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Phraze | 12-29-13, 1:29 PM
Hmm, it's fine. If you're busy, I'd rather not get in your way of having you keep up a conversation. >.> Anyway, Happy Holidays to you as well. Christmas? Same as any day, plus some Christmas spirit(lots of generosity).
Why would I hint? I'm pretty straight-forward about things. My distraction is more like me losing interest in things quickly, or wanting to accomplish more than I expect.

Phraze | 12-13-13, 1:04 PM
Glad you do! I'd like to finish up and get to the sequel but downloading can be troublesome at times. I thought you liked mecha already since you liked Code Geass. Anyway, I found out how amazing mecha is long ago so it was easy to like Valvrave even if it's like a copycat :P
I get the idea. I'll try get around to it, at least one of your recs, asap. Seeing the OP singer is the same, I'm sure Shiki is similar to Nightwalker(which is great in my honest opinion). Definitely gonna watch it.
Well, people who get easily distracted are usually creative, so I'm sure that could be the reason I get distracted >.>

Phraze | 12-05-13, 11:40 AM
Yep. Did you like it? I think it's good but somehow, don't feel like completing it. Distractions... >.>
And no, still haven't got anywhere with any your recs yet.

Phraze | 12-01-13, 10:59 AM
Nope. Oh, you can just go there yourself and tell me about it. Accompany means I'll have to actually be there, and that, no can do.

Phraze | 11-26-13, 1:46 PM
I just don't like going outside. I have my reasons. For one, crowds are irritating.
Nothing since I don't celebrate it. I'm not an American o.o

Phraze | 11-24-13, 10:29 AM
I see.. I play Spider Solitaire or console-emulated games. Also, strategy games like Age of Empires. Nope, don't like going outside, even for a bit.

Phraze | 11-21-13, 10:19 AM
You might be able to time-skip lawyer school if you're smart, I think. Well, why speed so much then? Luckily, I never get problems with following rules.
Play computer games I guess. I don't have much free time since I sleep a lot, guess my free time is on sleeping. :)

Phraze | 11-17-13, 10:19 AM
I meant being a lawyer. So you're on bad terms with cops? My family are on good terms with them, and gangsters, anywhere. Yup, forensics is interesting.
Sounds like I'll pass graphic designing easily, haha. But nope, learning is boring. You have to learn colour matching or stuff, it makes everything dull.
I school at home, homeschool. Just study as and when I can or want to. Very flexible(or lazy) homeschooling. :p

-GOAT- | 11-16-13, 8:16 PM
Oh okay, I thought you might have uploaded it seeing how some of the users here did that. They're all the same size so I'm guessing you re-sized all of them to a certain length x width?

-GOAT- | 11-16-13, 6:26 PM
Sup, how did you do that with your favorite characters in your blogs? It looks great! Did you do anything fancy or is it pretty simple?

Phraze | 11-14-13, 2:28 PM
Why thank you, Chris. xD
What to study? Lots of ideas; a scientist, forensics expert, they're awesome; probably a nutritionist, for the food. But probably psychiatry or law, they're easy stuff for me.
You really think it's nice? Heh, good to hear. :3 I just take pictures, add effects to them, and jumble them up. Nothing much.

Phraze | 11-11-13, 1:22 PM
Guess my sense of humour isn't like most people. Then again, I'm not like most people. :P I'm easily offended if you didn't notice... Not that I mean to.
Choice, huh? I would choose to go I suppose. I'll probably lead an easy social life seeing how well I'm doing online(?). Dunno about that, haha.

Phraze | 11-07-13, 10:46 AM
Going to college or not wasn't my decision to make.. And that was a pointless joke, you serious? =.=

Phraze | 11-03-13, 9:12 AM
Fine. I'll be random as well~
I don't know about college at all. Sorry.
Hmm? Oh, did I get the joke wrong? Maybe you did. You aren't on the friend list so you aren't my underling, lol. CC, huh? Okay, you're Mao. :P But how could you think 'mistress' when I changed profile pictures only a few days ago? o.o

Phraze | 10-31-13, 2:13 PM
So sorry but I really did~ You hardly talked to me so it's only expected. ... You skip topics or bring in random ones. Not easy conversing that way you know.
Yeah, it usually is a tough life for college students from what I've heard. I homeschool so time isn't a problem, though I hardly get internet access. And you aren't my servant, really. lol

JustRad | 10-30-13, 6:18 AM
I'm just playing around.

Phraze | 10-28-13, 1:33 PM
Late reply....

I see. Thought you said you don't rely on reviews anymore. I usually take the 6-8 rates, they're more realistic numbers...but that's just me.

Hm, tell me your race then...and your name. =.= I see. Yeah, family life isn't easy. I guess your college life isn't easy too. A friend is so busy that he replies, like, every 2 months. Gotta admire how he can spare his time replying. (He must be really determined~ orz)

Yup. Saw Treasure Planet too. But I didn't read the book. xP

Phraze | 10-24-13, 5:18 AM
You actually trust ratings? Lots of high rates aren't all good. And I don't know you well enough to say you're picky or just not into anime. :P
Okay, how is your family relationship like?
Classics written by the deceased. White Fang is my favourite.
Yup, with some Chinese mixed in, like how people say 'sumimasen for being late~'. My parents do better than I do.

Phraze | 10-22-13, 3:01 PM
Original SoundTrack. Three letters are faster to write than the whole word 'soundtrack'.

Don't really care for the scientifics of things. But I'd say there were things more for aesthetics than functionality. Cars? Cars are really too slow for that sort of thing, haha.
Ayakashi is mediocre stuff tbh. Animation is on Psycho-Pass level. I'm not sure why I like it but it's nice, just not the kind you'd like(judging from your oh so picky favourites).

And nope, you never gave me the impression of being a dark person. Ah, mind telling me about yourself? I have a colourful background, so I'm sure I'm plenty dark. :3
My english? Learned from books. I read books a lot as a kid, mostly classics. Though I kinda forgot how to speak my native language in the process...

Phraze | 10-18-13, 1:20 AM
Haha, I see. Kinda sounds like the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" thing.

How do you know it was too high tech for that time? Yeah, I also like drama, but the OST sorta ruins it for me(too 'snazzy', no offense).
That's one way to categorize it. I think Ayakashi is one. Would likd to see more zombie and tragedy anime where characters drop dead like flies too. xD Plan to watch HS of the Dead but I never have time.

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