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Mortem | 05-22-09, 5:32 AM
I am so fucking sorry that I couldn't say anything, my mum hijacked the pc so I couldn't do anything :'(

Mortem | 05-22-09, 4:32 AM
Ahh anyway, open minds is more than just the club you just saw, it's also a warm and loving family, and if you check the picture on top of the page, it has buttons, and it also has a button that says 'chat' ... you can sometimes find some more members there if you have the urgent need to chat, although it has been quiet there for the last couple of weeks.

Mortem | 05-22-09, 4:09 AM
I'm no assistant of MAL, only of some clubs, and I just happen to have some sites and chatrooms :P And MAL is the 'forum' I least visit, I have 4 others where I'm super-active :P

Mortem | 05-22-09, 3:53 AM
EPIC ACTION of your sis! Anyway, poor you, but I hang around here for about a year now, and I'm also taking care of some jobs in clubs and behind the screens. And I manage chatrooms for Open Minds and for some RP-clubs I used to be in, that takes up quite some time. (And I'm working on a project, but you'll find out about that soon enough (If bakabwoy returns that is))

solitude_autumn | 05-22-09, 3:43 AM
not as old as you.. old baba

Mortem | 05-22-09, 3:39 AM
You hang around here indeed, but I have the faint idea that I spend way more time here XD But that's just my own mistake :P

solitude_autumn | 05-22-09, 3:23 AM
oh~ my youth...


it's GONEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~ TT________TT

Mortem | 05-22-09, 2:32 AM
Well all the trouble searching it was worth it don't you think ;) And me? Entertaining? XD You mean I've got no life so I hang around on MAL too much ;)

solitude_autumn | 05-22-09, 1:41 AM
tsk. >_>

i rather dream more... i rather not waste my limited youth on u. >: ) XP

solitude_autumn | 05-22-09, 12:49 AM
ironically, you are not THAT smart. -_-|||

i am soooooo not proud of you. can you feel the sudden gush of cold wind? it's damn cold.

mafia wars? i only leave it to load. . . .

my life is all about dreaming... XDDD

Geisha_X | 05-22-09, 12:44 AM
Welcome to the ANTI GIRLY UKE yaoi club! I see you like Totally Captivated ... that had me really hooked as well. I more or less swallowed it in one piece. I think I might even re-read it soon, even if I have an extensive yaoi reading list waiting for me...

solitude_autumn | 05-21-09, 10:17 PM
dotz... =_=||| you have no life... exhaust the manga like that. i pity the mangakas.
HEYYY~! i am smarter than you.

solitude_autumn | 05-21-09, 5:46 PM
wahhhh~ we have very high compatibility..

including the favourites.. . . .

eeek~ you copy me....

Mortem | 05-21-09, 10:44 AM
You are a pro in finding cute avatars aren't you ;) :P Anyway, nice having you here on MAL and on OM ofcourse!

solitude_autumn | 05-21-09, 6:08 AM
=_=||| i wouldn't have asked if i know you.

you are my worst parasite.



solitude_autumn | 05-20-09, 11:28 PM
who are you? =_=|||

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