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NataliaIsMyWaifu | 09-01-12, 5:13 AM
Enjoy...The UC Universe of Gundam is my favorite part of the Gundam franchise. Just so you know, the gap between 0079 and Zeta is covered by 0080 war in the Pocket which is an OVA and 0083 Star Dust memories which is a series.

80 is about the end of the war and 0083 pretty much covers everything leading up to the raise of the Titans.

ZZ takes you a couple years before CCA, double fake under gundam is in between ZZ and CCA and after CCA is Gundam Unicorn, which is a novel, but being made into a series right now. Then F91 and after 91 is Victory and then Ring of Gundam, or G Savior, but G savior isn't considered cannon anymore because of Ring of Gundam.
After Tomino made Victory Gundam, he made Turn A Gundam...which is one of the best Gundam show ever, outside of UC setting of course IMO.

Just listen to the OST of Turn A Gundam:

08th MS Team is closer to VOTOMS than Gundam and takes place during the events of 0079.

Well I do like Gundam...I sometimes prefer Armored Trooper VOTOMS to Gundam
Here's a clip in case you don't know what VOTOMS is:

If you are going to watch VOTOMS, I'd suggest this viewing order:
The Last Red Shoulder
VOTOMS 14-52
Big Battle - set during the one-year gap in episode 52.
Red Shoulder Document - prequel to the series, but it's better watched here.
Pailsen Files - set between Red Shoulder Document and the series.
Kakuyaku taru Itan - 32 years after the series.
Alone Again - months after the above.
Phantom Arc - a couple of years after Alone Again I think? Not sure, since I've yet to watch it.

Finder and Case;Irvine you can watch whenever. They're not connected to Chirico's saga. Mellowlink apparently starts a bit before the series, but again, haven't watched it yet, so I'm not sure.
Here's why I sometimes prefer VOTOMS to gundam most of the time:

Unlike Tomino, Takahashi doesn't insert random timeskips or sudden jumps from scene to scene without warning.
Dialogue flows well and there's no pointless trash talking between pilots in mecha battles.
Music is surprisingly noticeable.
Animation is rarely reused.
Mecha design is excellent; for some reason I really liked those buckets, especially the ones that had 3 scopes they could switch between (e.g. Scopedogs).

I really like the mecha anime that Takahashi makes... especially FLAG.
I would say, in terms of maturity...FLAG is up there with stuff like Haibane Renmei, Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, Kaiba, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Ano Hana, Hourou Musuko, Mononoke(The TV Series, not the move) for example.

FLAG is about the nature of war, the power of images, and the lives of people that take those images, and the price that they pay in order to expose the truth and things that people don't want to hear about. I will admit that it has a somewhat flawed premise, somewhat misguided mecha and narration elements; but it doesn't detract from the powerful imagery that is in FLAG.

NataliaIsMyWaifu | 08-31-12, 5:29 PM have never seen a single gundam series?

Kokuen17 | 08-30-12, 8:50 AM
yeah, just watched the first couple of episode and it was exactly what i was looking for, thank you so much -again- for recommending it :D

Kokuen17 | 08-28-12, 8:54 AM
hey, thanks for the recomendation, Kemono no Souja Erin sounds epic! war-lizards!? i am so gonna watch this xD

spyrocoot | 08-20-12, 6:26 AM
I asked you this in a recommendation based thread, but I'm going to ask you here aswell just in case you overlook it.

Basically, I want to watch Haibane Renmei, but I don't know if I'm better off going with the sub or the dub. Generally, if I hear that a dub is good, I'll usually always go with that as I watch enough subbed anime as it is. However, I've heard mixed opinions; some say it's one of the best dubs they've ever watched, others say it's rather average. As you seem to be quite a big fan of the show, I'm hoping you'll be able to give me a good answer.

I like your taste in anime too, btw. 84.4% compatibility :)

NataliaIsMyWaifu | 08-16-12, 12:45 AM
Glad to hear you liked NGE. Personally my favorite characters from NGE were Shinji and Asuka. (I think I have a crush on her.)

By the way, I hope you like Black Lagoon. From nuns with guns to psychopathic twins, this series showcases every possible gun-toting fetish in existence.Just...sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

The First season is good, but the second season is just plain Awesome.

Also, I hope you like Brigadoon. It is the most unappreciated anime series out there.
The second most unappreciated anime series out there is Soul Taker. It was directed by the same guy who directed the Madoka TV Series. (Soultaker is much better than it looks at first, you just have to get behind the strange way its story is delivered.)
It is a great action show filled with metaphysical and religious aspects...The first time I started watching this I dropped it after episode 2.
The first episode is actually very good but the second episode makes it look like it's some monster of the week anime. The next 2 episodes are the same way too. But after those, this anime turns into something very artistic.

