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MusashiRose | 01-12-13, 11:09 PM
Hey there :]

i hope you had a fabulous holiday! how have you been???

watching anything from this new season???

S-Lumiere | 10-05-12, 11:06 AM
Thanks. Your profile is serious and thus quite enjoyable. I appreciate an earnest approach. Best regards. It's been fun to visit.

Chibitan | 09-08-12, 4:44 PM

Arinya | 09-01-12, 3:43 AM

It has finally happened guys! WE HIT 1000 MEMBERS!!!!! *throws streamers* I love all of you guys soooo much! Thank you for sticking with me all this time and making We Love Bishies the friendly, boy crazy club that it is. It would be nothing without you guys.
I have one more announcement. Starting next month I am not going to be sending out the newsletter to everyone. Only the people who sign up for it HERE will get one. With the club growing so much it’s becoming difficult to send it out. Thank you *bows*
Here are links to things you might like:
LE 1000 card
LE Bishie of the Month Cards
Vote for Next Month’s Bishie
Whip a Bishie
Sign up for Newsletter

Omniknight | 08-09-12, 6:39 PM
What anime are you enjoying so far from the summer season?

yukiNOceres | 08-03-12, 11:08 AM

Hi hi minna-san! Sorry that we missed last month’s newsletter, I had a little hiatus pretty much all of June and spent July making up for it. Please forgive me! -bows-
Anyway, let’s get down to business! Here’re the goodies for this month:
Bishie of the Month Cards
Vote for Next Month’s Bishie
Whip a Bishie for August
We Love Bishies is always looking for perky members that wish to step forward and join our staff. Every month we need willing vict-- *ehem* volunteers to help pass out the newsletter. It is one of the most important jobs that we have in the group and is rewarded every month with special privileges. If you’re willing to take a stand for the bishies, please message Taichou on her page so she can mark you down!
Happy Nosebleeds

hisaki13 | 07-21-12, 12:30 PM

MusashiRose | 07-18-12, 10:48 AM

Gender swapping manga by Chiho Saito?!


Thank you!! ^^

DraconisMarch | 07-12-12, 11:30 PM
Uh... why people even like them?

They're annoying, mean, and easy to write.

1. Whenever her love interest shows interest in someone other than them, she must attack him—either verbally or physically. One of the most heinous examples of this is Louise de blah blah shit whatever the fuck my name is retarded, who physically beats the guy whenever she finds him in a “situation” with another girl—or just for looking at one. The more normal response is to just call him an idiot.

2. Whenever her love interest says or does anything nice to HER, she must attack him—either verbally or physically.

They’re bipolar. They’ll get mad at him even for just being nice to another girl, and they’ll get mad at him if they’re just being nice to HER. Basically, they get mad when they should be happy, and get enraged when they should be sad or jealous. Basically, they get mad ALL THE TIME.

Do you know what you call a person like that in real life? A BITCH.

DraconisMarch | 07-12-12, 9:06 PM
You're not serious, are you? Tsunderes are the worst character type ever.

dominant | 07-01-12, 11:46 AM

megaload | 06-28-12, 11:20 PM
Всъщност ако погледнеш списъка ми с гледани анимета, ще видиш, че вече съм "отстрелял" Ojii-san No Lamp.
Да, постарали са се за историческата адекватност и картинките са много красиви, но историята ми дойде излишно мелодраматична и прекалено поучителна.
В крайна сметка не ми хареса.

А пък "останалите от поредицата"...от коя година? Да не говорим, колко много от тях не се "фенсъбнати".

tenshi_kun | 06-25-12, 3:54 AM
Преди време беше възможно, не съм си ъпдейтвал профила от сумати време.
/Well basically, you can look through this:,mod=18&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=myanimelist+how+to+add+more+than+5+animes //I happened to do it unintetionally/,

DraconisMarch | 06-19-12, 12:37 PM
Yeah well, if you watch ANYTHING too much, you're bound to get bored of it eventually. That's why I have to take breaks in between watches, so that I have time to regain interest and don't have it too fresh in my brain. Long amounts of time to help you forget it make it that much more rewarding when you finally DO watch it again.

Omniknight | 06-16-12, 10:42 PM
Sorry for the late reply. I don't really check my profile that often and I wasn't really as active on MAL last month.

I usually give every anime at least a try before picking a few to continue on with.
I think the anime you chose for this upcoming summer anime season have good potential and I look forward to them, especially Sword Art Online.
Hagure Yuusha no Estetica looks kind of interesting to me and I have a soft spot for slice-of-life anime (Tari Tari). But characters are key in slice-of-life so unless I love their interactions, I usually drop it.

DraconisMarch | 06-14-12, 1:13 PM
Rewatching Madoka again.

Arinya | 06-09-12, 3:44 PM

DraconisMarch | 06-04-12, 2:46 AM

Damn dude. Like mahou shoujos enough?

I may look into that. Archaeon's review makes it sound good, but the mean score is surprisingly low.

tenshi_kun | 06-03-12, 5:03 AM
Връщаш се 1 година назад (;

bakuramariks | 05-25-12, 8:51 AM
WTF?! Сериозно ли?! Е как може така бе?! Ц-ц. Production I.G... Изобщо не помня кои анимета бяха техни. Нищо не ми идва на ум, но се надявам да си свършат работата добре.

То не може винаги да се вадят страхотни неща. Все понякога някое добро/страхотно студио ще се олее xD.

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