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Demi_V | 01-08-14, 5:20 PM
I plan to check out the 5-min. film. Your review got me interested in it. Why mention violence and nudity at the end though? Readers can see that it's rated G on the anime's page.

Demi_V | 12-31-13, 9:18 PM
Thanks. :).. Your reviews are better than most as well, but it takes practice. If you saw my earlier reviews, they aren't so great. I wish you luck with writing reviews in the New Year. :)

Demi_V | 12-31-13, 7:45 PM
If you think that it's relevant, I personally think it belongs with your parts about the rating and genre descriptions. Regardless, I understand your reasoning. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Demi_V | 12-31-13, 4:55 PM
I had a question about your reviewing style. For all of your reviews, you give info about each episode. I see it as spoiling the entire series, but maybe I'm wrong. What's your reasoning behind introducing each review that way?

Fallenkingzero | 04-30-13, 1:57 PM
Just wanted to say your review for Tokyo Juushouden was great. It had pretty much everything a potential viewer might want to know.

Nasty001 | 12-12-12, 12:07 AM
Whoa, you seem to have edited ur previous "07-Ghost" review.

Oh, well it's not bad at all.

KnightRyder | 05-24-12, 10:17 AM
Interesting review of 009-1. I may have to reconsider watching it. Incidentally, are you aware that Mylene's face is a copy of this character:Fran├žoise "003" Arnoul from Cyborg 009?

KnightRyder | 05-15-12, 2:13 PM
I also gave 5 cm/sec a 9 for mostly the same reasons you stated in your short but concise review. It stays with Shinkai-san's earlier works in the Sci-Fi setting, again without overpowering the viewer with it. His use of Sci-Fi settings is remarkable in that it's not the focus of his work, but only the stage for it. Too bad he missed the mark on his latest work.

Nasty001 | 04-20-12, 8:32 AM
u r welcome

Nasty001 | 04-19-12, 1:04 PM
Hey there, nice "07-Ghost" review, btw a season 2 is very unlikely.

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