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Vene | 07-15-14, 7:53 AM

RandomNinjaName | 06-27-14, 9:37 AM

image by tkr

SheyCroix | 05-29-14, 4:07 PM
≡BL Obsession Newsletter≡

Vene | 05-22-14, 8:45 AM

Te envio este mensaje para informarte de nuestra presencia aqui en MAL, como neo-club Hispano hablante, y para invitarte ad hacer parte de nuestra acojedora comunidad, obviamente si se presenta de vuestro interes. Tenemos Juegos, Debates, Noticias, Member Cards y varias ediciones de cards para los miembros. Sientase libre de pasar un rato con nosotros ^O^!


Federación Latino - Americana.

puppydoglvr | 04-25-14, 7:37 PM
≡BL Obsession Newsletter≡

Kannei | 04-12-14, 10:58 AM
your always welcome :D

gabyana_1309 | 04-07-14, 1:46 PM
Feliz Cumpleaños

janree | 03-30-14, 6:04 PM
≡BL Obsession Newsletter≡

gabyana_1309 | 03-11-14, 11:33 PM
De nada, al contrario gracias por aceptarme

janree | 03-01-14, 11:30 PM
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Ose_93 | 02-14-14, 7:04 PM
≡BL Obsession Valentine's Newsletter≡

Happy Valentine's Day fellow BL fans!


Celebrate with us by taking part in the
Mystery Love LE and by claiming a couple.

On a side note, I noticed that the Takao x Midorima x Takao LE cards have a post limit and decided to add some cards to both threads. If you weren't able to snag some cards earlier this month, or want more,
click here!. If you are a fan of Nekota Yonezou's Inui x Kaidou doujins, get some cards here.

BL Obsession

janree | 01-31-14, 11:28 AM
≡BL Obsession Newsletter≡

janree | 12-27-13, 3:58 AM
≡BL Obsession Newsletter≡

janree | 11-25-13, 1:24 AM
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janree | 10-28-13, 2:24 AM

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janree | 10-01-13, 1:02 AM

BL Obsession Newsletter

janree | 08-30-13, 7:35 PM

BL Obsession Newsletter

fujoshi-secret | 08-27-13, 5:08 PM
good to know that you liked Interval Zero...... i can see it turning into another really sweet story ^_^.... can't wait for a new chapter >_<

sooo... is there a particular type of yaoi that you particularly like??.....

for example, i particular like the ones where the seme is a little possessive and persistent... and the uke is a little stubborn...... but then of course, it all comes back down to whether the story overall are good or not :D

what about you?? anything in particular that attracts you to read it??

fujoshi-secret | 08-23-13, 10:43 AM
HELLO!!!! Thank you for commenting on my profile ^_^

I am sooo happy to find someone that likes the same thing as me :D

I love Seven Days!! Its just sooooo sweet >///< They've been through all that and they are finally 'properly' together

I can see that you have just finished Junkestu Drop aswell.... That is another one that i love <3 !!! again, such a sweet story, love both of their personalities and love the last part where Misato finally found Kasukabe's attractive point hohoho >o<
Recommend - Interval Zero (tho its not finished).... by the same mangaka and its a spin off about the president ^_^

hope to speak to you more

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