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HisokaHajime | 08-22-12, 10:01 AM
I was thinking this time it would be best to go beyond where the anime leaves off. How much more is there?

HisokaHajime | 08-21-12, 2:20 PM
I'll assume DBZ is a long term project if you're watching through it with someone else heh. Always fun to see someone reaction to things you already know everything about.

I got the urge and couldn't resist lol.

HisokaHajime | 08-20-12, 4:27 PM

HisokaHajime | 08-19-12, 10:58 AM
"Episode 45 will be delayed a week due to Japanese broadcast schedule."

So two weeks bleh.

3 amazing looking harmony shots to close out the ep. MMM!



Echelon | 08-19-12, 8:22 AM
Awful, awful, awful. This is not FT. lol

RobdeFR | 08-19-12, 2:37 AM
Oh, I thought you were already well familiar with berserk, so I just spoke like from that point of view. And sorry for the late response, I've been having problems with my computer lately.

Echelon | 08-17-12, 11:12 PM
Which one is that? lol. Episode 5 so far was one of the best single episodes I've seen in a long time. The one where Vicious comes in, Spike gets thrown out the window, etc. The episode was flawless.

HisokaHajime | 08-17-12, 6:42 PM

HisokaHajime | 08-16-12, 10:16 AM

Feez | 08-15-12, 5:59 PM
Indeed :3

HisokaHajime | 08-15-12, 3:37 PM
It should be no surprise that I'm not reading an on going manga heh. I really only make exceptions for things I'm already heavily invested in via the anime. I'd like to read Real, but I'm also glad I didn't start it a decade ago. I want to read Vagabond by the same mangaka more than most things. But wait I shall.

I love when Aoki suggests Ippo have a name like Freddy Ippo since Ozuma is Jason lol. This is the best of the early on fights. You can't help but feel bad for some of the opponents sometimes. Jason is a really good dude. The training for the fight was so good. Using the playground to train ducking shots. Some funny ass stuff in episode 13 as well. Poor Aoki lol. You'll be saying that a lot during this series. Takamura just whooping their ass.

KTKore | 08-15-12, 5:15 AM
"I hear they turned Levin into a man haha."

Turned him into a woman, I mean. lol

KTKore | 08-15-12, 4:46 AM
Really fun show and just...really depressing. D-Boy went through about all there is to go through. And there was no upside either, aside from saving the world. And his only escape from suffering in the end was super depressing too. They really laid it on him.

I watched the original series last year and Blade was nothing like it. This is how you do a remake, if you can even call it that lol.

I actually kinda remember watching Teknoman on TV when I was a kid. Of course I had no idea it was a horrible dub back then heh. I hear they turned Levin into a man haha.

I almost forgot TBII existed. But the more someone talks about how bad something is, the more curious I get *laughs*. Only 6 eps. I'll have to check it out soon. =P

toybox | 08-14-12, 7:19 PM
Hey, accepted the request. What's up man? Gotta love that old school.

HisokaHajime | 08-14-12, 1:33 PM
Think I'm 3 eps behind on Omega. I'll have to get through those soon. Looking forward to seeing Shiryu in some capacity.

HisokaHajime | 08-13-12, 10:18 AM
So it's like the best of both worlds. We wanted to know more about past members and we've always wanted more material from this arc. Sound good to me. It won't be the easiest to plop into the normal timeline, but something really cool you watch around this part of the series. Taking the information we get from it and treating it as canon since he's the one writing it. Is it just me or does the poster look way more like the original series?

StrontiumDog | 08-12-12, 12:01 PM
I love YKK and Aria first animation series (dunno aria manga). How's Yotsuba&?
Escaflowne can bring me peace even with action scenes, so wonderful ^^ and It's mecha!

HisokaHajime | 08-12-12, 10:25 AM
They seriously weren't kidding when they said that heh. All the blood in that room being sucked up was crazy. It even surpassed the manga in that area with the dude getting shot in the head and then Faiten beheading that other guy.

Making you care about the opponents is where Ippo excels. Even in this case where it's just Ippo's first pro opponent. Oda would have ordinarily not been anyone important in most series. But here he got a whole episode to expand on his character before the fight even takes place. So... in fight... YOU GIVE A SHIT! =)

Who Mashiba is based off of.

"Will that be a watch for you after it's finished airing? "

I would think so.

StrontiumDog | 08-11-12, 12:41 PM
great taste ^^
slice of life manga is cool

Echelon | 08-11-12, 11:37 AM


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