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SerasAshley | 04-16-12, 5:38 PM

zen-hikka | 03-26-12, 9:11 PM
You're welcome :)

SerasAshley | 12-19-11, 10:12 AM

MrAddict | 09-28-11, 8:33 PM
HEY Firron!

I wanted to ask what girl is that anime from on ur profile picture and her name?

XDeathscytheX | 08-10-11, 3:49 PM
wow the VN is really long. I like Kyou, Tomoyo, and Nagisa oh and i like tomoya as well.

XDeathscytheX | 08-08-11, 7:38 PM
No, ummm now you mention it i wanna try the Clannad VN because i just curious but i never read a VN before. by the way who is your favorite Clannad character?

XDeathscytheX | 08-08-11, 1:59 AM
yeah me too the after story make me cry because i couldn't hold it you know and even i have clannad and After Story box set.

XDeathscytheX | 08-08-11, 1:40 AM
oh thats okay. i see you like clannad?

i like your pic by the way.

XDeathscytheX | 08-08-11, 12:26 AM
thanks for accept,nice to meet you.

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