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keragamming | 06-30-14, 10:55 PM
What anime is your profile pic form? lmao

Phraze | 06-12-14, 10:26 AM

Hello Everyone of RACE!
Yes I mean everyone! This is a special delivery being sent out to everyone in the club! Whether you signed up for the newsletter or not :P (You should do that btw, if you haven't)
I'm the creator of Random Anime Cards Emporium, Miyuki (formerly Rozzimandias11), if you didn't know....
Special thanks to all my staff that helped with this delivery, it means a lot!
Now for the news

Danpmss | 02-21-14, 7:54 AM
So, I saw your comment at the "studios comparison" thread and now i shall ask you:
Where did DEEN fucked up with Higurashi (anime) in your opinion?
I followed both (the VNs first) series, and finished both at least 3 times (DragonKnight fanboy, basically) and I can't see what did you saw that were poor adapted.
Every single content was introduced sooner or later, even if out of place (and always maintaining an awesome pace and atmosphere). The characters developed perfectly disregarding the lack of some introductional monologues (also, they removed 90% of the annoying fanservice, and still, it was almost like it never existed at all).
You wanna see VNs REALLY bad adapted? Go watch Fate and Umineko by the same studio.
Higurashi was probably the best VN adaptation after Clannad
and Steins;Gate (even if Clannad's first half was pretty lame and Steins;Gate became a mix, way better than other mixes though, like 11eyes and Chaos;Head).

Oh yeah, and pleased to meet you.


Kitska | 02-21-14, 12:12 AM

broujo | 04-02-13, 2:31 AM
ur gr8

Bloodis | 03-11-13, 3:24 PM
Cops shuttled

ILiekTastyCakez | 08-12-12, 12:49 AM
cool xD

Verty_ | 08-07-12, 6:24 PM
Sure is casual in here.

ILiekTastyCakez | 06-14-12, 7:11 PM
u swallow flash drives bro?

Sheikmaster32 | 04-02-12, 9:52 PM
You are a anime watching guy aren't you

roriconfan | 12-16-11, 12:30 AM
Um... thanks?

meckz | 11-02-11, 12:10 AM
wow ur list sux O_O

bur2000 | 10-21-11, 3:29 PM
I'm not sure the Nyanpire review is serious or a satire.

You know that Nyanpire originally is a dōjinshi? So the script wasn't written by Gonzo and consequently nothing in there can refer to them and the state of anime in general.

Be careful not to overanalyze things. That often leads to the artist shaking his head in disbelief... ^^ No offense though, just my 2 cents.

JayBirdSupreme | 10-07-11, 3:14 AM

z4chr13 | 09-25-11, 8:07 AM
I didn't really like Nyanpire, but your review was outstanding.
Oh, and your icon is making me look out for white windowless vans even more.

IisOtaku | 09-20-11, 5:46 PM

IresuOtoko | 08-09-11, 9:33 AM
Your review for Nyanpire was simply ingenious.

While most others would say that you were over-analyzing the show's aspects, I say that you are simply amazing for being able to take apart these very simple aspects and analyze them on a micro perspective. (Y)

WarpedPerception | 08-07-11, 11:04 AM
and the comment wasn't ?

holicisms | 08-05-11, 4:43 AM
no u

holicisms | 08-03-11, 12:05 AM
talking to yourself again i see

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