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Peytral | 10-31-12, 6:13 PM
I actually don't think 7.38 is a much lower score than I'd expect The Inspector to get. TBH you've probably gotta be a pretty huge mecha fan to like it that much. If you're in it for the explosions and fanservice then it's pretty fantastic, though.

It does have a better plot than most similar shows, however. ESPECIALLY other Obari shows. But then, that's due to the source material. :3

Peytral | 08-12-12, 8:27 PM
Oh hey, I didn't know you had one of these.

Kino_no_Tabi | 01-28-11, 10:26 AM
To Spain?! I'm so jealous!!!
I want to go to Spain, part of my bucket list :p
and very funny, for a moment there i thought you were going to visit me or something :P LOL, joking!
Have fun in Spain! hope it's not cold there, and going on vacations laptop free are very good ^~^

Kino_no_Tabi | 01-27-11, 10:50 AM
Whoa, we have a 90% anime compatiblity?! *-*

Kino_no_Tabi | 01-18-11, 9:08 AM
hahaha, trips like that are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! even if they're study opportunities. No shame in having fun ;) (assuming you're not doing anything dangerous for fun and such xD). It's awesome that you got to meet other foreign students, I bet you must have learned a lot about the other cultures. sucks the french students weren't as friendly, though D:

May the god Zeus throw a lighting bolt onto whoever nicked your umbrella :P
I much rather be in Puerto Rico or Paris, too, basically anywhere where it is not cold.

work is tolerable, have stuff to do but it's not rush time yet. i should be working, but instead am reading Detective Conan online :D

Kino_no_Tabi | 01-14-11, 8:52 AM
Wait, you were in paris for a year?! *-* How was it?? That sounds awesome! ^^
... oh wait, I heard the people in Paris can be a bit antisocial to outsiders or something, were they really like that? O.O

If it's below zero degrees F in Scotland, then yeah, the weather's better here than over there. Right now it's in the 10-20 degrees F here >.< I hope it doesn't start getting windy, 'cause then you feel the cold cutting through you even more. I really, REALLY HATE THE COLD!!!! I know the feeling when you from a warmer place to a colder one, happened to me again when I got back to the cold after a month of being in the 70 degrees F. I miss the warm weather :'<

Oh wow, good luck with your French exams! And with surviving the cold, too >.>"

Kino_no_Tabi | 01-10-11, 7:02 AM
Happy New Year! I hope this year is a really good one for everyone ^^

Haha, I've been reading Detective Conan for a little over a year now, and am barely halfway through to catching up to the latest chapter >.< But it's still a good light read ;) My new year's resolution: to finally start reading One Piece >.> <.<

How are you doing? I'm doing well, just got back to work today after a month of vacation (not kidding, that's how much I had been working, had not taken any vacation before that). spent it in puerto rico with family and such, it was awesome! :D got some good rest, and now i have to go back to the trenches to work :s But all is well, so far ;)

Deurkier | 01-04-11, 1:52 PM
wow no idea what happend there must be lag Sorry :$

Deurkier | 01-04-11, 1:51 PM
now i get it, thanks

Deurkier | 01-04-11, 1:50 PM
now i get it, thanks

Deurkier | 01-04-11, 1:50 PM
now i get it, thanks

Deurkier | 01-04-11, 7:54 AM
hey whats a pun ^^?

NorthPole | 12-19-10, 2:17 PM

Anitnelav | 10-01-10, 5:29 PM
Mass message from the Showbiz Fan Club

Our club layout has been updated for October! Come have a look and comment on it. Also, check out our new tumblr site for images of showbiz anime and manga

Kino_no_Tabi | 09-03-10, 9:21 AM
hey, long time no see!
I haven't talked to you in a long time >.<
how are you doing?
I'm ok, except swamped with work, but oh well that's life, gotta keep on having fun as much as I can when I can :D

japonecka | 05-04-10, 10:27 AM
Hey there,
I see you adore Griffith. - is a club for this truly complex character. If you would have time pay a visit or feel free to join the club ...

Hobbzz | 04-08-10, 1:08 PM
lol :P
waiting sux.

Hobbzz | 04-07-10, 6:24 PM
Holy shit u read fast. U went from chapter 20 to 50 in just a couple of hours. And they're monthly 40-page chapters.

owell11 | 03-26-10, 3:44 PM
Enjoy your Masterpiece

IcingSugar | 01-19-10, 12:55 AM
C'est à dire que comme c'est drôle en même temps, je me suis surprise à rigoler alors que la scène, dans l'absolu était parfois limite. C'est grave docteur ?
En tout cas, tu m'en diras des nouvelles. :D

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