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JadeRuby | 05-07-12, 12:31 AM
just 1080p ones no wonder you ran out of space XD

KnightRyder | 05-06-12, 8:44 AM
FYI, one of the titles I have that Hatsuyuki subbed is Pandora Hearts. I haven't watched it yet....not sure when that will happen. I think the other titles I have were already burned to DVD or Blu-Ray and removed from my hard drives. Even with nearly 5TB of drive space, I run out of space because I have so many 1080p titles. I like hi-res video.

kamanime | 05-04-12, 5:34 AM
Nice reviews

KnightRyder | 05-03-12, 9:06 PM
I just read your Haibane Renmai review. I out-rated you with a 10. But all you said is how I saw it as well. This marvelous Slice-of-Life series is one of the warmest stories I've ever seen. I couldn't help but love those girls and root for them as they sought the meaning of their existence. Wonderful story and a very nice review from you. Thanks.

VioLink | 05-03-12, 8:04 PM
Nice Baccano review!

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