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KingOfTragedy | 09-14-13, 12:47 PM
Are you the renowned hentai expert? Teach me your ways. Recommendations?

Sylveon | 08-29-13, 2:05 PM
I've been great! My summer's almost finished and I still haven't watched Kino.

Will you be playing X/Y come October?

ArielMermaid | 08-23-13, 7:43 AM
Oh ok thanks :3

ArielMermaid | 08-23-13, 5:14 AM
What's the meaning of the clow flags and the numbers next to them?

Sylveon | 08-22-13, 2:12 PM
Hey you. What's up?

MagitekElite | 08-16-13, 10:03 AM
Oh I was thinking of getting around to them eventually but I was too lazy to look for them many thanks

MagitekElite | 08-16-13, 12:54 AM

Starchaser187 | 08-12-13, 9:01 PM
Your profile is so cool

HikariJake | 07-31-13, 3:55 PM
Yeah, Sakura's one of my favorite anime characters ^__^

HikariJake | 07-31-13, 11:26 AM
Thanks for excepting the friend request :D As others have already said, I love your profile.

SweetMonia | 07-27-13, 7:30 AM
Another kawaaaiii comment~

I should have visited your profile before now <3

Seishi | 07-24-13, 8:12 PM
Holy shit, I approve of this profile.

Mizokami | 07-21-13, 10:29 PM
Wow many thanks!!! I did not get it to work at first but then i deleted the first three {center}{/color}{center} and it works...haha i don't know if i do things right so please tell me if they are for anything special. (^_^)

Mizokami | 07-21-13, 2:40 AM
Hey! Were did you change so your comments got different color and so on. I only find how to change color on my list and "about" text. (^_^)

Male_Pregnancy | 06-25-13, 1:09 PM
ur profile looks gay

Meioh | 06-07-13, 2:38 PM
Any good hentai lately? Slow year for tentacles... need more tentacles and more loli.


Tsubaki13 | 05-31-13, 5:29 PM
Lol shut it. I'm no slut. ;p

Tsubaki13 | 05-31-13, 4:18 PM
Lol so u don't remember me. Well I've changed a lot, I'm no perverted freak anymore.

To be honest I don't rememer you either xD I had to check the com to com. Really, those girl-looking people with dicks makes me want to do "it" *if u know wat I mean*

Btw, why is ur reply so late? Busy?

Crap I need some uncensored you-know-what pics. *goes to and at*

Tsubaki13 | 05-21-13, 3:10 PM
Hello, still remember me?

kinoholic | 05-15-13, 8:52 PM
Sounds really nice that its all been going well for you.

Its been pretty up and down for me, but my lifes always a bumpy road. All in all i'm doing pretty swell as well.

Been trying to get in with a doctor to see about an operation i need on my stomach.

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