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Sebulon | 07-22-14, 11:55 PM
That would make a good movie. Think I'm gonna start writing the script right away.

Sebulon | 07-22-14, 1:08 PM
Don't worry, I still love you more than your mother and father combined. I'd give my left testicle if you had a serious disease and that would cure it.

ONEESAMAAA | 07-18-14, 12:36 AM
awww yeaaa

Ran is the best

ONEESAMAAA | 07-08-14, 4:18 PM
Best way to watch it

ONEESAMAAA | 07-08-14, 2:40 PM
9 lewd

Gonna join the SMC complain train?

Cowabunga | 06-28-14, 8:47 AM
Have they? I always see FNAC packed. I like the chain for its variety, although I don't buy much stuff there. it's more of a place to check out instead of shopping, at least that's the vibe I get. Depends on the department, though. Forget about buying video games at FNAC. Awful promotions and prices.

He's still alive afaik. The thing is, the last 3 or so Astérix books have been pretty poor and also weird as hell. Almost felt like they didn't belong in the main series. One of them was a collection of short stories about Uderzo even.

Haven't read many Lucky Luke books. The ones I've read were all written by Goscinny. Goscinny-less Astérix books make me weary of Goscinny-less Lucky Luke books.

What about Spirou? I really don't like the art of the modern books at all. Btw, Spirou is huge in Belgium. Apparently he's bigger than Tintin there. Although Tintin hasn't had a book since the 70s. Good thing Hergé did it all on his own, otherwise Tintin would probably have gotten some shitty books since then.

Used to prefer Astérix over Tintin, but as I get older, both have switched places in my preferences. Don't really care much about Astérix these days.

Also, it's funny how the main characters, Astérix and Tintin, aren't as interestign and charismatic as the side characters(Obélix, Haddock, etc.). Tintin's early books are good, but Haddock, Dupont bros. and that air head professor were pretty good inclusions to the cast. Man, there used to be a couple of official Tintin stores in the city where you could buy official merchandise of the series. I remember there being a dictionary for Haddock's insults even. Should have bought that. The only Tintin merch I own outside of the books is a Milou plush toy.

Cowabunga | 06-28-14, 12:53 AM
Of course I've heard of Corto Maltese. I'm yet to try it, though.

You know FNAC? It sells a ton of Franco-Belgian comics.

Man, Astérix has gone down the shitter ever since Goscinny died. Would not be surprised if same happened to Lucky Luke.

KeiranShikari | 06-27-14, 1:40 PM
Not been watching much 3dpd recently but I do technically have two shows on the go. The Sopranos and that Baltimore cop show that isn't The Wire.

Looks pretty interesting though, I'm sure I'll get to it before 2030.

Kimura | 06-27-14, 1:38 PM
Thanks. Red Lobster is always a good time.

Cowabunga | 06-27-14, 7:10 AM
I own a copy of The Metamorphosis but won't read it anytime soon.

Oh, I see. Thought he was French for some reason.

Anyway, what about Franco-Belgian BD? There's tons of them. Already tried the bigger ones.

Cowabunga | 06-27-14, 6:54 AM
Really? From my experience, most people don't like the idea of reading fiction much since it requires them to make more of an effort than reading non-fiction. And when they try to read fiction they'll just go for poorly written best-sellers or chic lit.

Nietzsche? Read a couple of books by him and didn't dislike it, although philosophy isn't exactly my idea of entertainment, despite liking it to a point. Fuck the philosophy subject in HS, though.

Do you like Kafka? Only read The Trial and it was solid but it's incomplete and wasn't very fond of the ending. "Like a dog!" is an unforgettable line, though. I gotta admit.

Haven't read Freud.

Forgot about Foucault and Barthes lol. Also, wasn't Meyer Fortes French as well?

Cowabunga | 06-27-14, 6:26 AM
I'm only referring to novelists. When it comes to non-fiction, I've read Durkheim and a few texts by Lévi-Strauss. Didn't care much for either.

It's strange how, before I started reading, I believed most people read books. Turns out plenty of people haven't picked up a novel since HS/Uni. I guess shitty compulsory readings traumatized them. I do pity those who find it hard to read a 200-300 page book, though. I've also noted that people who read frequently tend to be more interesting and also deeper.

Cowabunga | 06-27-14, 5:36 AM
Thanks for your recommendations.

Victor Hugo? I own Les Miserables but it's in French(my brother had to read it for French class in HS), I'm afraid.

Hugo and Camus are the only authors I recognize from your recommendations. I only started looking into literature 3 years ago or so. Damn school for making me dislike books for years.

Cowabunga | 06-27-14, 3:39 AM
Here am I, pestering you again.

Now that I'm officially on summer break, could you recommend me some French authors to check out? I plan to read several fiction books in the summer.

Cowabunga | 06-22-14, 3:15 AM
Never heard of Lang-8, to be honest.

Khan Academy is a website where you can learn and practice math from the most basic of the basics to the most advanced math out there. I wish something like it existed back when I was a kid. It could have helped me a lot in school. Math and Physics have always been my worst subjects.

Cowabunga | 06-22-14, 2:57 AM
I don't remember. But it's a fairly well known website, so I was bound to bump into it sooner or later.

I don't see it as a language learning tool per se, but as a free online practicing tool. I don't like how it immediately takes you to translating and typing down sentences you hear without knowing the basics of the language. It's not exactly a good grammar resource. Also, I don't like the idea of translating articles and being corrected by other members. How do I know who's correct and who's wrong?

It's kinda like Khan Academy but for foreign language students, I guess. Although Khan Academy seems better and more complete.

Cowabunga | 06-22-14, 2:21 AM
Btw, have you heard of Duolingo?

Titadou | 06-19-14, 1:17 PM
En Juin nous sommes les meilleurs huhu xP
Effectivement les anniversaires sont sur le panel ! mais c'est tellement discret, il faut le remarquer quand même ._.

Titadou | 06-19-14, 6:13 AM
Ah merci xD c'est vrai que c'est noté sur ma fiche x')

Psajdak | 06-11-14, 9:31 AM
Thanks, man. :)

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