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imperlast | 10-14-13, 6:53 AM

imperlast | 07-28-13, 1:20 PM

News letter

Greetings all members of Mal chat. We hope that you are having a great summer so far and we hope to celebrate it with you this month.

Banner Contest
In an effort to bring more members in, this month starting on August 1st we plan to hold a banner contest for the whole month. Details on the contest can be found here (click hear)

We have an IRC based chat room. Click Here. If you come on, please say hello and wait a couple minutes before you leave. A lot of our members are gamers, so please be patient for them. We have people from all over the world, so you never know when you could find someone online! If you have an IRC client, we are on Rizon at #MALchat

Anime Watch Achievements

Want to brag about how much you’ve watched? Come here (click hear) to find pictures to put on your profile to brag how much you’ve watched. Don’t like the pictures there? Feel free to create your own and add them there. The more options people have the better


Want to watch something together with someone or multiple people. Whether you watch it with someone on chat together at the same time, or watch a set number of ep's each day and converse about them in the forum, simluwatching can make watching anime a lot of fun and we encourage members to try and set up on today

Whether you’ll be competing in the banner competition, bragging or creating options on the Anime Watched Achievements, or starting a simluwatch, we hope that you have a great August with us while enjoying the rest of your summer

Sparklegirl | 02-09-13, 12:14 PM
I was actually going to change my name to something shorter, but now can keep it and ruin your uniqueness! >:)

weakwithwords | 12-01-12, 9:47 PM

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I was seeking information on how MAL differentiated between hentai and ecchi and one of the Google results was a thread entitled "Anime and the general people views." Saw your insight and looked at your profile. ^,^'

One of your blog posts caught my eye because it was made on my birthday this year. Haha! That frustration reminded of when my RioVolt mp3 cd player (bought in 2001) conked, the company had already gone out of business. My uncle was questioning why I didn't go for the flash memory types (which became more prevalent later), but back then the capacities of those were only around 64 meg to 256 meg (with the price becoming steeper exponentially). Compared to the 650 meg of a CDR (and the ability to play regular CD music), I thought I had gone for the better deal. Three years later (when my machine had died months earlier), a workmate buys a CD mp3 player that only uses one AA battery for 24 hours of playtime. That was neat! (My intermittent technopilia was showing.) My retired musical digital player could only run for 12 to 16 hours on two AA batteries. >,< My younger sibling gifted me with an ipod shuffle in late 2008. (A 2nd gen, colored blue one.) I've been moderating my usage since the battery lifespan is directly proportional to number of recharges.

On "Parental licensing." There was a tv series before called Dinosaurs (1991-1994). One episode was about taking an examination to renew a marriage license. Although that was a comedy, it was also somewhat reflective. Anyway, I've often wondered why some people think of feasible or impractical solutions to symptoms instead of identifying the root causes. ~,~

Ever heard of Irresponsible Captain Tylor? It's an old anime where the occasional "throwback" was mentioned as being necessary. Hmm, there's also that movie Gattaca (1997).

On the subject of controlled societies, the ongoing anime that I'm following that directly touches on this are Shinsenkai yori and Psycho-Pass. The concept can be stretched to include K, Zetsuen no Tempest, Btooom!, Code:Breaker, and probably a few more (like maybe Robotics;Notes), but those first two are the most prominent.

Ahem. I apologize for my semi-random musings. :)

If I had time, I might have rewatched (or at least skimmed through) the first two seasons of Shakugan no Shana before watching the finale. That was a satisfying enough closure to the series. ^o^

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necomimi | 09-19-12, 7:15 AM
Dat dinosaur...

studioslug | 09-10-12, 6:28 PM
I agree, two hats are better than one.

studioslug | 09-09-12, 5:19 AM
dat xkcd profile picture

xajrx | 06-25-12, 8:36 PM
Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one ^^

MegumiInoue | 06-10-12, 10:06 PM
hehe :P no I've got a friend with a similar username :3
I thought that might've been you XD

Paladin65536 | 06-05-12, 4:04 PM

MegumiInoue | 05-30-12, 9:50 PM
Is your name Jack by any chance? o.o
Please answer :P lol I'm reeeeeeally curious

SokkaMushroom | 03-12-12, 11:09 PM
Ah, so you're just not you have a nap in the afternoons? o.0

Hm. I could almost say the same thing about myself, but I never have difficulty waking up in the morning, I like mornings. xD But I do go to bed late. Either way, your sleep habits don't sound extremely healthy...
How are you despite sleeping issues..?

SokkaMushroom | 03-12-12, 1:12 PM
That morning you mean. 6am is definitely not night. o.o
Why? Distracted by video games or something? Or is it just the usual insomnia?

SokkaMushroom | 03-08-12, 2:20 PM
That's still a time difference. xD But wow you sure slept a long time. That was a nap, right? o.0

I noticed. I like your avatar. He has two hats. :3 Mine only has one...>.>

SokkaMushroom | 03-08-12, 2:04 PM
Whoa, really? Crazy time difference...

Once a month I change it. o.o Is that weird?

SokkaMushroom | 03-07-12, 12:01 PM
Hello, hello. ^^ How are you this fine afternoon?

Don_Don_Kun | 02-28-12, 8:17 AM
I probably should have posted this somewhere on my profile, but I'm actually a Canadian. But it's not like our society has really been doing too well with the current conservative government. I occasionally follow American politics just to get a sense of what is going on in the world, and largely would have to agree with your criticisms of the inner workings of most modern societies. I feel that a lot of the problems have to do with the system itself and the people who are in power. Even if there are a few decent individuals who desire change, they are often overshadowed by people who want power and an uneven distribution of wealth (lower taxes for big corporations, cut funding to social programs). It kind of makes me sick just thinking about how some governments operate, so I'll just end my rant here.

I had a similar experience with anime, although I skipped the entire Naruto/Bleach phase entirely. I started out in high school with Chobits and then slowly discovered the world of anime. Got bored after a while and started up again only in November of last year. I've been trying to experiment with some different titles from time to time.

Cool, good to see another Touhou player out there! I started playing Touhou games about 2 years ago and have continued to play them on a fairly regular basis. I've 1CC'd all the games on normal and extra (and a few on hard as well). My greatest accomplishment would have to be 1CC'ing EoSD on lunatic though (took a long time to get to this level though). Unfortunately I'm terrible at all the fighting games and can barely beat the CPU on easy, lol. I also really like a lot of the music in the Touhou games and have found quite a few great remixes/arranges on youtube. Anyway, are there any other video games that you play? I'm kind of curious now.

Don_Don_Kun | 02-21-12, 7:58 PM
Hello good sir, I came across your profile somehow and noticed that you seem to appreciate Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's satirical critique of society. I looked at your "things that have left me in despair" and you seem to have quite an introspective knowledge of the inner-workings of society. If you wouldn't mind, maybe you can tell me some things about yourself like how you got into anime, what you think of your society etc.

Also, do you play any of the Touhou games (like actually play them). For some reason I barely know anyone that plays the Touhou games seriously, yet I know a ton of people absorbed in the fandom.

Anyways, hope to chat with you sometime soon.

SokkaMushroom | 02-02-12, 11:32 PM
Eh, okay. xD Excuse my confusion then.

That's great! ^^ A whole year spent together is awesome. ^.- Congrats. :]

SokkaMushroom | 02-02-12, 11:10 PM
I bet they can, but I meant playing cards. xD
How are you? ^^

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