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sheena-chan | 07-23-11, 9:21 PM

bleachman99 | 07-10-11, 7:05 PM
plz watch these funny videos i made with my friends outside of school there really funny and i need to help with the views thanks u

oliviasyl | 12-25-10, 1:49 AM

Hine-chan | 12-22-10, 8:42 PM

sheena-chan | 07-08-10, 4:31 AM

chie_oink | 05-25-10, 2:04 AM
woah.. i sure missed this site so much!!

sheena-chan | 05-16-10, 5:27 AM

sheena-chan | 05-16-10, 5:25 AM

jayjayy | 05-06-10, 1:00 PM
oh... my... GOD...
read kiss/hug
... NOW!

oliviasyl | 04-04-10, 3:09 AM

KyuuAL | 03-29-10, 12:54 AM
How am I? Well, despite running a pretty good 8K race... personally... I still have a lot of ways to go.

Teasing... um. To some degree, we quite enjoy the teasing. In fact, when girls play hard-to-get, for example. We actually appreciate that. Why? Because it's a challenge on our end. But of course, we have to like the teaser. Else, such a person may turn out to be an annoyance.

(I'll go more on any of this later).

sheena-chan | 03-14-10, 6:23 AM
good... but always been busy..huhuhu

(soory for the very very very late reply...) always been busy..hehehe

KyuuAL | 03-05-10, 8:05 AM
Yes... I think. And it's sad for me that being awake at 9 AM is very very early for me...

As for A4... um... I haven't logged in there for like months. And I don't really plan on returning there for a while. But, y'can keep the place busy for me - if - y'want. As long as y'sent the request, I'll get around to it... eventually.

Anyways, guess what I'm looking to do. I'll just have a folded piece of paper with a drawing of Pyong - and the word: "Smile!" written above. A "gift" given to her at this stage may seem like an act of "desperation"; but after seeing her facial expression Wednesday, I believe that she needs it. I hope that I am right.

KyuuAL | 03-04-10, 10:18 AM
You ARE on my friend's list... D:!

KyuuAL | 03-04-10, 1:45 AM
Shy? That word sums up my life! XD

Gosh. This exact same situation reminds me of high school... and yes... there was another HOT HOT blonde girl back then.


It's my old stomping grounds before I came here. I already introduced a bunch of people from here... to there.

KyuuAL | 03-04-10, 1:37 AM
No. She was new... probably back in October.

Yes. A4. Go join it. XD

KyuuAL | 03-04-10, 1:31 AM
Her work? Well. She works the service area at the gym -- the same one I've been going to for the past 2 years now.

Ohhhh. The video comments. XD

I tell you what. Feel free to hit up Anime-Forums (A4).

KyuuAL | 03-04-10, 1:25 AM
Looking at blonde girls? Well, the pretty ones. They make me light-headed... XD

OMG, secrets!!

Any new girl? Well, spotted some worth my time. For practice, it'd be best to e-mail some funny. >:D (Nevertheless, I still have an eye on the "first" girl). Granted, she didn't look too happy today working... and... I wanted to cheer her up... :(

KyuuAL | 03-04-10, 1:18 AM
And I just uploaded that video over the Facebook... to share... with friends... who were in it too. And LOL! XD

"Kyuu is a stunning specimen of masculinity"

What the? Where did THAT come from?! XD

Primarily the blonde girls. However, hair color isn't the main feature that I look for... first. It's the face. If there's only one good thing about me... not approaching this one blonde girl yet... I took the opportunity to just scan around the dating sites.

And yea... I get the greatest reactions from looking at the blondies. XD

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