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noeez | 06-01-12, 9:37 PM
Hello! Would you like to join The Genetic Sodom ILEGENES club?

Nagashi | 03-29-12, 7:03 PM
Helloo~! What are your thoughts on the recent developments of 'Naruto and incredible adventures of Dr Snakes'?

Daika-san | 12-23-11, 4:10 AM

wesołych i co tam u Ciebie? : D

Daika-san | 12-27-10, 10:24 PM
Dziękuję. ;D

Daika-san | 12-23-10, 11:18 PM

Wesołych świąt. ^^

Nagashi | 05-15-10, 2:47 AM
I dont know... i prefer the characters in Naruto generally, not just the females. In Naruto everything is more...real. The characters behavior is justified thanks to all the backstory that we get on each character. For example, Sakura. She was always useless and after the first season she became strong enough to actually do something :p. In Bleach however... there's not much of a character in our heroes. I think the characters and Bleach are trying to be more badass and cool and shit. So, when you see all those "hardcore" characters and then see the crybaby orihime its natural that you wanna punch her in the face :p.

The only reason it was nice to see females in bleach was because of their boobs (except for Rukia).

I'm not confident that Bleach may redeem itself in the future. No plot, no characters and not much to think about. Its just action, cool uniforms, swords, big boobs and explosions. But still enough to keep you entertained.

Nagashi | 05-14-10, 7:00 AM
Indeed. That hongyoku or whatever is called gives aizen the magical ability to resemble a white dildo (or a condom :p). Truly a formidable power.

As for naruto, i agree. I prefer, especially in shounen, the training process where the hero has to face his inner demons. It really reminded me of know evil naruto evil itchigo but still its interesting. Bleach lacks training...everyone just becomes super strong within 1 chapter. Yes, i'm talkin about the Ichigo vs Ulquiorra fight. Its the most unfair...unpredicted and most dissapointing fight i've ever seen. When i first read it i was like "YEAHH KICK HIS ASS ULQUIORRA" and after ichigo transformed i was like "Wtf?" i totally didnt see it comming. I thought he was gonna be saved by sb or sth but w/e. Bleach is the manga where everyone gets crazy powerups from nowhere. Naruto has more strategy...sometimes too detailed but its more belieavable and sounds more realistic and possible. Naruto > Bleach :p

Nagashi | 04-14-10, 6:06 AM
Bleach is doomed. I'm through with it. This supposedly "new" episode was a fucking recap. Nothing new happened. Goddamn i'm never watching shounen again in my life. What a ripoff.

Nagashi | 04-12-10, 2:50 PM
Whoa, so many stuff comming up :S

I really wanna check out Durarara! as well. I've read that its very similiar to Baccano! (maybe because of the exclamation marks?). Its gotta be the last shounen i'm kinda excited about. I cant seem to enjoy shounen anymore, most of them are very predictable and not original at all. I just wish for something more show me something i havent seen.

Kuroshitsuji...second season and no Sebastian-Ciel. *sigh*
I really dont know what to say. I loved the characters from the previous season, all of them were cool but i dont know about the new ones. They look like stereotypical anime assholes. The snotty brat and the "i'm the smartest guy on the planet" dude.

Nagashi | 04-11-10, 11:09 AM
Hey, whats up? :D

I was browsing through my comments and i remembered when we used to talk about fillers and about how bad we wanna see ichigo and ulquiorra fight, remember? Well the last comment was in 28-9-2009.

It's been 7 months since then and the Ulquiorra-Ichigo fight has yet to come and thats...fucking sad.

Edit: I just checked and it announced that the bullshit is over and the new episode with ichigo-ulquiorra is commin up on Tuesday 13th. :p:p

Daika-san | 12-24-09, 9:28 AM
Dziękuję. ^^

Daika-san | 12-23-09, 8:47 AM
Wesołych świąt, arienrhod-chan. ^^

Nagashi | 10-04-09, 1:13 AM
I know what you mean, i want longer chapters too :( I remember when i first begun reading the manga, i was reading like 80 chapters per day! it was awesome :p now i have to wait a whole week to read a new chapter U_U.

