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Bilgamesh | 08-24-14, 9:53 AM
Man, you should watch the eighth episode of AgK as soon possible. It is just amazing!

link9us | 08-14-14, 3:06 AM
Hello, don't think you know me but i saw one of your comments on "Space Brothers" since you completed it, i wanted to hear your thoughts on why the show is considered great, with out spoilers of course.

I am looking to watch a show that is real down to earth and like a space novel, with a good story line, emotional drama and about the true riggers of space travel.

to give you an idea, something similar to Moonlight Mile.

This show really intrigues me especially with how long it is, this gives the characters and story much room to expand upon. I just hope im not dissapointed. So enlighten me, let me know why you think this show is amazing if you would please.

ishitagupta | 08-03-14, 3:37 AM
Moshi Moshi! How go your reading adventures?

Animefreak17a | 07-30-14, 2:41 AM
I'm not that smart I'm afraid I did poorly at school because of certain reasons at school and it was a terrible school too.....And I suffer from AS. So I guess that's a dream that won't come true......

By the way .....good choice for having doctor tenma as a favourite, that what a real doctor should be like...

DystopianLove | 07-28-14, 11:01 PM
No problem!

I added Cross Game to my PTW. I've actually heard great things about that series from a few people. I look forward to watching it and it'll be one of my first series within the sports genre.

Fairly Tail is another thing. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to watching that especially since my shounen fill has been maxed out by One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, and JoJo-- but if I ever have the urge to try another long-running series, I might give FT a try. I still have to watch Yu Yu Hakusho. Shows on a epic/grand scale which seems to be a consistent attribute in shounen (especially long-running) series always tends to be popular with the masses for a variety of reasons.

I'm not sure if you've thought or considered trying One Piece or Hunter x Hunter (2011) but I highly recommend both of those. Of course that goes with investing a good amount of time but I think it'll be a worthy experience for you. One Piece takes a handful of episodes to get fully engaging but Hunter gets to business pretty quickly. These would be among my favorite shounen long-running series so I thought I'd share the sentiment.

I will definitely start Cross Game soon once I've finished some of the shows I've been currently watching. Thanks for the suggestions.

Animefreak17a | 07-27-14, 9:23 AM
I don't know why and for the life of me but...............

I find my self looking up to you.

I think it's because your a doctor......which I wish I could of been......

cabacc2 | 07-25-14, 6:40 PM
you should add some more spoilers to your favorit anime scenes.
The pure numbers of scenes behind that one spoiler has the potential to crush PCs.

Bilgamesh | 07-25-14, 4:59 AM
Doc sent me a message.

My thoughts exactly. The censorship in Tokyo Ghoul is really annoying. If not this it could have become my №1. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is simply amazing. I just love how they parody “the shoujo genre”. Alack, haven’t started Barakamon yet.

I also have really high expectations on Zankyou no Terror. That ED theme of ZnT just gives me the shivers, I just can’t wait to download the full version of it.

Rail Wars has a brand new story, yet it is so weak… I also don’t understand how the creators made such talented boyz and galz do their work in such weak anime.

Fairy Tail is good(not as good as Hunter x Hunter 2011), yet it is so weak and full of cliché. However, I gave a nine and a ten for the first/second seasons. Honestly, I can’t explain it.

Bilgamesh | 07-20-14, 11:15 AM
Hey DOC! Long time no talk.
What are your thoughts on the current season?

Kolokotronis | 07-13-14, 4:05 PM
I wish I knew! I tend to refer to its quite a lot myself, whether logged in or not, as I find it's quite a useful reference tool. But I rather doubt that me doing that would account for that many views on its own! Maybe people look at the list more because I say so little about my tastes on the main profile page?

It is a mystery.

waterfalls | 07-13-14, 12:24 PM
Hello Xenograft. "baka" kara no sotsugyou omedetou gozaimasu. :-)

I finally started watching Space Brothers. It reminds me of Planetes, of course, but I think I actually like it better. (And starting a long good realistic series reminds me of how I felt when I started watching LoGH.) I think I finally have a "standard" thing I can suggest as a "starter anime" for people I wouldn't recommend FMA: Brotherhood to.

...of course, being the jerk I am, the whole time I'm watching it I can't help thinking about how
- good rocket design affects success more than astronaut skill
- NASA's rockets and launch systems are badly designed

(But don't worry, we have the guy who thinks the "hyperloop" is a brilliant idea riding to the rescue. Well, he is at least actually good with some business stuff.)

