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-Hyperion- | 06-07-14, 1:20 AM

Click on your favourite to Vote

Mini_Lancer | 07-25-13, 10:07 PM

Would you like to join the club?

celestialrubies | 03-04-13, 6:30 AM
True, I just wanted to share my opinions till now. Since there is only 3 episodes left. I will be able to complete the review once the show is finished :)

108s9001 | 01-22-13, 2:51 AM

108s9001 | 10-06-12, 3:09 AM

108s9001 | 09-09-12, 2:38 AM
Game of the Summer: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

SerasAshley | 04-16-12, 11:43 AM

weakwithwords | 04-02-12, 5:35 AM

( ~23 min - 486 s = ~15 min )

No-Asuka | 01-20-12, 11:33 AM

108s9001 | 01-06-12, 4:03 PM
Random things:
- Compiled FFmpeg and MPlayer under GNU/Linux (AMD64)
- Ran i386 software on amd64 (lol zsnes etc.)
- SMPlayer project came back from the grave (previous stable early 2010 and SVN stalled after September 2011)
- mplayer2 builds by lachs0r is stalled after November 2011
- MPlayer builds by sherpya is alive and well
- VLC nightlies broke subs recently and generally "have behaved like VLC usually does"
- MPC-HC SVN had broken MPEG-TS support in November (r3834), current status: unknown/unchecked

SerasAshley | 12-18-11, 8:23 AM

SerasAshley | 12-03-11, 9:17 PM

Recommendation Club Newsletter~Holiday Edition

As we enter into one of the busiest times of the year, we here at the Recommendation Club would like to extend our wishes for each and every one of you to have a wonderful holiday season!

Since the September newsletter, our club has gained many new members, and seen the return of old ones. We would like to keep the momentum going, and with our member list now at 3,111, that should be no problem at all! ^_^.

We would like all of our members, old and new, to help keep this an active, and fun club, a place to Chat and to seek out recommendations in our General anime and General Manga thread as well as the specific anime genre threads, such as Drama and Romance and Sci-fi and many others as well.

It’s a great place to make new friends, or renew past friendships, and we urge all of our members to drop by, and post in the various threads and comment section, as well as share you expertise with other members.

We look forward to seeing you all here !

108s9001 | 11-29-11, 7:27 AM
108s9001 | 11-20-11, 6:50 AM
10-bit support: (tested)
MPlayer SVN
mplayer2 SVN
VLC Nightly

10-bit support: (known)

Advanced additions to vanilla MPC-HC:
LAV Filters (in CCCP too)

108s9001 | 11-07-11, 8:13 PM
108s9001 | 11-27-09, 8:01 AM

Ankkuli | 11-06-11, 3:33 AM
Tässä sinun Finland-korttisi.

Devilishly | 11-03-11, 2:13 AM
Hey, thanks so much for the friend invite~! Sounds like you've had some pretty rough invites before, sorry about that ._.

108s9001 | 11-02-11, 4:12 PM
Nope. No major problems with 10-bit. The transition is almost seamless.

TrOjAnHoRsE | 11-02-11, 11:40 AM
its really better than 8-bit .but no too much difference . why got any problems ?

TrOjAnHoRsE | 11-02-11, 9:10 AM
hi, nice to meet you .


108s9001 | 10-29-11, 1:02 PM
Last Online: July 2011
Changed players, hopped OS' etc.
Playlist data is partially lost again or all over the place.

also for 10-bit:
mplayer2 SVN
VLC nightly

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