Have you seen Berserk? Its only 24 eps but its really awesome ^^
If you got spare time, go watch it :p

Nagashi | 10-03-09, 3:12 PM
Hey, sorry for not replying so long i'm just toooooooooo lazy to type :p. Did you read the new naruto chapter? This ark ended exactly as i wanted! Madara saving the beaten up Sasuke.

Nagashi | 09-28-09, 11:41 AM
Well yeah, if the series are fun then its one piece. Its one of the longest running series but its still going strong. After 9 years or something it makes you wonder when its gonna start to suck >.<. The biggest flaw in long running series (anime) are the FILLERS! I fuckin hate fillers -.- they have absolutely nothing to do with the plot they're just there to annoy you. Some of them are kind of fun, yeah cant say anything there but there are really few and far between. The greatest example of anime-filler suckage is Naruto...imo if there werent so many goddamn fillers, it would be a fuckin A anime, everyone would <3 it. However, they just HAD to ruin of the greatest and most popular shounen manga turned into a real shitbomb of anime. I know, i am overreacting but i'm really traumatised with naruto. The fighting scenes however, are awesome! Cant wait to watch Itachi vs Sasuke! Its gonna be epic.

The next most anticipated battle for me is Ichigo vs Ulquiorra...i really hope they wont ruin those 2 battles because if they do i'll /cut_wrist and quit both animes >_<

By the way ^^, i begun watching Kuroshitsuji and its fucking great :D. To be honest, i didnt have high expectations. I thought it would be kind of lame but it seems i was totally wrong :p:p. Cant wait to finish it ^^ Sebastian rules!

P.S. I just noticed that the woman in your avatar is Angelina :P when i first saw her in kuroshitsuji i was like "OMG ITS ARIEN" :p:p.

Nagashi | 09-26-09, 3:16 PM
Yeah, well it isnt something memorable. Its Dante being cool...and thats about it :P. I just wanna finish it cus its short and i've already watched half of the series (6/12). Kuroshitsuji is next =P

Nagashi | 09-25-09, 1:37 PM
I would check it out, but i'm too lazy, besides my polish is crap :p:p. I will start Kuroshitsuji once i finish the anime i'm watching atm (Devil may cry).

Did you read the new bleach chapter? The premiera actually died and Aizen wounded Halibel. Super-awesome plot twist. I wonder whats next :p

P.S. I hope i didnt spoil anything :S

Nagashi | 09-23-09, 2:58 PM
No problem arien! Nope, i havent heard of gg (is it a program or something? :O) I got no idea whats gonna happen with bleach...i guess they're gonna fight around with the espadas for a couple of chapters until we get to see ichigo and-yeah, i miss him too :( Getsuga tenshooo!

I havent watched the anime yet...i've only read the first 2 chapters from the manga , so i dont have a complete outlook on the series. But so far...its nice ^^, yeah i like it ^^. The butler is really cool :p:p

Nagashi | 09-14-09, 7:59 AM
Yeah...Naruto will kick his ass eventually but i dont see it coming soon enough. :/

There's really nothing more to say about bleach...just wait and see what happens. I just hope they cut the bullshit and move on with the plot.

By the way, do you have msn or something like that? :p

Nagashi | 09-13-09, 9:56 AM
lol i agree :p Ulquiorra fucking ruled! its really a shame they killed him...i mean after the fight ichigo had with ulquiorra the manga for me became extremely boring... there's always NOTHING interesting going on. Just fighting around, the characters didnt have anything special to say... they were there just to be there and kick some espada ass even tho it still was kinda boring to watch...
flipping the pages like crazy and before you know it the chapter's finished...oh well, might as well wait next week

btw, where the hell is ichigo? when's he gonna show up? =/

about itachi... yeah he still lives in our hearts...too bad sasuke didnt follow his footsteps but i guess after all he's gone throu
whatever path sasuke chooses for him is right...

and another thing

If Sasuke ends up surpassing Itachi (which he is about to do)
all i'm gonna say is "thats bullshit"

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