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Cowabunga | 01-23-15, 5:37 AM
The art looks interesting and I've also heard good stuff about the story as a whole.

Semester break atm. Passed every subject except one which I gotta take an exam on the 30th. Goddamn professor fucked me over. My final project was good, dammit -__-

Will go back to classes in early February. Not sure about the day yet, though. Our break between both semesters goes from mid-December to early February. it's also the first exam and final papers season.

Cowabunga | 01-23-15, 5:05 AM
Jojo looks interesting, I must say.

mayura_loki | 01-11-15, 7:41 AM
Can you recommend me an anime that has a comedy,shounen,romance and action,it's ok if it has many season or episodes,if it is ok for you?can you?

mayura_loki | 01-11-15, 5:42 AM
Thanks for making my signature better^
I look at your list you have so many anime completed,Nice^

SVDDXNLY | 01-10-15, 3:02 PM
I put the manga on-hold because I realized would rather experience the story for the first time through the anime. It's still very good, but the anime is a more enjoyable venture.

SVDDXNLY | 01-10-15, 1:35 PM
That's pretty neat and inspiring.

Space Bros continuation when?? ;_;

mayura_loki | 01-09-15, 8:02 AM
Hello, here is the original of it,

Really your willing to make a better one,thanks in advance!^_^

Cowabunga | 01-01-15, 6:39 AM
I picked the manga instead because I didn't feel like watching a pretty long anime at the time.

Yes, players in Kuroko have flashy superpowers, indeed. It's more like Slam Dunk in terms of characters and story. It gives you that Slam Dunkish feel.

Really? Well, sports anime usually aren't realistic, so it doesn't really matter, I guess. He probably read the rules of the game before writing the manga. And this doesn't seem to be something new. When I was watching Major, I saw people claiming that the author got some rules wrong and they wondered if he had ever seen a baseball match in his life. American users also point out often that Eyeshield 21's author doesn't have a firm grasp of american football rules either.

Cowabunga | 12-31-14, 8:40 AM
Oh and you're watching Slam Dunk. One of the best sports anime out there. I only read the manga so I dunno how faithful is the anime to it.

I started Kuroko no Basket 2nd season last night. It's pretty much a modern Slam Dunk, with enough differences to make it not a ripoff of it. It's fun, but not as good and memorable as Slam Dunk. Not to mention Slam Dunk's got that retro charm I'm a sucker for.

Cowabunga | 12-30-14, 10:13 AM
Classy really isn't a term I like to overuse, but I'd say that Cowboy Bebop is a great example of an anime that's deserving of such label. Legend of the galactic Heroes and Rose of Versailles are another 2 that come up to my mind.

Cowabunga | 12-29-14, 3:47 PM
I like the ED, especially. Meiko Nakaharo had a beautiful voice. She also did some songs for Kimagure Orange Road, another 80s classic.

Wouldn't say class, but charm.

Cowabunga | 12-29-14, 2:33 PM
Enjoying Dirty Pair so far? It has its moments and some memorable episodes, but wasn't crazy about it as a whole. You're not supposed to marathon episodic shows, anyway. Good OST, though.

Cowabunga | 12-25-14, 11:32 AM
Joyeux Noël, then.

SVDDXNLY | 12-12-14, 1:05 PM
Despite being moved due to poor TV ratings, it has found success in its online format. I doubt we'll get more, but I said the same thing when TLA ended. I read in an interview somewhere that the creators weren't keen on making another show. People are fickle so who knows if they change their minds in a few years. The franchise is too good for it to be in Nick's hands.

SVDDXNLY | 12-12-14, 10:20 AM
I feel the same way in regards with it getting better as shit gets realer.

Book 3 is great. Hope you enjoy. Speaking of which, I have yet to watch today's episode. It's going to be sad seeing this show end.

SVDDXNLY | 12-12-14, 8:12 AM
Nice pic. I ended up catching up to Rebels.

It's fun.

Cowabunga | 11-18-14, 1:20 PM
One Piece is a mess here. The first 50 eps or so were dubbed in an awful manner and the others were subbed. No wonder OP never caught on here and Naruto is more popular(was subbed form day one). We get the English translation of both mangas, though. In fact, most mangas here are in English. Some are in Portuguese and the odd one will be in French(usually sold at FNAC).

The worst Portuguese dubs I've seen were the One Piece and Cardcaptor Sakure ones.

Cowabunga | 11-17-14, 12:59 PM
Never heard the Japanese Pokémon opening. Most are based on the English one, including ours. Not to mention the character have the same names, usually. Ours are the same as the English ones. We don't even translate Pokémon names like you and the Germans do.

Dunno if that is the case. What's the point? It's not like they don't know it's from Japan. Maybe they also create their own openings for American cartoons. The Japanese did that with the 2003 TMNT series, per example. Maybe it's simply an East Asian thing.

Cowabunga | 11-16-14, 1:02 AM
Ye, the instrumental part is nice. I also like the lyrics.

From what I've noticed, Italians and Koreans love to create their own theme songs instead of simply translating existing ones already. Don't like the Italian opening of the original TMNT cartoon, though. You can't change such an iconic theme completely like that. The Korean version of the first Pokémon theme is completely original as well.

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