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reikazehana | 10-02-12, 9:47 AM
but still, look at the amount of manga you've read makes me impressed, to be honest I want to know how you read all of it accompanied by watching anime? tell me a secret XD

reikazehana | 10-02-12, 2:45 AM
You've seen so many manga, That's was awesome!!
it seems we have little equality, except that I can't read as much manga do you read... I am very impressed !!!

Pibi123 | 09-30-12, 12:37 PM
thanks for recommandation ! i'll check it :)

Higashi_no_Kaze | 09-29-12, 9:50 PM
Thanks for your recs :)

As a movie Star of Cottonland has been on my radar for a while, but I usually prefer series so it may take me a while to get to it.

Bamboo Blade is noted, been semi-eyeing that for forever, time to give it more priority. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

As a World Masterpiece Theater series Ie Nako Ko is naturally high on my PTW, but you mentioned the oldness and I can only really enjoy one old series every couple of months. Takarajima will probably be the next one, but Ie Naki Ko has been interesting me for a long while too so I plan on giving it a try before the year ends too.

As for Cardcaptor Sakura - I really hear a lot of praise for it, but everything about it just screams to me that it's absolutely not my type of show. Grade school kids as protagonists, female too, a very girly looking setting, mahou shoujo, a seemingly young target audience. Even if it's supposed to be kinda unconvential for the genre at times, I'm still not really convinced it's for me. Am I wrong?

Anyway, thanks again for the recs!

muntasir123 | 09-23-12, 8:03 AM
Hey I randomly clicked this on mangafox and enjoyed it I think you'll like it theres only like 7 chapters out so far, so tell me if you enjoy it :D

muntasir123 | 09-21-12, 6:17 AM
oh really haha that kinda sucks, if I didnt have any time on my own id snap.

And yeah I can see where your coming from, but im the opposite I usually hate completed series because I have bad experiences with superbly shitty endings. I dont know why this is so haha. I also like the suspense of waiting although I do hate waiting.

muntasir123 | 09-21-12, 5:34 AM
I did party a bit, but im not a fan of getting drunk or anything lolol, but I admit I did have some fun.

The friendly winter is by far my favorite you should read it. Tower of godis nice as well.

muntasir123 | 09-20-12, 6:21 PM
Well to be honest I dont mind living alone at all, I was pretty much living alone for like 3 months in the summer as my parents had to go on a trip back home due to family reasons so I just did whatever, I got pretty beast at cooking as well. I dont really get homesick rather I love it :D

BTW do you read any manhwa the koreanstuff, ive been reading a couple lately and alot of them are actually good

muntasir123 | 09-19-12, 8:04 PM
Well several times yes but its never been anything more than a couple hours a way from where I live, ive moved to Toronto about twice but I end up moving back to Windsor which is where I live now right across from detroit, Canada ftw :D, anyway im in 11th grade :)

muntasir123 | 09-19-12, 7:25 PM
Thanks ill check it out, ive always hated stuff about princes and historical stuff even in movies idk why but I should probably give it a shot, I heard emma was one of the best romance manga ever but its historical so I held it off. Im reading kodomo no Jikan atm its so sweet and funny LOL 23 year old guy and third grader who talks about sex all the time trololol

Ah I hate moving :(, you looking forward to moving? Are you in university/college or still in highschool?

muntasir123 | 09-19-12, 5:43 PM
I see what your saying, we guys are just perverted bastards arent we ^-^, pervertedness aside I think nana was very good as well but it was kind of tragic so it made me sad at times, and I dont like sad stories nevertheless I agree its one of the best.

Have you read mars? Its a pretty serious shojo I think it is good despite it being shojo.

muntasir123 | 09-19-12, 1:20 PM
Agreed, so do you enjoy most shonen romances better than shojo ones?

muntasir123 | 09-17-12, 3:43 PM
Yeah your right, but I think alot more shonen is coming out now, well atleast thats what I see on the update list. Sure romance was always popular but I think when we compare it to stuff like naruto, beezlebub and onepiece etc it never really came to that popularity but now some series are that popular and are pretty much just romances.

muntasir123 | 09-17-12, 2:21 PM
Yeah thats true, but stuff like kimi no iru machi, and good ending cater towards to a mostly male audience tho, no? From what I know of all my friends who read it they are guys my friends that are girls love shojo, stuff like dengeki daisy which I think is alright but crap. Stuff like kimi and good ending is super popular too I mean its in the top 5 on nearly every manga website, and sells like crazy. I think romance is becoming more popular, as every single anime/manga series likes to add touches of romance no matter how small.

muntasir123 | 09-17-12, 1:35 PM
lol :) ive been going like the first thirty pages of rom manga on manga fox and its really hard to find good stuff that isnt shojo, I dont know but as a guy personally I dont really find it appealing when they try to make the guys super hot or valiant, rather normal looking nice guys are good ( kimi ni todoke i suppose) all these shojos pissing me off with innocent girls, im used to the guys chasing after the girl gaah ^-^ lol tried reading skip beat awesome plot but I cant stand how the guys are drawn to be "handsome" I suppose in a sense.

shonen ftw

Allecto | 09-17-12, 4:07 AM
Sounds like we had a very similar time at school, I'm so glad those days are over. Its unfortunate we had such a bad time though. I've also gained a lot more respect that way, but it still bothers me how a lot of people out there are so judgemental of others who are a bit different from the 'norm.'

As a side note, I browse through the recommendations forum a lot and you consistently give very good recommendations, you deserve more thanks :) In fact, I seem to have adopted the mentality of "I'll read what other people say, but I'll definitely look into what Sweatpea recommends. She knows her shit."

muntasir123 | 09-16-12, 7:24 PM
Ive only read around 30 chapters and yeah im liking it so far. Ive actually taken a break for romance stuff im reading cage of eden atm have you read it, I like it its a goodsurvival manga surprisingly popular too.

Californiaa | 09-16-12, 6:40 PM
not my style the visuals is horrible

Allecto | 09-16-12, 4:48 AM
On the "Do you read manga in public?" thread:
Sweetpea said:
If they didn't judge me by what I was reading, they'd judge me for something else. I've given up caring about people that judge me based on my reading preferences. I will read manga anywhere.

You've had that much hostility? D:

NataliaIsMyWaifu | 09-02-12, 11:49 PM
I think you misspplled Macross. Anyway: First off, the movie (Do you remember love?) is really unconventional for an anime film first off. It isn't a recap or compressed telling of the series' event, it's an "actual movie" intended to be played in the theatres on the Macross and the IRL viewer is supposed to pretend to be a crewman or civvie living on the Macross during the series. Really meta when you think about it and a really cool concept.

Also, the movie just has some gorgeous animation. look for the Budweiser Beer can missile one of the animators snuck in one scene.
However, the movie doesn't not replace the series, it's just something different and you'll be missing out 98% of SDF if you only watch the movie. Just go in production order; watch SDF then DYRL then Flashback 2012. One thing I have to tell you is that there are some nasty glitches and odd coloring that I'm sure were not there because of some creative freedom in the TV Series of the First Macross. The First Macross and the Berserk TV Series are two anime that I really liked but don't have the best animation out there let's just say.

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