I am not having any issues with MAL.

muntasir123 | 08-12-12, 1:08 PM
Ah thats a quite a list :)! Can you reccomend 1-3 i should start out with? I want mainly romance and funny is good too :D, but romance with any subcatgegory is fine

willingo | 08-12-12, 11:50 AM
thanks for reccomending spice and wolf and princess titu I am watching them, and they are good so far.

Do you know any others based on unrequited love and stuff like that?

NataliaIsMyWaifu | 07-28-12, 3:18 AM
Be prepared, Brigadoon has one of the most misleading starts ever.

It has lots of happiness, sunshine, rainbows, child abuse, angst, and genocide. I would say that it fits in the same group of anime and manga along with Now And Then, Here and know...stuff that aren't over the top, and are legitimately depressing in terms of what the characters suffer through.

The Actions in Brigadoon actually have consequences. People get hurt, and can even die. Tragedy can strike without warning. And when things can’t seem to get any worse, they do.

But the characters change and grow from these sometimes harsh experiences. Through them you get to see the inner strength of Marin, and the developing bond between her and Melan as he comes to understand his charge.

Brigadoon is both a fast and a slow show. Events can happen quickly, and situations can change in an instant. However the development of the characters slowly takes place throughout all the episodes. Watching the last episode and looking back, it is amazing just how much Marin and Melan have changed.

Brigadoon was happy and heart-warming at times, and funny at others. But it was also desperate and brutal in some instances, and sad enough to make me cry several times. It makes you feel for Marin, cheering her on through adversity because the outcome seems never certain. You want her to have a happy end, because she of all people deserves one.

I found it to be a great show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

By the way, how are you liking Evangelion and who are your favorite characters thus far if I may so ask?

NataliaIsMyWaifu | 07-25-12, 4:57 AM
>Going to watch Brigadoon Marin to Melan

Hell prepared to watch an adventure anime that makes almost every adventure anime look like small stuff (The story and the character development are amazing for an anime). Also, greatest /m/echa romance of all time. Its multiple elements and very heavy atmosphere may take some time but it will definitely be in the back of your mind for the rest of your life.

PrinceSaito | 07-16-12, 9:41 AM
Hey! Nice profile picture:)

NataliaIsMyWaifu | 07-12-12, 10:16 PM
Wondering, who is/are your favorite girl(s) in Madoka. For me, I have to say Miki Sayaka and Akemi Homura. .

I want to own it so badly, but it costs too much at this moment and I have to spend a majority of my money towards college and living expenses...

Moyashimon is quite awesome I have to say, I am watching it for the second season and expected it to be mostly to be about microbes but it turned out to be a rather nice college campus life series. (I came for cute microbes doing cute things, but instead I stayed for a rose colored campus life)

I am almost done with the Kara no Kyoukai series [The fifth movie was awesome] and I have to say that Ryougi Shiki has a really deep and interesting twisted personality deserving the title of the best yandere ever.

BTW, I am glad that I met you.

NataliaIsMyWaifu | 07-12-12, 1:06 PM
Just wondering, did you choose your favorites to show how disverse your tastes are, or are they really your favorites?
[By the way, please don't twist this innocent question into something, I just want to know. =) ]

Tobi2x4 | 06-18-12, 11:57 AM
Well, I wish you the best of luck! :D
I have Heroic Age on DVD, well, most of it. One of my housemates lost Disc 2, and I'm incredibly annoyed at him for having done so. :I

Tobi2x4 | 06-18-12, 9:17 AM
Holy crap dude, that's a lotta stuff going on at once D:
I highly highly HIGHLY recommend you watching them ASAP. They're really, really good~ (I actually watched them on an intercity bus trip xD)

Tobi2x4 | 06-18-12, 5:57 AM
I couldn't help but notice that you and I have the same rating for Baccano!~
However, I also noticed that you don't seem to have watched (or at least recorded having watched) the three specials for Baccano!, which I would highly recommend. They're great, and they add a neat little side story~

EratiK | 06-17-12, 5:55 AM
I would have expected you to have more anime, but look at all those manga...

You should finish Black Cat though. It's okay to drop it near the end if you want.
cya ^^

Tachycardic | 06-14-12, 5:26 PM
Yeah, I think ours is one of the highest I've seen so far.

I guess that means you have good taste. :P

Tachycardic | 06-10-12, 11:21 PM
dat compatibility~

Scareecrow | 06-08-12, 5:40 AM
Thanks for the recommendations on the forum! :D

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