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Mass Message from Xbox 360 Club

Hello to all members~ Hope you all have been doing well. This message is to let you guys know about the future update for the club~ This WILL be a long MM so be ready ^_^;

This Friday, March 26, we will be having a small competition for a new leader board were planning on adding. This leader board will be based on the 10 top players in Modern Warfare 2. We will be testing you in how good you play and how long your able to survive~ For now there will be 3 Free For All' (One game going up to 60 kills while the other two will go to 30) and 2 Search & Destroy matches. You guys will have the choices to pick which map we will play on the Free For All. The Search & Destroy matches will be picked by us. To find out more (And Register) please go to the Registration thread (that will be made in a couple of hours). For questions PM NefariousRebirth. Also, there WILL be more game leader boards in the future. If you'd like to request for a game leader board you may do so in a PM to any Admin.

There is a thread in the club called Host Multiplayer. If you want to host events for games or for help with achievements and such please go here. If you wish for the club to spread your event we will do so. Thanks Shin0bZer0 for the idea~!

Also please don't post your Gamertags on the club comment area. We have a thread for that people~ If you want us to know that your gamertag has increases just post it in the club comment area and either Nefarious or Ghost will check it out. If your gamertag is changed you must report to the club your new gamertag. Otherwise you'll lose your position on the leader board. But worry not~ The leader board gets updated every so often and you can gain your position back within time

Lastly, I'm thinking of making new banners for the club as well as add new things. So please PM Nefarious is you have any ideas!

Anyways that's it for the MM~ Stay frosty mates!


gokudo21 | 03-23-10, 9:09 AM
Japanese comic book creator Go Nagai sees potential in aspiring local artists during Arab tour.

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Fukiri said:
Imo, Gintama will end temporarily, especially because the anime has caught up with the manga. I hate that idea but everything seems to point to that. The last ending "Sayonara no Sora", the imagery of the ending, the fact that in the ending there is a thingie in the entrance of the school that reads "Graduation date: 25 of March" which is the day the supposed last episode is going to air,the countdown thing they've put in the episode titles, etc.Though there are people who think this may be a hint that the Ginpachi-sensei novels are getting an anime version, let's hope it's true.
There will be a huge Gintama related event in Japan where all the main characters' seiyuu will be present, ironically it will be happening at the same time the final episode is being broadcast which leads to the suspicion that they might be planning to announce something.
And that's about what I can say about it. If Gintama truly ends like that I'll get depressed. ~_~

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Request yorozuya member card here.

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yo how is the anime it seems cool.

gokudo21 | 02-20-10, 3:53 AM
check this out one outs

KazeFalcon | 02-06-10, 12:01 AM
If you love Gintoki,please join my Lord Gintoki FC:

gokudo21 | 01-22-10, 12:32 PM
desh Yorozuya club.

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