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bendalln | 02-14-15, 1:36 PM
Hello Again Paean :D
It's Your Friend Nathan Again

Here Is Another Story I So written About A Month Ago For Myanimelist Friends Who Are Not Staff Members :D Also Here You Go,

Is It Good? Extra Thank You :)
Take Care :) Thank You Bye Bye :))

bendalln | 02-14-15, 1:33 PM
Hello Paean :))
It's Your Friend Nathan :))
Good Day 2 You :)

I So Got Another Story For You :D Also Here You Go

Is It Good? Extra Thank You, :D Take Lots Of Care, :) Thank You Bye Bye :))

pakin | 02-13-15, 4:10 PM
not sure why you're so focus on deleting recommendation o.o
not many people have time to follow the guidelines anyway, so if you actually delete all the recommendations without following guidelines, i think many anime would only have a few anime that's recommended.

EvenJellyOn | 02-09-15, 2:18 PM
What's Ookiku Furikabutte like?

MayansKuroiRyu | 02-09-15, 12:44 PM
I don't have xd

bendalln | 01-25-15, 2:35 PM
Hello Paean :D
It's Your Friend Nathan ^_^
Good Day 2 You :))

I Am Just So So So, Very Very Very Happy And So Excited And I So Feel So Very Happy Right Now, :)) Guess What Just Happened? It's So Very Amazing :D Snakes (Who's A Review Moderator Like You) And Luna_ (Who's A Database Administrator) Both Logged Into Or Went On Myanimelist At The Exact Same Second, :O Not Minute Second :O That's So So Very Amazing Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Hehe.........., They Are Both Magic :D

Also I So Know Because It Says On Your Myanimelist Friends Page When Your Friend Last Was On Myanimelist And It Actually Said 54 Seconds For Both Snakes And Luna_ :D :O :D Thay Are Both Magic, Wow,

Also 1 Second Is Way 2 Quick 2 Do Something At The Exact Same Time Like That, I So Feel So Very Excited Right Now, Yay......, Hehe That's So Like 2 People From Different Country's Biting A Piece Of Chocolate At The Exact Same Second And There Tongue Actually Touching The Chocolate At The Exact Same Second :) It's Like Winning The Lottery Only Way Harder And Wow :D

Also How Did Snakes And Luna_ Do That? How Did They Do That? How? They Are Both Magic :D I So Love Snakes And Luna_ Like Crazy Now :D Hehe..........., I've So Been Jumping, Singing, Spinning, Skipping, Rolling And Laughing, Snakes And Luna_ So Need 2 Both Be Rich, :D :D Extra Thank You :))

Also Paean That's So Like You And Snaxia Both Deleting A Bad Review At The Exact Same Second, I'm So Very Happy, Snakes And Luna_ Are Both Magically Magic, How Did They Ever, Both Do That? Also I So Wish That Snakes And Luna_ Was Both The Richest People On Earth Right Now :))) Yay........., :D How Did They Really So Do That? Hehe XD

Also Paean How Are You? I So 100% Hope Your Ok, Also, I've So Been Good Today :)) I'm Just So Very Very Very So Happy, :))

Take Lots Of Care :))
Also Can You Use Magic 2? Thank You Bye Bye :)) :P Have An Adventure :) Bye Bye :)

Tuzo | 12-18-14, 6:18 PM
Thank you for keeping MAL working.

Snakes | 12-06-14, 6:05 AM
thanks paean, much love sweetie!

bendalln | 11-18-14, 4:36 PM
Hello Paean :))
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Good Day 2 You, I Got Another Story For You And You Are In It, It's A Story For All The Myanimelist Staff Members, And I So Promise You Are In It A Lot, Please Read It Please? Your So Very Amazing XD Extra Thank You :)

Do You Like It? Extra Good Luck Again Being A Review Moderator XD

Take Lots Of Care, :) Thank You Bye Bye :))

AndyRayy | 10-14-14, 12:59 PM
I'll miss screwing around modding with you guys! And of course I'll miss having MAL'ers question our dedication and talking behind our backs! /s

I meant to mention this a long time ago, but thanks a lot for that message you sent a while back. You know which one I'm talking about, right?

Well, here's a screenshot of it so that everyone will know which one I'm talking about! Nah, but I really did appreciate it.

Look who commented 1 minute before you did. I wonder if our 'activity levels' were based only on the contribution tabs lol

bendalln | 10-11-14, 2:29 PM
Hello Paean :)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
A Very Special Day 2 You, Extra Good Luck Being A Review Moderator :))

I Written Another Story Today, Can I Please Show You Please? Is It Good? Extra Thank You :))

Also, Here Is A Blog On Why I Hate Needles :D They Are So very Scary :( Sorry

Take Lots Of care :))
Thank You Bye Bye :))

Dunois | 09-08-14, 2:46 PM
I suppose that would help. : )

It's a shame you don't have official titles under the forum avatar. Causes a lot of confusion, I guess.

Dunois | 09-08-14, 2:31 PM
Credibility is what you make of it. It's a stop-gap solution at the very least. : )

I see. But I guess it'd certainly help if you guys were to have some sort of a mark or indicator that you're a mod. Why not something in the forum signature?

Dunois | 09-08-14, 2:16 PM
I'm curious.

Why didn't you guys simply photoshop "Review/Recommendation Moderator" onto your profile pictures the way some users fake titles on MAL?

Like this user:

Dunois | 09-08-14, 11:29 AM
No that's alright! It's always nice to hear from people!

Well I'm glad you got inspired to work. I guess inspiration is everywhere around us. Power to you! : )

You're a review mod aren't you?

Subpyro | 08-21-14, 4:53 AM
It's interesting how your review almost doubled (exaggerated) the amount of users that have set a relation to the manga Kieli.

Luna_ | 08-16-14, 11:54 AM
Danke, ich werde mein bestes geben :)

Sorrow | 08-11-14, 1:24 PM
haha thanks for that change! I always love some help :)

cyruz | 08-11-14, 1:05 PM
Ich brauch' eher 'ne Schulter zum anlehnen, wenn's zu viel wird. =D


Subpyro | 08-10-14, 2:03 PM
I like stealing, but never got around to say "thanks". So, yeah, thanks. I leeched it off you, but you probably already know that.

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