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Vene | 04-17-14, 7:23 AM
Thanks you very much sir!.

waterfalls | 04-04-14, 12:53 AM
Hello again, ...
is it 異色 or 移植 ?

I see you read some YKK. Nice.
Hadn't heard of Horimiya. Added to "plan to read".
And yeah, I should watch some Space Brothers.

I see you didn't like Oyasumi Punpun much. Hmm. I thought it was pretty good, if a bit depressing.

Got your wife watching anime yet?

"I enjoy intellectual debates on most subjects"
Have you been thinking about anything in particular recently?

All the best,

Ckan | 03-28-14, 7:56 AM
Thanks. Feedback is pretty comforting for this insecure dolt, as it was more of a stumbling ramble in hindsight. Nevetheless, waste not, want not.

Stark700 | 03-28-14, 7:33 AM

Well according to sources, around chapters 74-76 I think.

Bonedog | 03-22-14, 4:41 AM
Hey there. I just saw your comment on Uchuu Kyoudai episode 99 saying hiatus confirmed. If this is true I will be super stoked as it is one of my favourite anime. Where did you find this information? Thanks.

greatyu | 03-22-14, 1:23 AM
Oh thank you! ^^
It's a pleasure to meet another Japanese cultural enthusiast :)

nj20001 | 03-20-14, 7:03 PM
I'm glad you think so, if there was a tool to erase memory I would use it just to watch this anime all over again that's how good it was!, appreciate the comment though!

Born2Run | 03-19-14, 10:38 AM
Thanks! :)

saka | 03-19-14, 7:42 AM
Glad to hear it still works

Stark700 | 03-05-14, 4:00 PM

IntroverTurtle | 03-03-14, 10:39 AM
Hopefully a good shock.

welcome2NHK | 03-03-14, 9:21 AM
Hey, I have completed YKK:-

It was definitely a slice of life which was simply perfect. The story was very calming and relaxing, it had a great sense of time, it gave off the feel of nostalgia. Alpha as a character was great throughout the series, she was very calm, attractive and likeable character, she definitely like an angel. That being said, her being a robot puts more emphasize around her surrounding that does change. The supporting characters were also likeable, as we could see their quality of growing up throughout the manga from Alpha's point of view, the other characters are definitely are well-made, as they had a purpose.

The art was pure beautiful, the written not only proved that he can draw great sceneries but can also flow a story within it. The art really shows the beauty of this world, his drawing will make the reader understand the importance of time and the moments you have a quite short so you should treasure those moments adnd memories, just pure beauty right there. Anyhow, I loved the manga, just like Aria, it can definitely be a manga that can heal one's heart with it's beauty. Loved the way the writer showed the beauty of the world and the importance of our life through this perfect slice of life manga, it was a very relaxing read!

This is definitely one of my favourite manga now, I give YKK 10/10!

IntroverTurtle | 03-02-14, 8:03 PM
No problem. That's great, it's one of my favorites so I hope you enjoy it. If you like intense, the last fight is one of my favorite fights in all of anime. Make sure to watch it with the volume up though so you really get the atmosphere.

MikeP | 03-02-14, 10:18 AM
Whilst Kate is awesome I'm mostly in it forthe general wackiness and excellent presentation. Most series that try and do these kind of things come out much worse for it.

Vensito | 03-01-14, 2:34 PM
To be honest, I'm not a very good stalker >_>...

Holy crap, you're like, some kinda doctor then! >:O WHOAAAA! That's cool! Any fun on-the-job stories you got to share? Maybe juggling lab equipment or hauntings?

What's Horimiya like? I can't say I've heard of that series before. YKK is incredibly chill and very unique in the way they tell the story, very good choice.

Hmm... How about Sun-ken Rock? It's a manga about a Japanese guy who ends up becoming a gangster in Korea and has to try to become top of the food chain all while making sure the woman he likes doesn't find out what he's doing.

Or maybe Gantz. It's a sci-fi series that's very heavy on the gore and naked women. But it has a very interesting idea behind it and is beaming with action.

Animefreak17a | 02-27-14, 8:11 AM
What I mean is that for a organisation who's job is to save people's lives they don't do there jobs well and tend to slip up on examinations and expertise and tend to give up on there patents,

Something a bout the NHS I don't trust and they more halfassed today then back in the day cause I heard back then everything was strict and organized you would of thought it be as strict and organized and more high tech but the doctors seem to be more uninterested to save people and more about the money,

Yes I understand people need money but you need a passion to want to save people and use diffrent ways of helping people and get the latest technology that America has when I comes to operations,

Cause I saw this on the news and there was this woman who had this brain tumour and she went to America and they said they could remove it completely but in this country we don't have a machine that can do that and it cost alot of money to get the operation I think it was $200.000.

And this tells me that the NHS ISN'T doing its best cause we in this country don't have the latest in this country but cause it's too expensive.

Not only that but the old is being mistreated and won't get surgery they need.
Slip ups and mistakes that's cost people there lives because of there screw ups.
And I'm 100% sure there lying about not having cures for illnesses like aids and cancer and other stuff.......

This is 2014 and we can go in to space we have internet on a phone that can do everything to take photos and have loads of loads of technology and they haven't made any progress on finding cures for all these illnesses and from discovering what's causing people to die like cancer and aids your telling me after all this time they can't find anything to stop these illnesses.

Sorry but something smells fishy about that.

You can tell I don't trust hospitals lol.

So anyways how are you.

KouhaRen | 02-27-14, 1:11 AM
Awww, thanks :D

welcome2NHK | 02-26-14, 10:22 AM
Oh, YKK sounds very awesome, Aria? wow, I look forward to it even more when I read it, sounds great, so it would be like a breath of fresh air, just like Aria. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion! I will definitely give it a go sooner or later!

You should definitely read, Mars, 'My Girl' and Oyasumi Punpun manga someday!

Animefreak17a | 02-26-14, 5:06 AM
Oh my that is a problem not in the database you say,

Sounds to me someone's been lying down on the job,

My goal is to watch every single anime in existence ( with a few exceptions of course yaoi )

Further more I'd suggest you not trust the NHS for they are liars.

Animefreak17a | 02-25-14, 11:00 PM
I'm catching up to you doctor

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