (hey! every competent studio deserves it's Naruto ><)... I just hope the numbers match their intention and we get to see a second season, I surely wouldn't mind more episodes!

And I also got a LOTR vibe from it! I mean, the intro on the 2nd episode when they talk about how men became monsters and wanted "power" and all got me going "ooo shit! here comes the copyright warning!" all throughout it ;p

I can't say I like your style of reviewing though... way too binary for my taste, but the content does match mostly how I felt, and the fact that it is not biased as most of the rest is refreshing. "8" might be overdoing it a bit but "meh", the show surely does not deserve the ignorant hatred it got around here.

Anyway, congrats on your fairness, the more people watch anime the bigger "pricks" they seem to become >< Also thanks for posting it, now I can just like yours instead of going into detail and writing my own ^^

Yammin | 03-11-10, 3:13 PM
Ugh, I know -_- I personally hated the show, it was all so...uninteresting.

Yammin | 03-11-10, 11:13 AM
Yeah, there are too many long reviews. Keep up the good work (Y) Haha I liked your point on the Nabari no Ou review about how we get Miharu and Yoite are good friends already.

Yammin | 03-11-10, 7:29 AM
Nice reviewing style you have there.

chiba2142 | 01-02-10, 12:59 PM
Ooooh nice nice, i'll definitely check those out. The two that i'm watching is Bakemonogatari - I think it's pretty cool so far; the drawing is good and the way they shot the scenes is really different and has contrasting colors in different scenes. As for the other one, Umineko no Naku Koro ni is pretty interesting. like a suspense/horror mystery type thing. gets me hooked. hehe, anyways, hope things are well and hope you had an awesome new year's eve/day! catch you around.

chiba2142 | 01-01-10, 6:55 PM
any new anime you're watching? Happy New Year to you and Kim! Hows life going?

missblah1 | 07-16-09, 6:52 PM
So I went through and scored my anime....compatibility wise, we're AMAZINGLY HIGH!

chiba2142 | 07-09-09, 8:33 PM
z0mg! w00t i've been MAL'd... hah...

Jamushroom | 02-01-09, 10:13 AM
Alright, thanks. Fulldls is pretty slow right now. The first thing I did was search for torrent but I didn't know which group made good subs. I'll keep on downloading the episode that I've found :)

Jamushroom | 02-01-09, 2:52 AM
Do you maybe have a link to Shigurui with English subs?

Psygnius | 12-02-08, 7:29 PM
hehe, so what did you think of the second Kenshin OVA series?

Psygnius | 03-22-08, 9:37 AM
Haha, I just noticed all my ratings are are skewed down by 2 points at most compared to yours.

Psygnius | 03-22-08, 9:34 AM
Wow, I just noticed they took out the point compatibility system and changed to a percentage system. Wow, we're "Extremely High"

madpimp | 10-31-07, 3:57 PM

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