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Nyaaaria | 06-13-14, 11:54 AM

Hello members~

I have seen that the club seems a little down even if we are still active.
So I'm sending this newsletter to bump you up and invite you to pass by the club~
(He misses you ^.^)
There is gonna be a new change. It consist on opening a card theme ever WEEK. So go and pass by to ask for the card and not lose the change to collect it.
There is also the Creation Card Contest (C.C.C.), remember that if you win first or second place you are able to ask all the cards of an edition from linette (me ^^').
That's all, have a great summer and we wait for you in our club~

Shinino | 06-21-13, 11:12 AM

Sapphire-san | 06-08-13, 10:28 PM
Hey, I'm going to revive Ponytail/Pigtail Fan Club. It would be a shame to waste it since we have 900+ members and all ^^" I hope it's okay.

(I plan to do it once I get enough help) hehe I need someone to deliver newsletters to 951 people D: so we can get enough staff

Sapphire-san | 05-21-13, 9:29 PM
Great! We haven't talked for a long time =)) I had to go on a long hiatus because of school haha

Anything new happening lately? :)

Sapphire-san | 05-06-13, 9:40 PM
Juliet! :) Hello. How are you?

AngelHana | 04-05-13, 9:17 AM

Please save and re-host before you can't see it in the future. If there's anything wrong with the card, let me know.

xochandaox | 03-25-13, 6:44 AM

linette | 02-16-13, 7:00 AM

Masive delivery again! I'm sending some topics again because I don't remember if I did or not send them ^^'

400+ LE || New Year HE || Día de los Reyes Magos || Train LE ||
Some of you will have 2 instead of one, I forgot to add the bonus cards for the first 5 members. So if you want it you can saved it, if not well its fine. Sorry, I really forgot >.<'
Forest RE

All from Card Dreamland

Tyrel | 02-08-13, 1:53 AM

Please click the image for your badge ^-^

Shinzku | 02-02-13, 2:52 PM
Member Cards Addiction: Wavy Hair LE
If you have any problems, please tell me.
Save and Re-host. It will be deleted in February 28.
bye :3

Kuroyu | 01-30-13, 1:00 PM

linette | 01-21-13, 5:49 PM

1 || 3

patry16dbz | 12-24-12, 8:51 AM
Merry Christmas !!!

Vancratt | 12-20-12, 4:41 AM

Secret Santa 2012 has started!
It'll end on Christmas day, so hurry up and go grab your Christmas goodies now!!
❅Christmas LE will be starting today or tomorrow, so stay tuned.
❅Lastly, go check out the banner competition and vote!

AngelHana | 11-30-12, 9:02 AM

littleally28 | 07-25-12, 10:44 AM

Hey everyone :)
The following are now open!
Tsundere LE
Another LE
sandyjaynee's Bday SE

Suggest more LE themes here!

TheAnaBanana | 05-04-12, 6:55 PM

The following LEs are now open!
Zero no Tsukaima LE
Katekyo Hitman Reborn LE
Red Hair LE
Moon LE

Suggest LE ideas here ~

kiirochi | 04-24-12, 5:34 AM

The following LE's are now open! ~
Rainbow LE
Roses LE
Angel Beats! LE
200+LE yay for reaching 200+ members ^^
If there is any LE you want to have made, suggest it here.

Also, come participate in some of our new and old games -
Change A Letter | Last Letter - Anime | Image Counting

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