I think Russian rockets being better than American ones is partly related to management philosophy. where in Russia you have a technical guy at the top who's sort of an auteur, and in America you have a business guy who leaves the technical decisions to guys lower down. So, in Russia you get a system with good high-level design, while in America you get better design of lower-level components.

Well, that plus Russia had all these top smart people working on rocket design, and maybe it's just that nobody better has come along so far. America had that with nuke design, and we're still using the same nuke designs now.

You're a guy with pretty good taste, and you watch a lot of really low rated anime. Personally, I won't touch anything with <7.2 on MAL. Am I missing anything?

ishitagupta | 07-13-14, 11:50 AM
Ehehehe to be honest, I've changed a bunch of computers since I uploaded that one so I don't have it indexed, but I just reverse engineered it in Google and got this: Nante Zurui Otoko. Hyok it's also called Wolf Cherry (Not one for subtlety, are they... The Japanese~_^)

Horimiya.... Mmmm... shounen AND slice of life? I have to tell you, SOL bores me with all that inner monologue. But since it comes highly recommended, lemme see what I can do here.

ishitagupta | 07-13-14, 3:46 AM
And since it's one of the few titles I've read in the past 3 months, may I especially recommend Hatsu Haru? It's got a lot of Moee! (Or I do, for that title!)

ishitagupta | 07-13-14, 2:54 AM
Haha thanks Ace! I have quite the penchant for talking my poor victims' ears off! I'd love to swap giggly notes when you do read some of the inset mangas!

DystopianLove | 07-04-14, 1:04 AM
That sounds exciting.

Things are fine. Just working away, but looking forward to the long weekend.

What interesting shows have you been watching sensei?

PS--Thanks :)

kajia | 06-26-14, 8:27 AM
Did you know that Adachi Mitsuru, the manga artist who drew Cross Game, is actually one of the most famous manga artists in Japan? He was also responsible for "Touch", which was one of the most popular anime in Japan in the 80s. It was so popular that Kazuya and Tatsuya, the names of two of the central characters in it, became the two most popular names for boys born in the 80s. I watched that recently, and while I really liked it, the story is a bit too similar to "Cross Game". I get the impression that he's been telling the same story over and over again through the years, polishing it up a bit more each time. As a result, it's probably not too surprising that the people who I know who watched Touch first liked it a more - because it was their first encounter with his unique unstated style of story telling - and those who watched Cross Game first liked that more - because it's essentially the same story, but told by an older Adachi more experienced in telling his tale.

I really enjoyed space/sci-fi themed shows as well, which was why I was also attracted to Space Brothers. From what I've seen in the first episode, the parallels between "Planetes" and "Space Brothers" seems to stretch beyond the space theme, in particular the aspect about someone re-igniting the ambitions and dreams they had when they were young. Oh, and I believe that "Planetes" was also made with consultants from JAXA, which is how they made science/tech aspects of it so realistic.

DystopianLove | 06-20-14, 1:49 PM
Hey, it's been a while since we spoke. How are you doing?

kajia | 06-15-14, 2:34 PM
Sorry I'm late getting back to you. Your message made me realise my backlog of wall replies had gotten a bit too long so I've been busy replying back to people this last few days! I'm glad Aria's got through to you. I've been meaning to rewatch the first season then continuing to the others for a while now, but haven't got around to it yet.

Cross Game was the last anime to make it onto my favourites list. I really loved that series. 50 episodes in a day's quite an achievement. I was trying to ration it to make it last longer! I wrote a review, but found it hard to write about its merits without spoiling the first episode. Check it out if you're interested, and we can discuss the show in a bit more depth if you want. I was very pleased with the opening paragraph - probably one of the best I'd ever written - but it dragged on a bit toward the end, so I want to re-write it some day.

I saw you really liked Space Brothers. I was blown away by the first episode and was waiting for it to end. Now that it has I want to start watching it. Is it like Planetes? From the first episode I felt like it shared a lot of themes with Planetes.

Naruleach | 06-10-14, 4:07 PM
Thanks for the recommendation, Xenograft. Hopefully, I'll get into a marathoning mood and will watch that this summer break. I see you've started Cross Game! Great choice!

SirAbblot | 06-09-14, 6:33 PM
Wow, quite the list.

You really liked Higurashi, how will I react to it if I dislike regular horror? (I'm okay with most anime gore).

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